Pure Filth Now Available For Pre-Order

Hi all,

I’m working on several projects at the moment and one of them is Hardy and Rose’s story, which is going to be heart breaking. I’m going to take my time to get it ready. In the mean time my next release, Pure Filth is now available for pre-order.

Here are all the details.

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Rule purefilth1lone: No sex without a condom
Rule two: No sleeping together
Rule three: No kissing on the lips

They were the three simple rules that James lived by as an escort. He owned Pure Filth, the escort service that guaranteed men and women satisfaction. The she made an appointment and everything changed.

Bring a virgin at twenty-five was not Haley’s intention but she didn’t trust men. Her drunken friend’s suggestion has Haley making an appointment.

One night with his rules broken, James can’t get enough. He offers Haley the chance to experience everything she has missed out on. All she has to do is give herself to him.

What starts out as an adventure soon has both of their hearts on the line. Can Haley get over his career? Can James give up the life that he has built up for the only woman he’s ever loved?

New Release: Very Bad Things (with Jenika Snow)

Very Bad Things


Product Description

Bad men do bad things… 

Ryker Black accepts who and what he is. Working as a hired hit man, he kills for a price without remorse. When he’s called to do a job, a young woman becomes a witness to the killing. He should have taken her out, too, but he can’t. He wants her…so he keeps her. 

Fiona Sterling has lived a sad life since her entire family died in a plane crash. The one person that she considered a friend is now dead. Everything changes when she’s taken away by a man that makes no mystery to the fact he wants her. 

With death and danger following them, Fiona and Ryker find solace and pleasure in each other’s arms. But can two damaged people become whole again? 

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking, violence



Ryker stared at her sweet, wet pussy, and although sliding his dick into her should have been the last thing on his mind, he couldn’t deny that her presence made him feel these fucked up emotions. He didn’t want women the way he wanted Fiona, never had, and he didn’t like that fact. She had run from him, had not listened to him, and now she was going to see the consequences for her actions.

“Back up.” He wanted her closer, so much closer that if he wanted to he could lick her soaked cunt, eat her out until she was crying and moaning, begging him to stop and pleading with him to continue. She wanted to hate him, to leave, but the truth was there was a sick part of her as well, a part that was just as dark and twisted as he was. She had no one in this world, just like him, and maybe this was some screwed up way for fate to bring them together?

Shit, listen to him acting like some pussy-whipped asshole. No, she was going to experience the pain that he could deliver, and although he wanted her coming for him, releasing what little strength she thought she had, he was also not going to be gentle with her.

He brought his hand down on her ass, stroked her soft flesh, loved that she was curvy and big, and that he could grip onto the huge mounds of her bottom and still have extra. He let go of her, reared his hand back, and brought it down on her right ass cheek. She cried out, and he grew harder from the sound. He was a sick bastard, wanted her crying as he spanked her, hurt her and brought her pleasure all at the same time.

Ryker did this over and over again, growing more aroused and angrier with every cry she let out. Her ass shook, turned red, and he knew that he’d come in his jeans before the night was over with. He wouldn’t rape her, because although he was a killer, raping women was not what he did. He also didn’t willingly beat them. This was different though. This was something that would let her know he wouldn’t be tested. He might be spanking her, causing her that kind of pain, but she was wet, and he had seen how engorged her little clit had been. She was definitely afraid of him, had every right to be scared of this situation, but she was soaked and liked what he was doing to her.

“I meant it when I said there are worse men out there than me, Fiona.” He spanked her ass again, but this time moved lower, so the tips of his fingers landed right on her pussy lips. She screamed out especially loud that time, but she grew even more soaked. 

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Cover Art Reveal

Hi all,


I just want to say to check back to my blog for the month of October as Evernight Publishing will be celebrating their fourth year of opening its doors for submission. I absolutely love working for the company, and would recommend others submit to them as well. I will also be having a few authors stopping by for you to check out, so please keep me in mind. :-).

Now, I’m always busy at work, typing away on a new idea or story, but I can show off my latest cover for, The Alpha’s Domination (The Alpha Shifter Collection). I hope you like it.

thealphasdominationDaniel is an Alpha and a Dom and for the last year he’s been trying to convince Dawn that they’re mates. She doesn’t believe him. He sees the way she holds herself back. Not once during their time together has she trusted him enough to give herself to him. It’s time to take over and show her who the real Dom is.

Dawn craved pain and no one could handle her need for pain. Her need had forced her to take lives and she doesn’t know how to let Daniel in. Then he discovers her secret and there’s no backing out. She can’t feel pain and it’s up to her Dom to protect her.

Her condition makes her vulnerable to predators. Daniel will not let anything happen to his mate and will do everything in his power to protect her, even from the person who wants to hurt her.

New Release: Fear The Boss (Deadly Duet 1)

Fear The Boss (Deadly Duet 1)


Deadly Duet, 1

Caleb Cassell always gets what he wants. 

Starting out as a fighter, Caleb and his friend, Henry, have fought their way to the top. They’ve left a trail of bodies behind them and forged a life out of violence and illegal dealings. They control girls, guns, drugs, and are not afraid of taking out anyone who threatens their business. 

When Caleb first sees Donna working in the jewelry store, he knows he wants her. Donna’s latest customer scares and excites her. She tries to fight off his advances but all too soon she gives in. 

One date turns into a second, and before she knows what’s happening they’re together. When the truth of who he is comes out, can Donna find it in her heart to remain with him? Who could love a crime boss that everyone fears? 



He took a step closer, and she took a step away.

“Stop moving away.”

“Tell me what you want and I’ll stop.”

“It doesn’t work like that, pet.”

She forced herself to stop and stare at him. “What do you want?” Fisting her palms at her side, she waited for him to make the first move.

He closed the distance between them.

Caleb reached out, sinking his fingers into her hair. “You’re incredibly beautiful. Do you know that?”

She shook her head.

“From the first moment I looked at you, I knew I wanted you. Then I looked into your eyes and saw something, I don’t fucking know what I saw. I’m not going to let this go, and after this, you can tell me to leave.”

His lips crushed against hers stopping all kind of thought from her mind. She gripped his shoulders and moaned as he plundered her mouth with his tongue. His other hand cupped her ass drawing her closer.

She felt the hard length of his cock pressing against her stomach.

“You feel that, Donna. That’s what you do to me. When we were looking at bracelets for the whore I was fucking, I was thinking about you. I wanted to spread you out and look at that virginal pussy. You are a virgin, aren’t you, baby?”

Donna whimpered.

He claimed her mouth as his hand went back up her body and around to cup her breast.

She gasped as he pinched her nipple.

“You’re into this as much as I am.” He walked her back until the wall stopped them. Caleb pushed her shirt down revealing her bra-covered breast. He pushed the bra out of the way until her breast was naked for him to touch and see.

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New Release: Nomad

Nomad (Standalone)


Product Description

Cole Fowler never settles down and he doesn’t do love. He likes sex and women and he’s not ashamed to have both in abundance. When his bike is in need of repair, he stops at a bar intent on earning enough money for the bike and to live off in the coming months. Then he meets Sandy and all bets are off.

Sandy has never fit in. She hates to be controlled and studying at the local college doesn’t challenge her. Nothing interests her. The need to travel is in her blood.

The attraction between them is instant. Sandy knows Cole will not stick around but no one ever said she couldn’t become a nomad, too. Has Cole finally met his female match?

Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys, spanking



It was another hour until his shift actually began, and he went in search of the woman who’d invaded his thoughts. He found her in such a compromising position. She was bent over a crate counting.

He admired the curve of her ass, and his cock thickened at the sight before him.

“Now that is a sight I could get used to,” he said, leaning up against the doorframe. She didn’t jerk up and scold him. Sandy looked over her shoulder shooting a green glare at him.

“And you’re used to getting what you want?”

“More than you realize.” He’d gladly take her like that, ramming his cock deep into her sopping cunt.

“Well, you’re going to have to get used to earning what you want.” She returned her attention back to counting.

Taking a step closer, he reached out and ran a hand over the curve of her ass. He wasn’t going to be the gentleman and wait for her to come to him. Cole didn’t have the time or patience to wait for what he wanted. In his life when he wanted a woman, he took her.

She froze beneath his touch. He’d never forced a woman, and if she didn’t want his attention then he’d back off.

“I can earn a hell of a lot more given half the chance.” He cupped her ass with his hands then moved up to grip her hips.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked. She sounded breathless to him.

“I’m touching what I want. Your ass is so fucking tempting.” When she didn’t push him away, he cupped her pussy through her jeans. There was no mistaking the heat from her pussy. She was burning his hand with her heat. “I want you, Sandy.”

“You don’t even know me.”

“Do you think everyone needs to know each other to want to fuck?”

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New Release: Alpha Bait

Alpha Bait


The Alpha Shifter Collection, 2

There is a law that binds an Alpha to his wolf and stops him from hurting others of his pack. If an Alpha lashes out with the intention to harm, then his wolf will stop it, forcing on the transition…but one wolf has found the loophole.
Chain is determined to inflict harm. He sends out the one woman he wants but cannot have, Victoria. She will be his Alpha Bait, luring another Alpha to his death, thus freeing Chain from the control of his wolf. For most of her adult life Victoria has been at the mercy of Chain. He scares her more than anything else. Doing as she’s told, Victoria sets the trap in order to gain Scorch’s attention.
Scorch is a good leader and strong Alpha. He will not hurt anyone. When a beautiful red-head ends up in his care, he cannot turn away from the attraction she inspires. Their wolves are mates, and they’re destined to be together.
However, what will Scorch do when he realizes Victoria is with him to lure him to his death? Can she really send the man she loves to his grave? Being Alpha Bait was never her choice, but who really holds her loyalty, Chain or Scorch?

Be Warned: anal sex


Scorch’s tongue plundered her mouth, and Victoria moaned as he swept inside meeting her own. She gripped the fabric of his shirt within her fists needing him to take away the ache building inside her. When he left her inside her room she’d not known what to think or to feel. He was the first man to confuse her with his actions without even trying.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, breaking the kiss. His hand held the back of her neck holding her in place.

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“Yes. No one has made me burn like you do.”

Her heart soared at his words. No one had ever told her she was beautiful before. Apart from her parents but they didn’t count. Most parents were biased about their children. She had stood looking out of the window knowing in her heart what she wanted. Victoria wanted his arms wrapped around her, forcing all the bad memories away. There was no chance of her getting any peace tonight, not with everything that had happened so far.

Knowing he was meeting with other pack members didn’t help her nerves. Every second he was away from his pack left him vulnerable. Chain terrified her while Scorch tempted her with so much more.

“Then I will spend the rest of our lives together telling you how beautiful you are.” His fingers soothed out the tension within her neck. He brought her up close against him. “Now kiss me like you want me.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Victoria kissed him with all the pent up frustration that had been building inside her from their first meeting.

Opening her lips, she plundered her tongue into his mouth, giving him no chance to pull away. She held on tight never wanting to let go. His hands left her neck and slid down to cup her ass drawing her closer to his body.

“You’re going to make this harder for me to say no and walk away, aren’t you?” he asked.

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New Release: Against All Odds

Against All Odds


Shifters, 1

One mistake that could cost him his mate.

Ben is a tiger shifter, from a line of possessive, dominant, and controlling men. They cannot bear for another to touch their woman. He’s never imagined having a woman of his own, but in the most unlikely person, he finds his mate.

Heather has known about shifters, and she’s best friends with a leopard shifter. On the night of a barbecue she gets a shock of a lifetime. She’s the destined mate to Ben, the guy her best friend wants so desperately. What can Heather do but refuse, for her friend’s sake?

Emotions are running high, and Ben attacks Heather when he loses control. Afterward, there’s nothing he can do but wait it out. How can Heather fall in love with the man who scarred her? Against all the odds and with time, Ben hopes to recapture what he’s lost. Without his mate, there is no future for him. But can Heather be strong enough to love him? And would her friend ever forgive her for walking away?


Frowning, he started up the stairs careful not to make a noise. Was there another man here? No, Heather was not the type of woman to take on another man when she had him.

Taking the steps two at a time, he stopped as he went to her door. It was open showing him exactly what she was doing.

There was no other man, and he felt like a total bastard for thinking there was. He really needed to get his trust issues under control.

He stood frozen watching as her fingers worked between her creamy slit. Her legs were wide open, and his vision was perfect. He saw how wet she was. Her cream was dripping down to the puckered entrance of her ass.

His cock thickened, unbearably tight.

“Ben,” she said, moaning.

Heather was thinking about him?

Her arousal filled the room, drifting toward him. His mouth watered. She would be perfect and sweet.

“Please, more,” she said. If she was vocal while finger-fucking herself, he wondered what she’d be like when he finally got his cock inside her.

Shit, he needed to stop thinking about this.

Ben watched her fuck two fingers inside her cunt. Rubbing his cock through his jeans, he couldn’t turn away. He should back away without looking at her. The sight was more than he’d ever hoped for. She still wore her bed shirt while her pants had been thrown off the bed. Her creamy thighs were spread. It would be so easy for him to walk toward her, settle between her legs and take her.

She’d be tight and hot.

He couldn’t handle it anymore. The jeans were too tight, and it was hurting him to keep still.

Unbuckling his belt, Ben pulled his erect flesh out of the confines of the jeans. The tip was already slick, and he stroked the length, coating it with his natural lube.

Ben saw how close she was. He witnessed the tightening of her ass and pussy as she brought herself closer to the edge.

Her cries erupted seconds later, and he saw her cream flow out of her. She was so fucking beautiful. He wanted to drink from her.

Pumping his shaft, he froze as her eyes landed on him. She sat up.

“Ben?” She spoke his name, and he detected the shock in her voice.

Feeling like a pervert, he pulled up his jeans. This was the last thing he’d ever wanted. “I’m sorry,” he said, feeling like a teenager being caught with his pants down his ankles.

“Don’t. Stop.” He paused as she came off the bed and toward him.

Both hands were tugging up his jeans, but he stopped to watch her move. Her pussy was covered by the tails of her shirt. He’d give anything to have her naked.

“Do you want to?” Heather asked.

“What?” He was losing himself. He was supposed to be the one in control, and yet he was stumbling over everything. Even after her orgasm, Heather smelled like pure, unadulterated need.

“Touch yourself. Do you want to touch yourself, and do you want to touch me?” she asked. There was a hesitation in her voice. He’d give anything to wipe it out. He despised her hesitation, even more so because he was the cause.

“More than anything.” He answered her without holding anything back.

She reached up presenting her fingers to his lips. “Do you want to taste me?” she asked.

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New Release: Holly’s Awakening

Holly’s Awakening (Creek Valley 2)


Creek Valley, 2

Kade and Steven have been waiting for a woman to complete their family. They’ve been friends their whole lives but they want a woman to share. No woman has captured their attention until Holly Walker comes to work for them.

Holly is quiet. She works hard in order to help her brothers and sisters. The money she doesn’t use for them is taken from her by her father.

Together, Kade and Steven awaken Holly, caring for her and loving her. Kade is a Dom and he takes over making decisions while Steven loves her completely in his own way.

Can Holly truly give herself to two men? She’s only used to depending on herself. Steven and Kade have a battle on their hands to make her their woman.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), bondage, anal sex, spanking, m/m sex


Flicking the button open Kade eased the zipper down. Going to her waist, he pulled the jeans down her thighs until they fell around her ankles.

“Step out of them,” he said. He took hold of her hand and helped her out of the jeans. He kicked the jeans away. She stood in a pair of grey panties. Her arms folded over her breasts, and she shook her head.

“I can’t do this.” She tried to cover her panties. “I look awful.”

Kade took her in his arms. Holly fought him. She lashed out at him trying to push him away. He took the hits until she fell in a heap on the floor.

He went to the floor before her. She covered her face and made the noises of tears, but nothing else came out. Taking her chin in his hands Kade forced her to look at him. Her eyes were red and swollen.

“You can do this. You want to do this. Come here,” he said, opening his arms.

She went to him, curling up in his lap. He stroked her hair in an attempt to help calm her down. “Nothing is going to happen to you. I promise. You’re safe with us.”

“I’ve never had anyone. Not even John has helped me.”

Caressing her hair, Kade glanced over at Steven. His lover was braced ready to take her in his arms.

“You’ve got us, baby. Nothing else will matter.”

He made a vow to himself in that instant. Tomorrow he was going to pay a visit to Holly’s parents and let them know who they were dealing with. If they didn’t like it then he’d make their life hell. The last time he checked they still needed to pay rent for their trailer. He could guarantee they were out on their asses regardless. With Holly, her parents held all the power, but with him and Steven, they were the ones with the power and the money to make their lives hell.

Steven nodded at him in agreement. The other man knew what he was thinking. Kade didn’t know whether to be relieved or a little frightened. Usually, Steven was the guy to find the good in everything.

After some time she nodded her head. “I’m good.” She stood up without any prompting from him. Her hands fisted at her sides. The courage she showed tore at his heart.

Standing in front of her, Kade dropped his jeans to the floor. Her gaze went to his naked body. He rarely wore underwear, and today he hadn’t bothered with any.

“I’m going to be naked with you, baby.” Turning to Steven he signalled his lover to do the same. “We’re all going to be naked together.”

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New Release: Propositioning Her Brother’s Best Friend

Propositioning Her Brother’s Best Friend


Can Rachel grab his attention with a simple proposition?

Rachel Kramer is tired of hearing about Paul’s sexual exploits. He’s the guy she’s been in love with her whole life, and he’s also her brother’s best friend. They’re friends, but she wants more. She wants to know if his feelings are the same as hers—and she’s tired of being a virgin.

Paul has stayed away from his best friend’s little sister because he was warned away. He’s been part of the Kramers’ life for as long as he can remember. Rachel has always been the love of his live, but he loves her from afar.

Her proposition soon leads to something more. He starts to teach her about sex, but that soon changes. Paul is in this for the long haul. He’s waited for her for a lifetime. No more waiting. Rachel will be his.

But what will happen when her brother comes back to town and one of Paul’s exes starts to make waves? Can their love survive, or will their time be over?

Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys, double penetration


She stopped in front of him. Her head only came to the top of his chest. She’d always been a little thing. Paul felt like a powerful man as he stood in front of her naked. All he imagined was bending her over her sofa and taking her hard. The image of her slit opening around his cock was too much. Blocking the images out of his mind, Paul concentrated on the here and now. Rachel wasn’t ready for him to lose total control. She was a virgin with a need for time. Maybe one day but not today.

“You’re so beautiful, Rachel. Look at the way your nipples are hard. They’re begging for my lips on them. Do you want my lips on you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, answering him immediately. There was a yearning quality to her tone. With tender care Paul knew he could bring her out of her shell and have her begging for more from him.

“You want me, too.” She whispered the words, and her finger pointed toward his cock.

“I’ve never doubted my need for you, baby.” Wrapping his fingers around the length he pumped his fist. Her eyes widened, and more pre-cum oozed out of the top. “My cock aches to feel your tight, wet pussy wrapped around me, squeezing me, begging me to take you deeper, and I’m going to, Rachel. I’m going to have you screaming my name.” He wanted it so she couldn’t think of anyone else but him.

His name.

His cock.

Everything about him would be permanently embedded in her mind.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked, moaning after her final word.

“I’m seducing you, baby. This is what it’s all about. Seduction in every word. Look at my cock and see what you standing there naked is doing to me.” Her gaze drifted to his cock.

Paul growled as her tongue peeked out to lick her lips. Did she have any idea how fucking sexy she looked like that? He was panting for her.

Glancing down at his cock he saw the thick vein down along the side stood out. His cock was rock hard and red from his rubbing.

He couldn’t handle it anymore. Letting go of his cock, he grabbed her hand and led her into the sitting room. Pushing her down on the sofa, he sat beside her. Taking hold of her hands, he pushed them to the back of her head.

“Keep them there. I don’t want you moving.”

Rachel didn’t complain or moan. She kept her hands firmly behind her head.

Opening her thighs, he purposefully kept his gaze on her even though all he wanted to do was look at her pussy. Her scent permeated the air letting him know she was close to letting go.

“Are you still seducing me?” she asked.

“I’m always seducing you, Rachel.”

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New Release: Loving A Vampire

Loving a Vampire


Finding love as a human is hard, but try being a vampire plagued with blood-lust—it’s impossible!

Augustus has been alone for a long time. Now all he wants is a woman to love and a friend to spend his time with. But after centuries of being alone and failing with the people he turns, Augustus loses hope.

When he stumbles on dying drug addict Gregory, Augustus cannot believe his luck. Their friendship builds over time as he keeps the human alive until Augustus would do anything for Gregory, including finding a woman for them to share.

No woman has ever become an obsession to him until he meets Marianna, whose beauty captures his attention … and Gregory’s.

Can these two humans satisfy one old vampire? And what happens when Augustus loses control and kills one of them? Will it be too late to change them, or will one of them turn their back on the blood-lust-filled immortal?

Loving a vampire is hard.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM)


Staring into her eyes, he reached for the button of her jeans. He unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down. She didn’t fidget or tell him to stop. Her fingers stroked his face as he removed her jeans.

Next he took away her panties until she was before him naked from the waist down. During that time he didn’t break eye contact once.

Running his hands up her thighs, Augustus pulled her closer. He moved her so she straddled his lap. Tiny red hairs covered her pussy confirming she was a natural red.

“Tell me to stop,” he said.

She shook her head. “No.”

Marianna cupped his face and slammed her lips down on top of his.

“Why would I want this to stop?” She spoke the words in between kisses.

He grabbed her ass and ground his cock against her naked pussy. She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I’d going to touch your pussy.” Augustus didn’t wait for an answer. Easing her down beside him on the sofa he opened her legs and took in the sight of her glorious red flesh. Her cunt was glistening with her cream. Pressing his hand on her stomach, he moved down to her slit.

Opening her silken folds he stroked her wetness.

She gasped, cried out but didn’t pull away.


A vampire is stroking my pussy.

The only thoughts running through her head were directed at the man in front of her. Could she call him a man, or would vampire suit? She didn’t know which word to use or how best to approach their situation.

Hearing Gregory wanted her and so did Augustus made her feel powerful. Two men wanted her. She’d been going through her life always feeling fat and frumpy. Now, two men wanted her. Admittedly one of those men was a vampire, but she wasn’t going to count him as anything other than a man.

Augustus stared down at her as he stroked over her clit. “You’re so sweet and perfect.”

“I’m not a virgin by choice,” she said.

He chuckled. “You’ll not be a virgin for much longer.”

His words didn’t scare her. They excited her.

“Gregory is upstairs, and he’s wishing he was down here,” Augustus said.

“You can hear him?”

Augustus paused. “Yes. Shall I call him down?”

Nibbling her lip, indecision struck her hard. Did she really want Gregory to see her like this? Thinking about sex and doing it were two different things. She’d been a virgin for a long time. Was she ready for this next step?

Excitement, fear, apprehension, nerves, Marianna felt all of it seconds after his questions.

“So much feeling for one so young. I’ll make your decision easier.” Augustus stroked her cheek. She relaxed against his hand. “Gregory!”

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