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How is the Christmas shopping going? I’m done but now I must wrap *sob* I hate wrapping so much.

So, I’m going to start doing a lot more cover reveals here first. I may do some on Facebook but there is a few concerns with changes they’re implementing. Expect more updates here. 🙂

As many of you know, I write a lot. I can’t help it, I’m addicted.

Coming December 18th, is this bad boy. I’ve included the unedited blurb for now, but it will be updated shortly.

Dirty Bastard

dirty bastard

Jaxson Pierce has a secret. He’s in love with his best friend’s little sister. Together he and Dane own the streets and earned a reputation for being unstoppable. That means, he’s responsible for taking care of Noelle, to make sure no harm comes to her because of what they do.

For the longest time, Noelle has had a crush on Jaxson. He’s the first guy she ever wanted but knows there’s no way she’ll ever be able to get her brother to accept it. Not that it’s a problem. Jaxson never looks her way.

Until he does.

Even with the threat of her brother, he can’t deny his feelings for her anymore. He’s not going to hide from what he wants. He’s going to take Noelle and make her his own. Each moment with Jaxson sets her aflame. She wants him so badly and as he begins to seduce her, she can no longer deny her feelings.

It’s not just about sex for Jaxson. He wants to make a life with her. With everything against him, he knows he’s going to have to fight for her.

What will happen when Noelle is hurt because of him? Because of what he and Dane do? Is there any way to protect her and for them to have a future together?

New Release: Christmas Comes Butch Once A Year


The Skulls, 16

Butch was sent to Vegas as a punishment many years ago. For the sins of his past, he must repay in kind. By being close to Ned Walker, he’s found a life for himself and his wife, Cheryl. 

However, with the impending birth of their first child, tensions rise. After several failed pregnancies, the fear is there with every day that passes. 

For Cheryl, she sees not only that fear for their child, but also the demons that haunt Butch. He’s constantly filled with regret for what he’s done, but she doesn’t know if he wishes to go back to Fort Wills or if he’s ready to stay in Vegas.

He was the child of a Prez. Leading is in his blood. Can he go back to being a club brother, or is it time for him to forge his own path? 

Butch must continue to go forward, and to do that, he wants to take The Skulls in a new direction. He wants to help Lash expand them.

Does Butch have what it takes to be Prez? Or will he be stripped of his cut, and finally pushed out for good?




They could only handle so much grief before it completely tore them apart.

“Last time I checked, you had a wife,” Ned said.

Butch didn’t stop punching the bag in front of him.

After a few seconds, Ned grabbed the bag, holding it firmly. Again, he didn’t have a clue what the guy’s age was, but he held that bag as if it didn’t have any weight in it.

As Butch hit it several times, Ned tutted.

“So, this is what you do all day and you wonder why your marriage is in trouble.”

“You’ve never been married, so you don’t get to tell me how to deal with my problems.”

Ned held his hands up. “Clearly, what you’re doing right now is working.”

“What do you want from me, old man? Seriously.”

“I think the biggest question here, Butch, is what do you want?”

Silence fell between them.

Ned chuckled.

“You see, in this world there are two kinds of people. There are those people that do everything, and then there are those that sit around blaming everyone else for how shit their life is.”

Butch rolled his eyes. “I don’t have time for this.”

“You have all the time in the world. You spend a lot of time here already, nothing wrong with taking a few more minutes to listen to some advice.”

“Who the fuck do you think you are? My dad?”

“Nah, if I was your dad I’d have put you over my knee when you were a snot-nosed kid.” Ned pointed a finger in his face. “You have everything at your fingertips. Your entire life ahead of you and you’re wasting it for what? Why the fuck are you here?”

“Because I fucked up! Is that what you want me to say? To be honest with you. I fucked up, which is why I landed myself here with you.” He glared at Ned. “I had to take my punishment, and not only that, I dragged Cheryl down with me.”

“Down? Where the fuck are you down? I don’t see anything down about your situation. You’ve got a wife that thinks the world of you. A baby on the way. Life’s been tough, but here’s a newsflash, no one owes you shit. You want what you want, and you take it. Simple as that.”

Butch shook his head and started to walk away.

“Here’s a question for you, Butch, you think you could go back?”

This made him pause.


“To Fort Wills. You think you could sit at the table in your fancy church meeting, listening to Lash?”

“What the hell does this have to do with anything?” Butch asked.

Ned stared at him. “You’ve been on your own for a long time now, Butch. Longer than a lot of men are away from their clubs unless they’re part of the Nomad chapter. You’re your own boss. You make the rules here. What makes you think you could go back to taking orders? You look around you and you see this as a punishment? This is fucking freedom right here. The only problem right now is you’ve not got the balls to take what you want.”

With that, Butch walked right up to him and, old man or not, landed a blow to the bastard’s face. Ned didn’t go down.

“Stay the fuck away from me.”

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New Release: His Student (Forbidden)

his student

Forbidden Series, 1

The moment Elijah looks at the curvy waitress serving him, he knows he wants her—and he’s going to have her. This is the start of his new life, in a new town, and his chance to put all of his past behind him.

But Mona Evans is not just any waitress in the diner. She’s a student, and after one night of being completely reckless with a stranger, she never expects to see him again.

So imagine her shock when she learns that Elijah isn’t just a new guy in town—he’s her new gym teacher.

Mona has never broken any rules before, but being with Elijah, it fills her with such need that she can’t say no. Even though it’s wrong, neither of them can deny their need for each other.

Whatever is going on between them cannot last the year. Mona is determined to leave town the moment she graduates. But what will she do when Elijah gives her a proposition that she can’t refuse?

Be Warned: anal sex



For the next forty minutes I watched my class as they ran track. This, for me, was the easiest way of getting through the first week. I could assess all my classes and then plan the lessons accordingly.
This was the senior year and as such, their last year here. Several of the girls in the class were already giving me the eye that told me they were thinking of trying to fuck me.
Newsflash, I don’t fuck students.
Glancing toward Mona, I couldn’t believe she was a damn student.
There’s no way she looked like a girl. Even now as she was running, her tits had a nice bounce to them, and even as she was red in the face from exhaustion, I couldn’t help but think of her riding my cock.
She’d been so incredibly tight Friday night.
Another thought entered my head.
I saw some of the dirty looks she’d received at being forced to remain behind.
It’s not possible.
Yet, one look at her, and I couldn’t help but wonder if she’d been a virgin.
Not all virgins bleed.
I’d never been with a woman so tight before, and she had squeezed me like a fist. She’d also had that aura of innocence around her, which pulled me in.
This wasn’t getting any better for me.
By the end of the lesson, I was more than ready to go home.
However, I knew she’d try to avoid me, so once all of the students entered the locker room for the day, I stood in the hallway past their doors, waiting.
Students nodded at me as they passed.
When Mona finally came out, she paused when she caught sight of me.
“I’ve got to talk to the teacher,” she said to her friend, who pouted.
“You want me to wait?”
“Nah, it’s okay. I’m heading home anyway. Go, see Taylor. I know you’re curious about what he has to say.”
The girl, who I think was called Lucy, gave her a hug and then left.
For a few seconds, it was just me and Mona.
She nibbled her lip and waited.
Without a word, I turned and headed into my office. The blinds were already down, offering us privacy.
She entered, and as she passed, I closed the door.
In the next second, I flicked the lock into place.
“You work at the diner.”
“Yes, and you’re the new gym teacher. I really didn’t know. I swear. I won’t tell anyone.”
“Were you a virgin?”
“You heard me.”
She nodded her head but didn’t look at me. “I’d never been with a man before.”
I wanted to hit something because how I talked to her, how I treated her, it wasn’t for a virgin but for a man half crazed with lust, with need, wanting her.
“I know this can’t happen again,” she says.
With that, I stalked right up to her.
“Tell me right now you’re not thinking about how good it would feel to have my dick deep inside your pussy.”
Neither of us touched, but I saw the look in her eye. I could feel her body as if I was already within her.
“We can’t.”
There was a moan to her lips as if she didn’t like her own answer.
Without thinking, I touched her. I cupped her face, and those lips … so fuckable. I just couldn’t do it anymore, and I took the kiss I’d been wanting since I saw her standing there in shorts and a shirt.
She looked so sexy, but now I realized it didn’t matter what she wore. She drove me insane with need.

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His Student Pre-Order

Hi my beautiful peeps,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and to those who don’t celebrate it, just a wonderful day. 🙂 So, I’m deep in my dark writing cave and I’m working on something I’ve been wanting to write for so long. More to come on that. For me, I feel it is dark, but I’ve come to see that dark means so much to a lot of people/ readers. We’ll see. 😉

So, I have delved into the taboo and forbidden as well. This is where His Student comes in. I also have pre-order links attached. 🙂


Pre-Order Links: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / Amazon (CA)

Expected Release: November 27th


The moment Elijah looks at the curvy waitress serving him, he knows he wants her—and he’s going to have her. This is the start of his new life, in a new town, and his chance to put all of his past behind him.

But Mona Evans is not just any waitress in the diner. She’s a student, and after one night of being completely reckless with a stranger, she never expects to see him again.

So imagine her shock when she learns that Elijah isn’t just a new guy in town—he’s her new gym teacher.

Mona has never broken any rules before, but being with Elijah, it fills her with such need that she can’t say no. Even though it’s wrong, neither of them can deny their need for each other.

Whatever is going on between them cannot last the year. Mona is determined to leave town the moment she graduates. But what will she do when Elijah gives her a proposition that she can’t refuse?

New Release: Her Men

her men

No woman should ever dread her wedding, but staring into her husband’s eyes, Abby can see the hatred shining back at her. She’s been blackmailed into marriage and now belongs to a man who thinks she’s a gold-digging whore. Not the best circumstances to start a marriage.

James has a secret and has been blackmailed into a marriage he doesn’t want in order to keep his private life out of the press. Even as his wife sweetly smiles at him, he can’t allow himself to believe that she’s innocent in all of this. He has a plan to make sure this marriage doesn’t last long, and he’s going through with it!

Abby doesn’t trust James, but she doesn’t want to be miserable and wishes there was something she could to do to help him—and herself.

What is his secret? Why would he marry her to protect it? And why is James more than happy to have another man join them?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, m/m sex, double penetration



Abby stared up at her husband, feeling this overwhelming desire consume her as he teased her clit. He used two fingers, stroking her, making her moan as he got her so close to orgasm but didn’t let her go over the edge.

“Lie back,” he said.

He moved her up the bed so that she lay against the pillows.

“Keep your legs open. I want to see how wet you get.”

His wicked words were turning her on.

He didn’t follow her up, and she watched as his face came level with her pussy.

“You know I couldn’t go another day without having a taste of you.”

She watched him slide his tongue along her slit, and she gasped. He swirled his tongue against her clit, and need consumed her unlike anything else. His shoulders were in the way of her closing her thighs, and he held the lips of her sex open. She was completely at his mercy for him to do whatever he wanted to her. She didn’t want to fight him, and as he teased through her slit, she cried his name.

She wanted to come so badly, to feel him driving his cock deep within her. She didn’t want him to stop, hated for him to.

He didn’t stop though.

James kept on teasing her clit, licking at her nub before sucking it inside his mouth. She closed her eyes, arching up to his touch.

“So fucking perfect. Such a nice, juicy cunt, and it’s all mine. No other man has known this pussy.”

In the back of her mind she thought about Drake.


She’d never been with him, but the only other man she’d felt arousal for was him.


The man that kept appearing around the house when she felt lonely, his sweet smile touching her heart.

Pushing him from her mind, she focused on James, on his tongue, on the feelings he kept inspiring within her.

She was falling for him, and she had to protect herself. He wasn’t the kind of man a woman fell for, or at least not her, but she was. His sweetness shone through, smashing their previously bad memories.

“Come for me, Abby. Let me hear you scream it.”

He teased her clit, and the pleasure built, her orgasm taking her by surprise as it suddenly struck her hard. She couldn’t think as she cried out his name. Arching up off the bed, she quivered beneath his touch, feeling her cream leak to her ass.

“So beautiful,” he said, pressing a kiss to her pussy before moving so that he was settled between her thighs and his lips were close to hers.

His mouth was slick, covered in her arousal.

“You taste so good,” he said. “I could lick your pussy forever.”

When he kissed her, she didn’t push him away. She was ready for this.

Kissing him back, she felt his cock between her thighs, the head of his shaft sliding between her slit, bumping her clit.

She moaned his name, needing him.

“This is going to hurt. You know that?” he asked.

She nodded her head.

His cock was poised at her entrance. He didn’t fill her. He held perfectly still, watching her.

She was ready. She wanted to belong to him, to be his in every way that counted.

Not because her mother had told her to or ordered it.

Not because of the threat of being put away hung over her head.

She wanted this because of James.

He slammed to the hilt within her.

The pain was instant, shocking her in place as he tore through the thin skin of her virginity, claiming her for himself.

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New Release: Denying The Alpha (with Stacey Espino

denying the alpha antho-MF-eBook-complete
Title: Denying the Alpha
Multiple author anthology
Expected release: November 16th

Some happily-ever-afters take more effort than others…

The strong alpha heroes in our anthology are determined to claim their mates—but their women are anything but submissive. They’ll have to work twice as hard to get what they want. It’ll be a power struggle as the alphas and their women learn that the volatile energy between them is the beginning of something wonderful.

These nine hand-picked stories are hot enough to curl your toes. Get ready to fall in love with an alpha.

140,000 words

Caleb by Loralynne Summers

Crossing Boundaries by Rose Wulf

Guarding What’s Hers by Kait Gamble

The Librarian and Her Dragon by Doris O’Connor

Eagle’s Seduction by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Make Her Purr by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino

Claiming the Coyote by Roberta Winchester

My Very Soul by Tesla Storm

Bearly Caught by Sarah Marsh

New Release: Venom’s Revenge (Ruthless Rejects MC, 1) Co-Written with Jenika Snow

Venom 2

Amazon US–>
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I was called trash by those who knew me, the product of a drunken night, an accidental daughter by the two I called mom and dad. I may never leave the trailer I called home, never have a life outside of the aged walls in my room, or the stained mattress I slept on.

But as much as the world tried to drag me down, I knew one thing. I had dreams, hopes, and ambition. One day I’d be free of the darkness that clung to me like a second skin.

And then I decided to say screw it all and leave the decay behind.

But before I could escape, I was taken, thrown in the back of a van, and told hell was waiting for me.

And it looked like the devil himself had plans for me.


The Ruthless Rejects MC.




We weren’t good men, came from the wrong side of the tracks, but together we became a brotherhood, a family.
We embraced how tarnished and dangerous we were.
Even if that family got blood on their hands, and ran on violence, we were as one and always would have each other’s backs.

I wasn’t one of those misunderstood men who couldn’t process what happened to them growing up. No, I embraced the darkness, let it consume me, change who I was.

Now I was just as evil as the very devil himself.

And I was going to use that to my advantage to exact my revenge, to make the man who’d hurt the only person I’d ever cared about, feel pain ten times over.

He killed my sister, took the only light to my darkness two decades ago.

So, I was going to take from him what he held dear.

I was coming for his eighteen-year-old daughter. I was going to make her fall into the same darkness that had swallowed me whole from the very beginning. I was going to make her bend to my will, pay for her father’s sins tenfold.

She was supposed to be a means to an end, the revenge I needed to feel whole once more. I was supposed to use her and toss her aside like what had been done to my sister.

But what I realized was that she was more than that.

Rebekah was mine.