New Release: He Wants Her (Curvy Women Wanted)


Sally Bright has worked hard to make her bakery a place for people to enjoy good food. Then out of the blue, Hank Owens decides to come back to town and open up a bakery across the street from her.

Hank is sexier than she remembered, but he’s also the competition. She isn’t going to fall for him, not ever. He has no intention of putting Sally out of business, and what he really wants to do is get her into bed.

She’s drawn to him, and there’s no denying the attraction. It feels right to be in his arms, his bed, and his life. One moment, they’re enemies, the next, they’re in a relationship.

Hank wants a wife, a family, and he wants it all with Sally. Will she be able to handle his proposal?


“I didn’t know what I was expecting.”

He snorted. “Oh, please. I know what people think. I’ve read the papers and stuff online. I know they all know I’m wealthy. Why not go and pick a house with twenty-five bedrooms, six kitchens, and all that. Believe it or not, Sally Bright, I’m a simple man at heart. I don’t want a museum. I wanted a home.”

“You know a lot of women would fall for that line.”

“Not you?”

“Oh, I’m a sucker for it. You sound sexy and like a feeling kind of man.”

He chuckled. “I’m telling you the truth.”

“And I do believe you. I know you don’t have anything to hide or to gain. This is your idea of a family home?” She had to give it to him, it was one hell of a home. It wasn’t small, but it would be perfect to raise a family in, which was what she imagined he was going for.


“And you want a family?”

“Yes. Don’t you?”

“If you want this so much, why don’t you already have a family?”

He popped the lids off the beers and handed one to her. She took it from him and had a couple of sips. It was nice, tangy. She looked toward him, waiting.

“You want to know why?” he asked.


“Money can’t buy everything. Sure, I can get the woman, the kids. I can have it all here, but it would all be fake. I’m not interested in fake. Never have been. I’m interested in real. That’s all I care about.”


“Yes. Real. I’ve yet to meet the right woman who wants to settle down. Have fun. Enjoy life. Kids. That’s what I want.”

“What about your health?”

“The reason I’m here is because of my health. I’ve got to slow down or I’d end up dead. I know you’d love to see that, me being your competition and all, but it’s not going to happen.”

“I don’t want you dead. Don’t say anything like that. Your health is important, far more than any silly competition.”

“Then can you help a sick man?”

She pressed her lips together, trying to contain her words. “What?” She squeezed out.

“Will you fuck this very sick man?”

“You’ve got a dirty mouth on you.”

He sank his fingers into her hair, tilting her head back. She looked up into his eyes, waiting for what he was going to say next.

He ran his thumb across her lip. “Do you have any idea what you do to me?”

“I’ve got a rough idea.”

“You drive me so fucking crazy.”

“Good,” she said.

She cried out as he took possession of her mouth. In the next second, her beer bottle was removed from her grip and he had her standing, kissing her deeply.

His hand left her hair and moved down her body to cup her ass. She moaned and he picked her up, carrying her toward the stairs.

“I’m too heavy,” she said.

“Shut the fuck up.”

“The city certainly didn’t clean up your mouth, did it?”

“No, I’m as dirty as I’ve ever been.”

He kicked open a door and dropped her onto the bed. He followed her straight down. His hands went to her hips, keeping her in place as he ravished her mouth.

She moaned his name, not wanting him to stop.

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New Release: Bred by the MC VP (Breeding Season, 6) – With Stacey Espino


Sable was born into the Hell’s Slaves MC. Her mother and sister are club whores, so her future is already mapped out. But nobody knows her secrets—one of them being her lifelong infatuation with the club’s VP. He’s older, rougher, and would never consider her type for his old lady—but it doesn’t stop her from dreaming.

Dog is second in command and takes his job seriously. Loyalty means everything to him. When it comes to Sable, it’s hard for him to play by the rules. She’s young and sweet with big brown eyes that intoxicate him. When Forge sends her away from the club to gather intel on a local cop, he can’t get her off his mind. He worries about her safety, and even more, about another man’s hands on what he considers his.

Will he disobey his Prez in the name of love or will he keep up his hardened walls and look the other way?


Why did he care? At any point over the years, he could have come to her room at the club and she wouldn’t have refused him. Not Dog. But he didn’t want her, in fact, he barely tolerated her.

But he was here when he shouldn’t be, passionate and jealous. What did it mean? Club men were territorial, in general. He was the only one besides Forge who knew this was all fake, so he probably couldn’t stand the thought of a dirty cop enjoying pussy that belonged to the club.

That was the only explanation.

“It’s a sacrifice Forge is willing to make.”

“Not me,” he said.

He ran the backs of his fingers along her arm. For years, the scent of his cologne drove her wild. It was unique to him, and even now, her body reacted. The stubble on his face was coming in, and she craved to scrape her nails over it.

“Because I’m club property.”

Dog gave a slight shake of his head, not losing eye contact. “You belong to me.”

She breathed in a barely audible gasp.

“I don’t want Hank touching you. Not a fucking finger. If he tries anything, you call me. Understand?”

“Forge wouldn’t approve. That’s not part of the plan.”

“That’s not what I asked you. Do you understand?”

She nodded, not willing to argue with the VP. Since she was a child, the chain of command had been drilled into her, and it was a difficult habit to shake.

His blue eyes had always been one of his dominant features, but the way he stared at her right now unraveled her.

God, she wanted to touch him, to wear his cut, to feel his lips against hers.

“Say it.”

“I’ll call you if the cop tries anything.”

“Good girl.”

She loved when he said that to her in his rough, masculine voice. It made her all kinds of crazy. His gaze roved down her body. She was only wearing an oversized pajama t-shirt. Not the sexiest thing she owned, but it still barely covered her body. She swore he was going to rip it off her body, to force her to the bed and fuck the virginity right out of her.

Instead, he grabbed a handful of her hair in his fist, leaned closer, and took a deep breath. He exhaled on a near growl, a deep gravely sound that made her pussy wet.

“Don’t tell Forge I was here.”


“Keep it between us.”

She didn’t like secrets like this. If the prez found out, she’d be exiled or worse. Even Dog was putting himself at risk. Why? Sable was loyal to the club. It was her home and all she knew. The only reason she’d agreed to this was because Forge requested it, but also because Dog had been pushing her away. She felt it was her only option.

“Why are you doing this? You’re playing a dangerous game.”

“You’re my girl, Sable. You’ve always been mine.”

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New Release: Cocky Billionaire


image0 (2)

Caleb Turner is used to getting everything he wants out of life. When his father gives him an ultimatum, to settle down or lose his place in the company, there is only one person to turn to. His cleaner can pretend to be his girlfriend, he’ll work an engagement and then he’d dump her once he had everything. It’s perfect.

Lauren doesn’t like Caleb. She also hates lying. His proposition is awful, but when he tells her how fragile his father’s health is, she can’t help but try to support him.

Caleb, the cocky, arrogant billionaire is a completely different person when he’s around his family. She can’t hate him.

However, it was supposed to be one weekend as his girlfriend, which suddenly turns into an engagement, and what was more … she kind of slept with him.

Now she has his parents organizing a wedding, living with the billionaire himself, and then of course, her own feelings. She’s falling for him. She wants this marriage to be real.

But what will she do when she realizes the truth? Caleb lied to her. But does he love her? Can she give herself to a man who has been none to toss people aside when he’s done with them?


He hadn’t told her about any kind of fake engagement.



Finishing her water, she kept a smile on her face as she entered the living room once again.

She grabbed Caleb’s hand. “I just need a word with Caleb. Excuse us.”

She was tempted to take him outside, but instead, she opted for the safety of their bedroom. Just when she thought he was a genuine guy and she’d gotten him all wrong, he had to go and prove her mistaken. Engaged?

“What’s going on?” he asked.

She didn’t speak or give him any reason as to why she was dragging him away from his family.

Inside, she was fuming. He’d told his family they were engaged to be married. Freaking engaged, and that was news to her. Big fucking news.

She didn’t like to curse but around Caleb, he seemed to be bringing out the worst of her. Slamming the door closed, she turned on him and glared. “Are you freaking kidding me right now?”

“I have no idea what I’m supposed to have done.”

“Engaged? When were you going to tell me about that little snippet of information, huh?” she asked. “This is supposed to be one weekend. Now we’re engaged?”

“And who the hell told you that?”


“As if you’re going to listen to him.”

“I know you’ve got some serious issue with your sister’s husband and I get it. You’re protective but he got the information from Cassie, who got it from your father. Now tell me why he would think we’re engaged?” She glared at him, waiting for an answer.

“I told him.”


“It was what he wanted to hear.”

“Caleb, these lies, they’re building. They’re escalating. Don’t you see that?”

“I see it, but so what?”

“So what? This is your life. Your family’s life. My life. This was supposed to be one weekend with the occasional visit while I was at your place and now it’s becoming something more. It’s becoming a relationship and they’re going to expect so much more that we can’t give. They’ll want kids and they’ll want a marriage.” All she could see was her life playing out as one big lie, and here she was thinking how nice he was. The cocky asshole had to go and make this even harder for her.

“And you know what, I’ll give it to them. You’re not with anyone else so you can help me.”

“Ugh! You are so frustrating.”

“You think I don’t see what is going on here. You happen to like my family, so what’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is the fact they’re your family. Your loved ones, and one day I may want to find someone for myself. Someone who will love me, and you want the same kind of love as your parents.”

“I don’t believe in it. What they have comes once in a lifetime. You’re pissed at me, I get it, but I’ll give you a good life. I’ll make every single one of your dreams come true. You can hate me all you want but you agreed to this and now I’m not letting you back out.”

“I want to hit you.”

He stepped closer. “Do it.”

They were both panting hard.

She wanted to slap that look right off his face as if he knew he’d won. He hadn’t won. She wasn’t going to marry this man. Right now, she didn’t even like him.

Lauren didn’t know what happened or how she had even fallen, but within the next second, his lips were on hers, her arms were wrapped around his neck, and he had her pressed against the wall.

He took hold of her hands, locking them above her head, holding them in place. His lips trailed a hot path down her neck, sucking on her pulse, driving her wild.

All anger and thoughts left her, so what remained was this overwhelming need to be with him, to feel him inside her.

Need took over.

She hated him and yet, he’d gotten under her skin and she wanted him. This was a big mistake, but she didn’t care. It certainly wasn’t acting. This was real to her. Even angry, she couldn’t help but like him a little bit. Maybe even more than a little bit. He was an asshole but he also owned that part of himself.

She pulled out of his hold and removed his shirt, followed by his pants. He attacked her clothes, tearing them to shreds in his need to get them off.

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New Release: The Alpha’s Nanny ( The Nannies)

The Alpha’s Nanny

Rocko hates humans. He would rid the world of all of them, only, he can’t kill the innocent, and that’s what he has, an innocent baby. She’s human and he needs someone to take care of her.

Winter was captured but her people don’t trust her. She doesn’t believe in harming wolves, and when she is dragged into the alpha’s house with the demand she look after his child, she doesn’t refuse.

Their first kiss sets her on fire and she wants him more than anything, even though he’s mean, cold, and hateful.

When an attack on their town destroys lives, Rocko has to make a choice. Stay and fight for his pack, or leave with Winter. They don’t want her there, but she’s his mate and he can’t be without her.



He’d deal with all of that at a later date. Even if he had to move her far from his pack to do so, he would.

“Yes, they fit. Thank you.” She looked at the baby. “Are you okay to hold her for a short while so I can iron?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

She turned on her heel and he admired her full, round ass. He wanted to touch her, to feel her ass rub against his pelvis as he had his cock so deep within her, she couldn’t help but fucking scream his name.

That was what he wanted. His name, echoing around the walls as she begged him to fuck her. His dick responded.

She turned toward him. Did she feel the same? Did she want him? He wanted her so badly, he could fucking taste it.

“What’s her name?”


“Your baby. What’s her name? I don’t know what to call her and I don’t want to make up some random name. I didn’t think you’d appreciate it.”

“You want me to name my kid for you?”

“No, for you and your mate. Isn’t that how it goes? Every person deserves a name.”

He watched her.

“If you don’t want to tell me that’s fine,” she said.

“It’s Daphne,” he said. He didn’t have a fucking clue why that name sprang into his head.

“Daphne, I like it,” she said.

She stepped close and he tensed as she reached out, touching the girl’s face. “Hello, Daphne. I’m going to take good care of you.”

He wanted her hands on his body.

She spun on her heel and left. He stopped himself from looking at her tempting ass. Nothing ever came from allowing him to crave something he could never have.

“You’re a pain in my ass already, you know that,” he said. Daphne, he’d have to remember the name.

“I could have just killed you. It would have made all of this easy.” The woman he’d stumbled upon giving birth. It looked like she’d been shot by her own people. She’d begged him to take care of her baby. She was bleeding out from between her thighs and the bullet wounds in her chest and thigh.

He’d warned her of what he was.

“I don’t care. You’re only a monster when you choose to be. Please, she’s innocent. Love her like your own.”

Seconds after he held this little girl in his arms, her mother had died.

He didn’t know how long she’d suffered, especially from the wounds and the bleeding, but she’d finally looked at peace.

Now he had a kid, a human, and one big future problem he didn’t want to think about. It only gave him a headache and he was all over having those.

Rubbing at his temples, he tried not to think. This was going to be hard.

He walked down the hall, slowly, quietly. Daphne was already falling asleep on his chest. Again, it amazed him how something so innocent and precious could trust him like this.

He’d take care of her, he’d promised. His pack wouldn’t expect him to care like this. They only wanted a fearless leader, and that was what they got.

Winter hummed as she ironed, her back to him. He watched her.

The long blonde locks were no longer dirty. She’d taken a couple of baths since she got here and the vanilla scent still surrounded her. The shirt she wore hid the curves he wanted to touch.

As if she sensed him, she turned to face him. “Is everything okay?”

“I believe she relaxes when she’s near you.” His wolf also liked being in the same room as her. Just by being close to her, he felt … better. He didn’t know how to describe what his body did, but he felt connected to her.

She smiled. “She’s a wonderful little girl. I am sorry about your mate. It must be so hard for you.”

“She wasn’t my true mate.” The words spilled from his lips before he could stop them.

“Oh, I thought mates were for life in the wolf world.”

“Most of the time they are. This wasn’t the case.” He didn’t like lying to her. “Do you have a mate?”


“Not one?”

She shook her head.

“I find that hard to believe.”

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The Alpha’s Nanny-3D-series


New Release: Boss (Killer of Kings Book, 7) Co-written with Stacey Espino


Killer of Kings, 7

Even the killer of kings can’t hide from love forever…

Boss’s underground empire has a ruthless reputation for getting the job done. He’s at the top of his game, has more money than he could ever spend, and is feared by his enemies. Then why does his life feel so empty? He decides he needs more challenges, so he puts his energy into new contracts while investigating why innocent people around his city are dropping dead by the dozens.

Graciella made a huge mistake and needs to remedy the problem. To finance her mission, she’s forced into a lifelong debt to a madman. Still, she’s more worried about Boss finding out what she’s done. He’s known for doling out swift, brutal justice, and she’s already on his shit list.

They’re forced to team up to find the men behind an evil plot, or one of the Killer of King’s men may not come out alive. Graciella wants to clean up her mess and disappear—but Boss won’t let her slip away so easily. He demands more from her than she’s capable of giving. Not all girls deserve the happily ever after.

Be Warned: anal sex



One thing he wasn’t interested in was a conversation with his date. He should have skipped dinner and went straight to fucking.

As he zoned out, staring at the candle lights flickering on the tables, something caught his eye. A flash of bright red. He focused for a second and immediately sat up straight in his seat. It was Graciella Moreno. At the same restaurant as him?

She did a quick sideways glance in his direction as a man pulled out the chair for her. Her sly smile was proof she’d seen him first.

“Are you okay?” asked his date.

He wanted to tell her to fuck right off, his attention riveted on the beauty a few tables over. Instead, he pushed the breadbasket in her direction and told her to eat up. It was a while later when Graciella stood up, excusing herself from the two-person table.

Boss had been monitoring them the entire night. He kept track of everything. Who the fuck was her date? Was he a mark or was this personal? He kept imagining choking the life out him, then emptying a clip into him for good measure.

Widow Maker walked in his direction. Her red dress looked like velvet, trailing all the way to her ankles, the side slit reaching just below her left hip. Her lips matched the dress, her long black hair pinned to one side with a diamond clip. Boss swallowed hard.

“Imagine finding you here,” said Graciella, leaning over the table, a clutch purse in her hand. He had no doubt it carried a gun. The dress barely contained her tits as she faced him.

“Imagine,” he echoed.

Graciella glanced at his date, then back to him. “Nice. Fiancée?”

“No,” he said. “Just a friend.”

“Aren’t you going to introduce us?” Graciella asked.

Did she realize he didn’t know her name? “I wouldn’t want to take time away from your date.”

She nodded. “You’re right. I better get back to him before he worries.”

“Nice meeting you,” she said to the girl. Graciella stood up straight. “You should be careful about being so predictable, Boss. It could be your downfall.” She winked and sauntered off like a fucking queen. He watched the sway of her hips, the confidence and grace in the way she carried herself. She was a true professional, and any mark would be helpless under her wiles. No doubt she’d be pissed with him tomorrow.

“Who was that?”


How was he supposed to eat now? His appetite had vanished the moment he noticed her in the restaurant. He went through the motions, ordered, and picked at the food. All the while, keeping tabs on Graciella. She kept laughing at the man’s jokes, touching his arm, and making sure to look over at him once in a while with those evil eyes.

Never in his life had he felt jealousy for a woman—until tonight.

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New Release: The Biker’s Virgin (Satan’s Beasts MC: Nomad Chapter)

The Bikers Virgin2

Colonel isn’t expecting to fall for any woman, but with one pitstop in a small town, that’s exactly what he does. She’s being attacked by a man, so he takes matters into his own hands and he protects her.

Piper Dawes is used to men thinking she’s easy prey and she doesn’t expect the angry-looking biker to make her feel safe. He’s not staying for long, and she has no intention of falling for him.

However, he’s not leaving until he’s had her, this untouched virgin. Only, one taste is never enough.

Colonel is a nomad, and his club has no home—just the open road. He’s found the woman for him, but can Piper leave her family and predictable life behind? Will she follow him? Or is this a fling that will leave them both burned?


She looked away from him, and all he wanted was for her gaze to be on him. Finally, after what felt like a millennium, she looked up and glared. Her shoulders squared as if to do battle.

“I’m not like my mother or sister.”

“What happened to your father?”

“I have no idea where he is.”

“So what was going on with Dave last night?” Just the name rolling off his tongue made him want to commit murder.

“Just because I’m not like my family doesn’t mean others don’t think I am. They try to take what isn’t freely offered. No one would for a second believe I was a virgin.”

The moment she spoke those words, Colonel was determined to be the first and only man between her spread legs. She covered her mouth with her hand as if she’d said something disgusting. “Forget I ever said that.”

He advanced toward her but she stepped back. It was his look. She’d come to a board with advertisements on it that stopped her from leaving him. He put his hand either side of her head, caging her in. Some of her wild hair was behind his hands, and he didn’t mind keeping her in place. If she moved, she’d cause herself some pain, but he had no interest in hurting her.

He wanted her to know that he wanted her more than anything. Staring into her eyes, he smiled. “You really shouldn’t have said that.”

“I’m not a virgin.”

“Don’t lie to me. Your honesty is refreshing. I have no interest in lies. You’re a virgin? No man has ever touched this virgin pussy?”

He didn’t put a hand on her. Her lips called to be kissed. He wanted to fucking take her but instead, he held back, not wanting to overwhelm her. Piper was used to people taking what she didn’t want and he wasn’t about to start up now. He had no interest in hurting her. What he wanted from her, he’d get it, but he had patience and rushing her wouldn’t work.

She shook her head at his question.

What had he asked her? Oh, yes, if no man had ever touched this virgin pussy.

“I think it’s time I take you home.” He stepped away from her and climbed onto his bike.

“Is that it?” she asked.


“You don’t want anything else?”

“When I want something, I’ll ask for it. For now, I don’t want anything.” He winked at her.

“Why did you do all of that?”

“I wanted to find out what you were like and now I have my answer.”

“It doesn’t make any sense,” she said.

“Come on, get on. We have a deal, don’t we?” He promised to get her home then to the bar for yet more work. Didn’t this woman know how to play? He had a feeling she didn’t. He’d teach her how.

She hesitated for a split second before rushing toward him.

He waited to ride until she’d gotten comfortable. “Tell me where I’m headed once I hit town.”

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57 Skull Wings

New Release: The Alpha’s Virgin Prize (Mated For Life) co-written Stacey Espino


Mated for Life

Mated for Life, 1

Bethany’s used to being invisible to men … until Caleb walks into her diner.

He’s nothing like the other woodsmen in their small town—he’s solid muscle and has an intensity in his eyes that takes her breath away. And for some reason he believes they’re meant for each other. Who is she to complain?

Caleb nearly gave up on the mating call. After turning forty without a mate, Bethany’s scent takes him by surprise. Now he has to convince a human to believe in werewolves while battling an encroaching bear sleuth with his pack. First he has to brush up on human dating customs, which isn’t easy for a man who’s spent most of his life as a wolf.

Once Caleb claims his woman, the other men in his pack are free to find their own mates. It sounds simple enough, but convincing the curvy waitress he wants her for more than one night proves more difficult than he expected.

Be Warned: anal sex



“Don’t be skittish. I won’t hurt you, Bethany.”


He spoke her name slowly, deliciously. “I don’t know you.”


Although she could envision numerous X-rated scenarios with Caleb, she was completely inexperienced when it came to men and didn’t know where to start. One of her lifelong fears was being dumped and rejected, so guys looking for a one-night stand were not her type. No matter how irresistible. She wouldn’t be able to handle the emotional aftermath.


Caleb raised an eyebrow. “I saved your life. Or don’t you remember?”


She couldn’t help but smile. “Right. How could I forget.”


The entire world faded away, leaving just the two of them, the lone light from the diner and a connection she hoped wasn’t one-sided. He looked into her eyes like she was something special, and she started to believe it. It was a high she’d never experienced. Maybe the whole love-at-first-sight thing wasn’t so farfetched because, right now, she felt like fate had brought them together.


“Let me buy you jewels.”


Bethany snorted then stopped herself when he didn’t laugh along. His shoulders were squared, his jaw strong. The man was serious.


“Is that how men around here flirt?” Maybe it was. This town was so far off the grid, it was nothing like she’d ever experienced.


“Sorry, I meant, let me date you. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I had you in my arms.”


She wouldn’t waste a chance to date a man like Caleb. He was raw, untapped masculinity. He probably had no clue how beautiful he was. She hated the conceited pretty boys in the city.


“A date?”


“Well, a second date. I considered the coffee you bought me to be the first one.” Now he smirked, a barely-there smirk, but it made her pussy clench. Something devilish swirled in those gray eyes, and she hoped she was making the right decision.


“I can see that.” She bit her bottom lip, impossibly attracted to this man.


“Tell me what you want, and I’ll do it,” he said. “I’m new to dating.”


You’re new to dating?”


“Why is that surprising?”


She shrugged. “Never mind.”


“No, really, please tell me,” he said.


Bethany would probably embarrass herself at some point if they went on a date. Better for him to see what he was getting into before they made plans. “Well, you’re like a nine and I’m more like a three.”


He narrowed his eyes. “A nine and a three…”


She waited for him to say something, preferably to make her feel better. It seemed to take forever until he spoke again.


“Sorry, I’ve got nothing. Is it a riddle?”


She couldn’t help but giggle, trying her best not to let it out. This town was something else. It was refreshing to be around a down-to-earth man not tainted by the world.


“I mean you’re a nine out of ten, and I’m a three out of ten. You could do a lot better, so I can’t help but feel suspicious.”


“In that case, you’re a ten out of ten, Bethany. I’ve never seen a woman more beautiful or desirable in my forty years. I’ll do everything in my power to make this work.”


Her breath caught. She’d been good at gauging fake people in her life, and he sounded sincere. Should she mention the huge age gap? She wouldn’t offer that she was only twenty-five just yet.

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New Release: Slave Girl


Raphael Giavanni fucked up, stealing a slave girl from his father. If he finds out, they’ll both be killed. Despite the high risks, Raphael will keep her and do everything in his power to take care of her, even it means going to war with his father.

Born into nothing, she’s to be used at the whims of her master. However, Raphael is different. He doesn’t cause pain, and for the first time in her life, she feels safe. He even names her—Elenore.

She is the only woman he’s ever wanted, but the longer he keeps her, the higher the chances his father will find her. Their survival isn’t guaranteed, but she won’t hesitate to sacrifice everything for him.

When Elenore is taken, it’s time for the Family to have a new boss.



“Elenore, you don’t know what you’re saying.”

“I do. I want you to fuck me.”

He pulled away but she grabbed his hand and placed it between her thighs.

“I’m not stupid. I know what I ask. If … if one day you don’t come home and I’m found, I’d at least like to have this choice of who takes me.”

“Elenore, you won’t be taken.”

“Look what happened yesterday. Your father isn’t a good man. You’re precious to him, but he always told me he could father other children.”

“I know,” he said.

“If he ever doubts your loyalty, you’ll die. Please, Raphael. All of my life I’ve had choices taken from me. I can’t read or write, or know the time. I’m nothing. I’m no one, but right now, I would love nothing more than to be your Elenore.”

“You are my Elenore.”

“Then please, show me how good it can be. How it doesn’t always have to hurt.”

He should climb out of bed as if nothing happened. As if she didn’t look at him with those big, brown eyes, and beg him sweetly to be more, to have more.

Instead, he pulled the blanket away from her body. “If I do anything you don’t like, you’ll tell me to stop.”

“You’re not going to do anything wrong. I know it.”

He eased her shirt up over her head. She lifted her arms and he tossed it aside, running his hands up her body. She had nice, big tits, a small waist, and thick hips. He caressed down her body, cupping those hips, feeling them in his palm, more than a handful but something to hold on to.

He’d be a liar if he didn’t admit to wanting this woman. He did. She was like an addiction he couldn’t get rid of. All he wanted was to drown in every single part of her.

He moved between her spread legs, tugging down the pants that molded to her hips. He pulled them off her in one easy stroke and spread her open. She didn’t wear any underwear. He still needed to go shopping for her.

Her legs were flat to the bed and he lifted them up so he could put his hands on her knees and spread them open. Her pussy looked slick already.

Slowly, he stroked her knees then glided down, going to her pussy but not touching her. He stroked over her fine hairs before pulling back.

He wasn’t going to fuck her this morning. He was going to show her something else.

Kissing her knee, he followed the path between her thighs, hovering over her pussy.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m going to taste you.”

“Men don’t do that.”

“No, men like my father don’t do that, but I’m not my father. You’re going to have to trust me. Do you?”

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New Release: The Bully’s Nanny (The Nannies)

The Bully’s Nanny

When his wife leaves him with a four-year-old, Drew Gold doesn’t know how to cope. His home’s a mess, he sleeps when his kid does, and he hasn’t been working. His brother suggests a live-in nanny.

The person to answer his call? Callie Stewart, a girl from his past. The one he used to bully, and now she’s here offering him salvation. She should walk away from him, but she’s not cruel. Taking care of his kid will be a breeze, but will she be able to handle living with her bully?

Drew likes her curves, her smile, her laugh. He doesn’t know how he failed to notice her before, but there’s no doubt he wants her. When an argument between them escalates, the fire burns brighter than ever. One touch is all it takes for both of them to get burned.

Everything Callie thought she knew about Drew comes crashing down around her when his wife comes back to town. Now Callie needs to fight more than ever for the love of her man. He should stand up and fight, but will he realize he’s not in this alone?



After closing the door, she picked up a couple of Meghan’s toys and took them upstairs to her room.

Drew wasn’t home. Callum had let her know he’d been dealing with a couple of last-minute problems and would be home as soon as he finished. She hoped he didn’t return until after she’d gone to bed. This was their first time alone. She wasn’t afraid of him or anything. Just nervous.

The tension between them had been mounting.

She didn’t know if she was going crazy imagining something that wasn’t really there, or the only one to feel it. Drew never made any inappropriate moves or said anything to give her cause for concern.

She walked back downstairs and paused as the door opened. Drew entered as she came to the bottom.

“Callum already came to pick up Meghan.”

“I bet she was excited,” he said.

“Yep. She packed two bags to go for an overnight stay.” She laughed. No matter what she tried to say to Meghan about it being one night, the young girl knew her own mind and what she wanted. Who was she to refuse? “How are you?” she asked.

“It has been a long day. I need something to eat.”

“I’ll go and serve you up.”

“Actually, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Okay.” She walked into the kitchen and pulled out the pasta casserole she’d been keeping warm. It was only a small casserole and she’d eaten her portion.

“I don’t want you taking Meghan to the park anymore.”

Of all the statements he could make, that hadn’t been the one she’d been expecting.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I don’t want her there. It’s not safe.”

She paused in serving him up. “How is it not safe? I was there.”

“And clearly you weren’t keeping an eye on her if you allowed a boy to bully her.”

“The boy didn’t bully her. Meghan got up and she came over to me. I was going to talk to the boy’s parent, but she asked me not to.”

“And you take your orders from a four-year-old?”

“Yes, I’m a nanny.”

“Wrong. I’m your boss. You take your orders from me. You will not take my daughter to the park anymore. There’s no way I will allow her to be bullied.”

She couldn’t help it, she burst out laughing. “Seriously, you’re going to get defensive because your daughter encountered a bully? Do you even know what she did to retaliate?”

“I don’t care.”

“Well, tough, because seeing as I’m still dealing with a type of bully right now, I’ll tell you. She walked right up to that boy, and she climbed the ropes, proving to him that he couldn’t push her down. He could tell her she couldn’t do anything, but with her head held high, she proved to him that she damn well could. You don’t have to back down from bullies, nor do you hide from them. You prove what they say and what they do mean nothing to you.”

“Is that what you’re trying to tell me now? Huh, I mean nothing to you?”

“What’s it like, Drew? One day you’re going to have to realize there are going to be guys just like you, only this time, your daughter could be the target. How does that feel?” Callie asked.

He stepped around the counter, advancing toward her.

She took a step back until she hit the wall, hindering her escape. What was she doing? This wasn’t professional. This was her past clouding her judgment. Pissing her off. She shouldn’t even be allowing it to get in the way, but she was.

She hated it. Fuck.

Drew slammed his arms down on either side of her head. “And what if my girl is the next Tilly, and it’s someone like you that she picks on? What then?”

“You’re an asshole.”

“Yeah, well, let me keep up with the tradition.” Before she knew what the hell was going on, his fingers were in her hair, he pulled the strands back, and his lips were on hers.


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The Bully’s Nanny3D-series

New Release: Addicted to Her Curves

Addicted to Her Curves-complete

Beau and Scott want Connie, the sexy little bar owner with the best kind of curves. There’s only one problem. They’re best friends and Connie isn’t going to come between them.

The perfect solution? Share her. They want Connie forever and are willing to do whatever it takes to make her theirs, even if it means doing something unscrupulous like getting her pregnant.

Connie doesn’t trust easily and she’s not willing to give everything up for the whims of two men. If they’re going to do this, it has to be in private. But rumors spread and in a small town, gossip runs rife.

Scott and Beau have their work cut out for them. They’ve never been in love before but now that they’ve gotten a taste of it, there’s no going back. They will share her and show what it means to belong to them. It started out as an addiction, but now it’s pure love and obsession.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, sex toys



Scott grabbed her arm. “You don’t have to go anywhere.”

She really shouldn’t like his touch. He tugged her close. The grip he had on her arm wasn’t painful. She tilted her head back, looking at him. “I think it’s best if I do.”

To make matters worse, Beau moved in close, his body heat touching hers.

“Now look at this,” he said. “Doesn’t this feel nice?”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Scott said.

“You’re both talking in riddles and I don’t know what either of you are implying.”

Her body heated at their closeness. They were both sexy, both too powerful to deny them. Damn it, did she even want to?

This wasn’t fair. Glancing around the fairgrounds, she saw no one paid them any attention. They were just a couple of friends having a bit of fun.

Beau ran his fingers down her arms.

She gasped.

He leaned forward. Scott hadn’t let her go either. Beau’s lips danced across her neck.

She didn’t make a move to pull away or ignore the closeness. What was the point? She’d missed them.

This is wrong.

You know it’s wrong.

Tell them to back off.

She opened her mouth, about to give them a piece of her mind, only coming up blank. There were no words to attack them with. Why did she even want them to back off? She liked them, a hell of a lot.

Beau’s lips brushed her ear.

“Her nipples are nice and hard,” Scott said.

If it was even possible, he seemed to get closer.

“I bet they are,” Beau said. “Our woman, she doesn’t want to come between us, but what if we want her to come between us?”

The way he emphasized the word come, it wasn’t about breaking up a friendship, no, he meant an orgasm.

“I think she’s starting to get the gist of what we’re saying.”

She gasped as Scott spun her around. His hands rested beneath her breasts.

“What is going on?” she asked.

“Do you want us both to tell you bluntly what’s going on?” Beau asked. “Or can you guess?”

She tried to step back but Scott’s hold on her tightened. She really shouldn’t like how it felt to be in his arms, but she did. Licking her dry lips, she glanced around the fair once again and Beau got closer.

“No, you don’t get to think about what others think or feel. This is about you and what you feel.”

“I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Scott shocked her as his hand cupped her tit, his palm grazing over her nipple. “But your body has a different idea.”

She couldn’t deny it. Already her pussy was soaking wet.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“It’s obvious, Connie. We want you. We’re going to find a compromise that means we don’t have to pick between our friendship or you. We’re going to share you and the way your body is responding, it’s safe to say you feel the exact same way as us,” Beau said.

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