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P.O Box 3684 , Stoke-On-Trent, ST3 9FE , UK

Any one who send me a letter through the P.O. Box, please let me know via email. because of on going issues with Royal mail. but also make sure you include you return address so you can received your book related swag.

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45 thoughts on “Contact Me Details

  1. Hi, I wanted to say that I loved all your books that I had the pleasure of reading.
    I just had one doubt. I only own the fat mate of the alphas collection. Does her brother and his sister have a book of their own?
    Thanks for your attention!

  2. I received my signed book today! Thank you very much for it! I’m glad I entered the contest.

  3. Hi Sam
    I am an avid reader of your books
    Read almost everything
    Love your Paranormal and Mafia Romances
    But your MC books are my tops
    Smokey is my favorite book of all times
    I live outside of USA in Saudi Arabia and unfortunately the shipping of the paperback via Amazon is not available
    I have the ebook
    But I want the paperback
    If there is a way to send it I would be happy to pay all coasts
    Thank you

  4. I got my book today. Thank you so much for drawing my name. It was a great surprise to find in my mail after a long work day.

  5. Hi Sam have been a fan since the beginning love your work but I read skulls and chaos a long time ago out of order lol so going back to them re-reading in order just finishing Baker but was wondering if there is going to be a book on Fighter I would love His story – Im not finished the whole series yet but thought I would ask what happened to Him

  6. Hi love your books, just a cheeky question did you need any more ARC readers? I’m currently reading for Harley Wylde and Marteeka Karland

  7. Is there anywhere audiobooks are available,? if any have be produced?, I have looked all over the internet with no luck thx

      1. Hello, have you wrote a book about the character axel or planning to write from the darkness within?

  8. I’m reading your dirty fuckers mc series and there is mention of the billionaire bikers as well as the skulls, chaos bleeds and Trojans mc. Outside of the skulls/chaos bleeds reading order, is there a total list of how all the MCs are tied together?

    1. HI Monique

      There is only one book that brings the MC’s all together, and that doesn’t need to be read in any particular order as it was just a fun book to bring them all together. The other series can be read in order within their own series.

      However, it is within The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds reading order, which is here: The Skulls And Chaos Bleeds Reading Order – Sam Crescent

  9. Hello there, I’m such a big fan of your work. I was wondering if Matthew from the Trojans has a story yet and if not will he have one?

  10. In your book Smokey, it seems like Carlos and Raven are starting an attraction. Do you have plans on expanding on that in another book?

  11. Hi sam i love reading your books volkov bratva is it an series or only one book. I absolutly love the book

  12. Hi sam i love reading your books volkov bratva is it an series or only one book. I absolutly love the book

  13. Ok, I just read your Breeding Season book again w/ Stacey Espino, Bred By The Alpha. Liam’s pack Eli, Jake, & Ben have their own stories of found mates or u wrote this as being complete end novel. Also, when will u have another Mated For Life book on Reese, David, & Brian finding mates.

  14. Hello Sam, I have a fan for so many years I love your love them. I just recently read Smokey omg that book took me threw a roller coaster of emotions my heart broke for Ava. I love your books but this one to me was special to me. Thank you for your books I completely enjoy reading them each month.

  15. I’m not sure if this went through. I absolutely LOVE your books. My request is to talk with your proof reading team. I’ve found grammar errors and even name or relation errors. I read many authors and find the same. I mean no disrespect at all.
    I am currently reading Alpha Beast. When Liam and Jenny go on their date and he meets her grandmother at the car door slamming. He says I will be marrying your ‘daughter’ when it should have said granddaughter.
    Again I LOVE your books as I can relate with being curvy. It’s a lovely change. Keep writing as you transport many a reader on beautiful journeys.

  16. I love the Soldiers of wrath and the grit chapter series. I was just wondering if there will be any more books on the Grit chapter. I would love to know what happens to Smalls, Grim and Reaper !!

  17. Hello! I have been trying to find The Soldiers of Wrath Grit chapter #4 Grim Reaper! Is it not out yet?

    1. HI Barb
      on the follow me page (the link is in the top bar) we have a subscription box there for you to submit your email address, there is a monthly news letter and between 2-4 posts a month. that are delivered directly to your inbox.

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