The Denton Family Legacy

The Dentons are the ultimate crime family, involved in drugs, sex, illegal fights, gambling, and much more. They’re vicious, but yet there is a rumor that whispers of a deeper legacy than that of their crime heritage. It is said that a Denton will only fall for a woman once, and he will fall hard. They will not settle for any other woman, and those that do, end up breaking hearts

7 thoughts on “The Denton Family Legacy

  1. I just finished reading The Denton Family Legacy stories, and I was hoping that you’re going to write Tamsin Story in the near future. It would be amazed to see Tamsin fall in love with all three Savona brothers since it would take more than one man to take care of her.

  2. Will you be writing Tamsin’s story any time soon? Unless you already wrote it and I missed it. But if you didn’t, wouldn’t it be cool if she fell in love with all three Savona brothers! At least, I think there was three of them.

      1. Hola, saben si van a continuar o sacar más libros de la familia Denton? El final del último libro me dejó con intriga y quisiera saber si van a sacar el libro de Gabriel y Tamsin

      2. Translated

        Hi, do you know if you are going to continue or take out more books from the Denton family? The end of the last book left me with intrigue and I would like to know if they are going to release Gabriel and Tamsin’s book.


        I don’t have a date, but they are on my list of books to write.

        Thank you.


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