April Catch Up May Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

We’re here again. It’s time for a brand new catchup. April sure went by fast. Did you have a great one? I know I did. I had a lovely Easter, and I took some time to recharge and rest. 🙂 It’s rare for my muse to allow that, and trust me, she is making up for the time off.

Did you enjoy the releases in April? The Boss’s Possession (Crave and Claimed) and a brand new MC series, Toxic (Satan’s Death Riders MC). Did you have a favorite?

I’ve got lots planned for May on the writing front and I hope to share them with you soon. I also have two more releases coming in May (you can find more details down below). Do you enjoy my regular releases? Also, please check out the vote down below. The muse and I would be very interested to know which book you’d like the most.

Until next time, take care, stay safe, and happy reading.



Have you taken advantage of the flash sales. Ink, Runt Of the litter and Rock Hard are currently on offer celebrating there anniversary.

Released in April


Last months winners was Sharon and Jenni – Congratulations

Giveaway Now Closed

New Giveaway

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winner has been contacted

16/5/23. closed

Your Vote

Finished a book and now the muse and I are trying to figure out what book to write next. We have a lot of contenders.

You can cast as many votes as you want.

Hunter and Harlow (Hell’s Bastards MC)

Anthony and Daisy’s story (The Skulls: Next Generation)

Tamsin’s story (The Denton Family Legacy)

Volkov Bratva book 3

Mafia Brides book 2

Axel’s Book (Darkness Within)

Romeo’s book (The Four Kings Empire)

Bennie (The Biker’s Baby)

Dog’s Story (In the Arms of Monsters)

The Alpha Shifter Collection


More of my books have gone to paperback this month

Craving His Virgin Mate Released May 9th

King’s Trophy Release May 23rd

Don’t forget to check out my Coming soon page

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Chat to you all soon

Published by Author Sam Crescent

Sam Crescent is a USA Today Bestselling author who is passionate about romance. She resides in the UK, and loves creating new exciting characters that take her on a journey she never expected. When she's not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc.

21 thoughts on “April Catch Up May Newsletter

  1. Hi never done this before but I love all of your books that I’ve read so far you are an amazing writer your shifter collection is my all time favorite though like I said I love all your books! Can’t wait to read more! Thank You!

  2. Oohh my, soo many good stories, but definitely The Alpha Shifter collection and Volkov Bratva. Those are my two favorite so far

  3. They are all amazing books, so here´s a list instead.
    1. Axel’s Book (maybe finally!!)
    2. Anthony and Daisy’s story (Yeeeeessss)
    3. Hunter and Harlow ( Need me some funny Harlow!)
    4. Volkov Bratva book 3 (Delicious men….)
    5. Mafia Brides book 2 (I need more mafia women in my book life)

  4. Hey Sam,

    Thank you for all of the information. I love receiving news from you.
    My vote for the next books is: Hunter and Harlow or the Volkov Bratva(I love crazy Russian mafia stories).

    Have a great week writing.😄

  5. Hello Sam,

    Well I would all the books you have listed, BUT….I have been waiting like FOREVER for Tamsin’s story (The Denton Family Legacy)

    YES!!!!! I VOTE for this one. Long time waiting to complete Tamsin story. Does she go back home. Updates on her brothers.

    No matter what any book you write is 😎 AWESOME!

    Regards, Alexa

  6. I am torn between two books and I can’t decide which one to choose so I am putting both as my vote!
    Anthony & Daisy…I love the Skulls!!
    Romero’s story

  7. Id say all of them but I would love! Volkov 3 and Hunter and Harlows stories please!!

  8. I’m torn between the Volkov Bratva Book 3 and another Alpha Shifter Collection book. I would be thrilled with either. Regardless, I love your wor.

  9. Volkov Bratva book 3, Bennie (The Biker’s Baby), and definitely more Hell’s Bastards ( Hunter and Harlow)

  10. Hi Sam,

    I love all of your books and almost own all of them. I absolutely would love to see book 3 of the Volkov Bratva.

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