Biker’s Needs (Satan’s Beasts MC: Nomad Chapter, 2)

Blurb Satan’s Beasts MC: Nomad Chapter, 2 Women aren’t supposed to be on the road. Ape is sick and tired of watching his Prez and woman break the rules. When they stop in a small town, Ape is determined to work out his envy. What he didn’t expect was to bump into an inked redheadContinue reading “Biker’s Needs (Satan’s Beasts MC: Nomad Chapter, 2)”


Claimed is on a discount for a limited time. Please check out the links below! Buy links Below Amazon (UK): Amazon (US): Amazon (CA): Amazon (AU): Smashwords: Barnes and Noble: Kobo: iBooks: Blurb Landon doesn’t stay with the same woman twice. They’re to be used for hisContinue reading “Claimed”

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Hello Everyone, I can’t believe we’re saying goodbye to 2020. It was certainly an interesting year. Entering 2020, I was in a really bad place as I was ill and still away from all of social media. However, I’m entering 2021, back on social media, and getting healthier and stronger with every passing day. IContinue reading “Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021”