Cover Reveal

It’s me again and this time I’ve got a new cover to show off. This is my next release, which is August 25th.

What do you think of the cover?


Caleb Cassell always gets what he wants.

Starting out as a fighter, Caleb and his friend, Henry, have fought their way to the top. They’ve left a trail of bodies behind them and forged a life out of violence and illegal dealings. They control girls, guns, drugs, and are not afraid of taking out anyone who threatens their business.

When Caleb first sees Donna working in the jewelry store, he knows he wants her. Donna’s latest customer scares and excites her. She tries to fight off his advances but all too soon she gives in.

One date turns into a second, and before she knows what’s happening they’re together. When the truth of who he is comes out, can Donna find it in her heart to remain with him? Who could love a crime boss that everyone fears?

Blind Devotion Cover reveal

Hi all,

I went away for a couple of days at the weekend and I was without Wifi, my laptop, or anything to get me online lol. I loved every second of it as I took my kindle ( one of the old ones that doesn’t allow you to connect to the net). I did take a notebook with me and was pleased to write down three different story ideas. I rarely take the time to simply relax and read. It was a refreshing change. Now, I’ve still got stories to write, characters demanding my attention so where to begin. Revenge, the big Skulls book I was telling you about has been contracted by Evernight Publishing, which I’m so excited about. I just want to say that this big book doesn’t mean it’s over for Chaos Bleeds and The Skulls. I’ve got a couple of characters I really want to get involved with and I refuse to leave them hanging for a HEA.

So, coming next, Blind Devotion (Pussy’s story). I couldn’t think of any title that would be suitable with Pussy inside seeing as there is a lot of problems with Amazon etc with criteria but I think blind Devotion fits perfectly. It’s that time again. I love this cover, what do you think?

Coming August 11th.

blind-devotionEver since he learned of the death of his friend, Ashley, Pussy has been trying to do what was right for the club. Gonzalez, the new threat that The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds face is worse than any of them anticipated. Gonzalez holds all the cards and he’s driving the Chaos Bleeds crew down a spiral that can only end in death.

Blinded by her step-father, Sasha has been living in a world of darkness for a long time. One chance meeting with Pussy changes her life forever. The few moments she’s in his arms, are the best of her life. He gives her independence and helps her to see her future more clearly.

However, Gonzalez is pushing the Chaos Bleeds crew to the breaking point. How long will it be before they all snap?

Sasha is a risk to the clubs future. Will Pussy chose between the love of his club or the love of his woman? See More

Butch Cover Art Reveal

Hi all,

I’ve posted this on Facebook already but I didn’t get around to posting here. I’m working on my big book for, The Skulls. This book is a labour of love and something I’ve wanted to do ever since I started writing. I’ve always wanted to do that big book. This is another reason why I love, The Skulls, their series has given me that option and I love it. I’m currently doing edits as well on Blind Devotion (Pussy’s story), and they should be finished soon for an August release.

Now, here is the cover for Butch. I have to say I think this is my favourite Skull cover. What do you think?

Coming July 29th

butchDanger is heading to Fort Wills.

Leaving The Skulls is the best and worst decision of his life. Butch knew to keep his woman, Cheryl and her young son safe, he needed to make sacrifices and pulling out of the club was the only way to go. Cheryl loves Butch but she will not accept him quitting the club. She doesn’t need him to become a saint in order to love him.

However, those sacrifices are about to tear everything he’s ever known, apart.

With a new threat and no way to protect his woman, Butch has to make a choice. However, Butch is not all that he sees. He’s got a past that even The Skulls don’t know about. No one is safe as life as The Skulls know it is about to be blown apart.


Nomad Cover Reveal

Hi all,

I know, I know, I’ve been busy and kept you all in the dark. I swear I’ve been working, writing, and plotting my little schemes :-). What I can tell you, Butch (The Skulls) will be releasing July 29th and Pussy’s story (Blind Devotion) will be releasing in August some time. I’m currently working on my big Skull book. It’s coming along slowly but I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the month.

I’m also going to try and get to the next Valentines book as well as complete several series that have one or two books left.

Now it’s time to show off new cover art. Nomad is releasing July 17th. This is a standalone story, there is a small scene (very tiny) with The Skulls but that’s it.

What do you think to the cover?

nomadCole Fowler never settles down and he doesn’t do love. He likes sex and women and he’s not ashamed to have both in abundance. When his bike is in need of repair, he stops at a bar intent on earning enough money for the bike and to live off in the coming months. Then he meets Sandy and all bets are off.


Sandy has never fit in. She hates to be controlled and studying at the local college doesn’t challenge her. Nothing interests her. The need to travel is in her blood but she stays in the same place.


The attraction between them is instant. She knows Cole will not stick around but what happens when Sandy moves on. No one ever said she couldn’t become a nomad either. Has Cole finally met his female match?

New Cover Art Reveal

Hi all,

Today I signed the contract for Tiny and I can tell you he has a scheduled release for February. I don’t have a date but the moment I do I’ll let you all know. Before I start on Killer or Devil’s story I’ delving into a hot alpha wolf book. I’ll tell you more as I know more.

I’m here today to show off my new cover art for, Once In A Lifetime. This is a MF standalone erotic romance. What do you think?

OIALGuy doesn’t do relationships or commitments. All he does is sex, sex, and a little more sex. The woman know the score and he never gives them a chance to think anything different. Everything changes when he meets her in the most unlikely of ways.

Emily is done with all men, especially cheating bad boys. After seeing her boyfriend sleeping with a slender woman, she’s had enough and sworn off all men. Then, she meets Guy and all bets are off.

The chemistry between them sizzles and neither can deny their growing feelings. However, their fears hold both of them back. Can Guy get passed his fear of commitment to finally claim Emily for his own? He knows she is that one woman he doesn’t want to regret leaving behind.