Happy April + Cover Art Reveal

Hi all,

Welcome to April. I can’t believe we’re already into the fourth month of the year. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. I can confirm that during this month I will be completing part 2 of Owned by the Dom. I’m hoping to have it submitted to my publisher by the end of the month. If the story gets accepted, then I’ll let you know of the possible release date.

Thank you for all your comments about Owned by the Dom. I was really grateful to Evernight for taking the story as it was the first part of two. I’ve heard some good comments about it, and I’ve got you to thank.

Now, onto the next project. I know most of my work is contemporary, erotic romance but I’ve delved into something completely new. Hope (2225) is set in the future and is my first story within this genre. I got cover art this morning, what do you think?



I wish you all a wonderful month of April.

Sam 🙂

Friday Teaser: Tory Michaels

Blood Rage by Tory Michaels


For eighty years since the Great Awakening, humans and non-humans have lived in relative peace together. The peace is threatened when three bodies turn up less than a mile from the Bureau of Non-Human Affairs in Tampa, all bearing the signature of vampires who once terrorized Europe.
The Bureau’s chief liaison to the vampires, Dara MacKechnie, learns that the Tampa victims are not alone when her ex-lover, and head of the vampire’s Great Council, Anthony Caldwell comes calling.

The pair discovers the lie that separated them two centuries ago only banked their passion, not extinguished it.

Dara must decide whether she can trust Anthony with her heart a second time as they try to head off the war that threatens all they hold dear.


Lead up: They were lovers long ago, but in the intervening years, Dara was brutally attacked and hideously scarred. Anthony hasn’t seen her naked since then, and she’s convinced he won’t want her once he sees the extent of the damage.


Her throat closed over, and she shook her head. I can’t do this. Not with him.
“Now, Athdara.” His tone sounded calm, patient, but left no doubt in her mind that he meant the words as a command. “It won’t get any easier if I have to chase you down, and I will if you make me.”
Dara gathered all the calm Xanthea had worked with her so long to achieve, shoved her doubts down, and forced herself to turn with her arms at her side to not hide anything.
His breath caught in his throat, but he said nothing. Dark eyes trailed over her torso, along the quadruple line of claw marks that ripped her from right shoulder to left hip, overlaid with a mishmash of knife cuts and claw gouges that left no more than an inch of undisturbed flesh anywhere over her chest and abdomen. The scars continued down her legs and even, though Anthony wouldn’t see them, onto the bottom of her feet.
“You are exquisite, Athdara Genevieve,” he said in reverent tones. Her gaze, centered on the plush carpet at his feet, shot up in disbelief. “How could you ever doubt that?”
Dara found she couldn’t move, couldn’t look away, not even when tears brimmed and blurred her vision. “You, you don’t mean that.”
Irritation flashed, and he tapped her nose in warning. “I don’t lie, and I don’t like your repeated belief that I would. Much as I do dislike basic demonstrations,” he growled before, in a blur of movement, he dragged her against him, and the hard ridge that pressed into her belly left little room for argument on the subject. “Unless you think I can somehow falsify that particular reaction, I suggest you withdraw the suggestion that I might lie.”
With the evidence of his words digging into her stomach, that would be impossible. He’d trapped her wrists in the small of her back and held her in an implacable grip. In strangled tones, she said, “Consider it withdrawn.”
The harsh look of insult faded from his face, replaced by a more thoughtful one as he studied her. “You never look at yourself in the mirror, do you, Athdara?”
A subtle attempt to twist free resulted only in a slight frown, and she nodded. “Of course. It’s hard to miss seeing myself after a shower.”
“I wonder,” he said slowly, considering. “You look, but do you see?” She stumbled as he released one hand and used the other to tow her into the bathroom, planting her squarely in front of the mirror. “Look now.”
Her lips tightened, and she shook her head until her hair fell loosely over her chest. The silken tresses tickled her sensitive flesh.
She squeaked in surprise when his palm slapped against her bare backside. It didn’t hurt, but it startled her, coming with no warning as it did. Yet she felt no outrage, only the illicit excitement from the silent warning that she didn’t want to admit, even to herself. “Look in the mirror, and tell me what you see.”
Dara hadn’t spared herself more than the most cursory glance in the mirror since the night Xanthea had let her see exactly what the monsters had done to her, in all its vivid horror, and she didn’t want to look now. The sight of the scarlet stripes across her flesh still haunted her dreams, though she knew intellectually that the marks were long faded.
With reluctance, she lifted her eyes to the mirror and stared at herself. It wasn’t a particularly attractive sight, a chubby, short woman with a gorgeous, long and lanky man. What an obscene mix. He deserved someone like Chris or Verissa.
“I see a dumpy little redhead and a golden ass standing behind her.”
Anthony’s mouth twitched, but no chuckle escaped. “Do you want to know what I see?” One arm swept around her waist, and he rested his chin on her shoulder, dark brown eyes meeting emerald in the surface. He didn’t wait for her response. “I see a woman forever caught in the prime of life, so perfect that none of those stick-figures that model for the lingerie companies can hope to compare to, no matter the implants and hair extensions they purchase.”
Warmth infused her blood as she found herself unable to look away from his face in the mirror while he spoke.
His eyes never left hers as he continued, deep voice caressing her ears as his long fingers circled the tips of her nipples, teasing them until they tightened into taut peaks. “I see breasts that were made for my hands. Not too big, not too little. Just right.”
Dara’s womb tightened, and moisture gathered between her thighs. “Anthony.”
“Shhhh, pet. You said your piece; now I will say mine. We will never mince words, you and I.”
Still his eyes held hers in the glass. She watched, enthralled by the low tones and soothing touch as he traced along the ridge of one of the delicate lines left by one of the monsters from the underside of her right breast until it ended, just below her collarbone.
“Your hair reminds me of the sun as it rises just before a storm at sea, promises of the fire that you make me burn with. An emperor would give his kingdom for emeralds the color of your eyes. And yet those eyes look at me when we are in bed together, and I thank whatever gods you may believe in that it’s me with you, and not some other man.”

Friday Teaser: Doris O’Connor

Too Hot To Handle by Doris O’Connor

When firefighter Alex Giovanni returns to his old neighborhood to fulfill family obligations, he is reunited with the woman inhabiting his dreams. The sexy siren ran out on him after one explosive night many years ago. Hiding behind her sensible clothes she portrays the perfect image of Miss Prim and Proper and Alex vows to unlock the passionate woman he remembers. Mixing business with pleasure has never been so much fun.
Kitty Jenkins’ orderly life gets turned upside down when Alex walks into her school. Their passion filled night four years ago has left her with a secret that threatens to tear them apart. Giving into Alex is out of the question, regardless of how much her body craves his touch.
When secrets spill and disaster strikes, can their passion turn into love?


“Alex is a good man; I truly believe that. Give him a chance.”
That whispered statement ran through Kitty’s head again as she listened to Alex finishing Noah’s bed-time story. Noah had fallen asleep two pages ago, but Alex had kept on reading. He sighed, putting the book down, watching Noah sleep. One large hand gently smoothed his hair, and he dropped a kiss on his forehead.
Alex’s intense gaze scorched her face as he moved toward her. Every atom in her body was suddenly all too aware of his sheer physical presence. He towered over her and stepped into her personal space. Only Alex could reduce her to a quivering bag of female awareness just by the way he smelled. Oh hell, think of Maggie! And step away from him.
Kitty made herself do just that, whilst trying to control her breathing, which sped up against her will. Her heart beat a very strange rhythm in her chest, and with one last look at a sleeping Noah she escaped toward the living room, all too aware of Alex right behind her.
She heard him shut the living room door, and she had to look up as he once again stepped far too close to her. He took one of her hands into his and kissed her palm, his incredible eyes sizzling with heat.
“Thank you for today. And thank you for putting up with my mother. I can only imagine how trying she must have been.”
Kitty snatched her hand away, the skin tingling where he had brought it to his lips. She crossed her arms to stop herself from touching him. She was not going to fall for all that charm.
“Yes, well, it’s safe to say she isn’t my biggest fan.”
Alex’s low chuckle was incredibly sexy, and Kitty had to bite her lip to stop herself from responding to it. Easier said than done when he moved closer again, one thumb rubbing across her bottom lip.
“Why so nervous, Kitty”
“I’m not nervous. It’s just been a long day. I think you should go.”
Alex moved closer still, his breath fanning her face. Kitty had to remind herself to just breathe, whilst her libido charged in kicking and screaming as her body recognized Alex the man on the most fundamental level. Whatever might be wrong between them, this right now just felt so right.
Alex tilted her head up, his mouth hovering over hers, his smile promising delights to come. “You think, or you know?”
“Alex, please—”
Oh hell, whose voice was that? Certainly not hers.
“Please what? Your wish is my command, Kitty.”
“My every wish, Alex?”
Kitty’s husky whisper had him hard in an instant. Hell yeah, baby. He pulled her delightful curves closer into his body, smiling at the way they moulded into his. His evening was looking up after all.
“Tell me what your mother and you were talking about in the kitchen, Alex, and I want the truth!”
He hadn’t been expecting that question. She shoved against his chest, and he reluctantly let her go.
“I’m waiting, Alex!”
“Damn, Kitty, what difference does it make? This isn’t about my mother; this is between you and me, and there are so many better ways we could fill our time with right now.”
Like have you naked in my arms, screaming my name. Alex grimaced. Her eyes, which had moments before been full of sensual awareness, turned to green steel.
“Please, Kitty, I’m dying here.”
Kitty’s gaze dropped down to his all too obvious arousal, and he saw her swallow once before she hastily brought her gaze back up to his face.
“That’s really not my problem, Alex; it’s all yours. And you will have to take many a cold shower until you tell me what’s going on!”
“Oh will I?”
Damn you, Kitty, enough is enough. He crossed the distance between them in one long stride, pulled her flush against his body, and his mouth came down hard on her lips. Her shocked gasp gave him entry, and his tongue sought hers. He groaned when Kitty came alive in his arms. Their tongues twining together, he ground his hips into hers and marched her toward the nearest wall. Hell yes. This was what they needed. He was done with talking and analyzing and treading softly. He wanted her with a need so fierce it completely consumed him. Kitty’s hands clung onto his shoulders, her sighs echoing in his ears as his hand pulled her skirt up, and he found her slick folds.
“You’re so wet already.” His voice shook as his cock strained against his flies, and he slid two fingers into her pussy. Her walls contracted around them. “Jeez, Kitty, I need to be in you right now.”
”Mmm, what are you waiting for?” Kitty’s breathless reply shot straight to his cock, her feline eyes almost black with need as she fumbled with his zipper.
Kitty’s hands wrapped around his eager cock, and he sucked in his breath when she took the initiative and rolled the condom on him with firm strokes. His balls grew heavy, and he ground his teeth together with the effort it took to not spill there and then like an inexperienced teenager. He spun her around so that she faced the settee and used his thigh to spread her legs. His fingers pushed in deep, and his thumb found her clitoris. Kitty moaned, and a fresh wave of her cream coated his fingers.
“Bend forward for me, and grab the sofa.”

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