New Release – The Reluctant Bride Anthology

Crushed Violet Blub Violet Baron is the pawn used to save her father from bankruptcy. Everything was a blur—the dress, the wedding, and Henry King whisking her off to their honeymoon. She should hate the older billionaire with all her heart, but that place is reserved only for her father.  Henry King never expected toContinue reading “New Release – The Reluctant Bride Anthology”

Throwback Thursday

His Virgin Bride (Bad Boy Collection Book 1) HIs Virgin Bride is on a discounted price for a limited time only at Amazon. Blurb Kurtis is used to getting what he wants. Women fall at his feet, and he can simply pick which woman he wants for that night. Tillie Powell, however, is completely different.Continue reading “Throwback Thursday”

Throwback Thursday Giving it to the Bad Guy (Saints and Sinners 3)

Giving it to the bad guy Saints and sinners book 3 only is at discounted price at the below places Blurb Saints and Sinners MC, 3 Sarah has had enough of her ex, Ralf. Not only did he leave her, but now he has kidnapped her, dragging her all the way back to Sinners’ Corner,Continue reading “Throwback Thursday Giving it to the Bad Guy (Saints and Sinners 3)”

The Biker’s Nanny

The Nannies 3 The Nannies, 3 Hawk needs a nanny for his nine-month-old daughter. He can’t sleep or do his job when it comes to his club—who need their Prez. He doesn’t trust anyone with his little girl, so he has no choice but to go to a reputable agency to find the right woman.Continue reading “The Biker’s Nanny”

Pre-Order + Print

Hi everyone, It’s the weekend, whoop whoop. What’s everyone reading? I finished Dirty Headlines by L.J Shen, and it was so awesome. If you’ve not read it, then I would highly recommend it as a read. Loved, loved, loved it. So, moving on, I’ve been asked a lot when The Biker’s Nanny would be availableContinue reading “Pre-Order + Print”

New Release: King Asshole

I love women. I love to fuck. I don’t return calls. Hell, I don’t take numbers! I don’t fuck a chick twice—because after once, I have no interest. I don’t make excuses for who I am or what I do. I’m an asshole. In fact, I’m the king asshole, and it’s rather fitting because I’mContinue reading “New Release: King Asshole”

Pre-Order Now Available

Hi everyone, Me again! As you know, Plain Jane and the Mafia Beast is releasing August 28th, and I’ve got all the pre-orders, which I’m posting below. Also, here are some of the teasers I’ve been sharing on Facebook. Pre-Order Links: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / Amazon (CA) /  Barnes and NobleContinue reading “Pre-Order Now Available”

Snake’s Addiction

Chaos Bleeds, 6 Snake’s used to getting what he wants. Women fall all over him so much that he doesn’t have to make any effort to get them into bed. The nurse Jessica is the first woman to make him work for every second spent with her. When Chaos Bleeds club princess Judi’s pregnancy suffersContinue reading “Snake’s Addiction”

Snake’s Addiction Now Available For Pre-Order

Hi all, I’m just stopping by to let you know that Snake’s Addiction is now available for pre-order. This title will be available to read on April 2nd. Pre-Order links: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / Amazon (CA) Snake’s used to getting what he wants. Women fall all over him that heContinue reading “Snake’s Addiction Now Available For Pre-Order”

The Boss’s Pet Cover Reveal

Hi all, I’m hard at work on the next Trojans MC romance. This is Raoul’s story and it’s going to be a little dirtier than I anticipated but that’s all good, right? LOL. Anyway, you’ll see my blog has changed a bit. I’m trying to make it easier to navigate but I’m not always goodContinue reading “The Boss’s Pet Cover Reveal”