Pre-Order and A Throw Back Thursday!!!!

Hi All Just wanted to keep you all updated, For A limited time only Snake’s Addiction is on discount at your local Amazon Chaos Bleeds, 6 Snake’s used to getting what he wants. Women fall all over him so much that he doesn’t have to make any effort to get them into bed. The nurseContinue reading “Pre-Order and A Throw Back Thursday!!!!”

Out Now Available Wide: Taken By The Rebel

Blurb The moment Fay sees her best friend’s brother, Blaze, at an illegal fight, she’s screwed. As soon as he spots her, she tries to escape, but he captures her. He’s so angry to find her there, and when the cops show up, he has no choice but to hide with her. Blaze has wantedContinue reading “Out Now Available Wide: Taken By The Rebel”