New Release: Sleeping With The Boss

Sleeping with the Boss

Friends, Men, and Secrets, 1

Heather Booth has been in love with her boss since the moment she started working for him. The only problem, Julian Goff is a horn dog. When he’s ready to ditch a woman, he gives the women a piece of jewellery and sends them on their way.

When Heather and Julian get into an argument over her behavior outside of work, the passion between them ignites. They have sex on his desk when anyone could walk in and catch them.

Julian wants Heather more than he’s ever wanted any other woman in his life. He doesn’t do commitment. During a private conversation with her friends, Julian hears Heather’s true feelings for him. He has no choice but to let her go.

Never before has a woman got under his skin. Can Julian earn Heather’s trust back, and will he finally have the courage to give the woman he loves a ring?

Be Warned: spanking, anal sex



He wanted more from her. Releasing her hand he wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her in closer. Her curves were soft against his hardness, the roundness of her tummy rubbing against his semi-hard cock. He wanted her. There was no denying his need for her. Julian turned pushing her back against his desk. He wasn’t thinking. All he could do was react. Heather had gotten under his skin. He needed to claim every inch of her and wipe the thought of other men from her mind.
Lifting her onto his desk, he spread her legs wide to make room for him. He pushed the skirt up her thighs revealing her pale flesh. Gripping her thighs he felt the weight of them. She was bigger than the women he usually liked. However, he couldn’t seem to control himself around her. What had changed from Friday to Monday?
You’re single, and you’ve always wanted Heather. You just liked having her around you more.
He shut off the thought and pushed it to the back of his mind.
“We shouldn’t be doing this,” she said but made no move to fight him as he began to unbutton her blouse.
“Shut up.” He captured her lips once again to stop her from thinking. She whimpered then sank her fingers into his hair. Pushing the fabric of her blouse out of the way, he broke the kiss to look at her tits.
Her lace bra covered her. He saw the red tips of her hard nipples. Julian unbuttoned the clasp of her bra pushing each side out of the way.
Her heavy breasts popped out. He cupped one in his hand feeling the weight and teasing the bud with his thumb. She let out a cry of pleasure. Her nipples were sensitive at the lightest of his touches.
Julian kissed along her jaw until he went down to capture one red nipple between his teeth. She gasped. The sound was heaven to his ears.
Heather pulled his head away then tore at his pants. She was all fingers and uncoordinated. He pushed her hands out of the way. In seconds his belt was undone and his pants down to his knees. He pushed her skirt to her waist appreciating the small piece of fabric that covered her cunt from his view, then tore the final obstruction from her body.
From the light shining through his office window he saw she was wet and ready. Taking hold of his cock he placed himself at her entrance then sank inside her, slowly. Her tight pussy gripped him. Her feminine scent surrounded him as he plunged all the way in then pulled out. His cock was covered with her cum.
The sounds escaping from her moved him forward. He grabbed her hips and slammed inside her. Several items on his desk were thrown to the floor in his desire to feel her wrapped around him. Julian pulled her to the edge of his desk. His hands were on her hips as he fucked her hard and fast. She held onto the edge, her tits bouncing with every thrust.
“Play with yourself. I want to feel you come,” he said. His climax was so close, and he didn’t want to lose control before she did. Her fingers stroked her clit. Julian watched as he slowed the tempo down. “Let me taste you.”
She pressed the tips of her fingers to his lips. He sucked her fingers inside his mouth. Her taste glided along his tongue. She was sweet and musky.
He let her go, and she teased her clit. The flutters of her cunt increased letting him know she was close to climaxing.

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Published by Author Sam Crescent

Sam Crescent is a USA Today Bestselling author who is passionate about romance. She resides in the UK, and loves creating new exciting characters that take her on a journey she never expected. When she's not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc.

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  1. Just picked up Sleeping with the Boss at Evernight!

    Just finished the Unlikely Love series! Love your books!!!

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