Christmas Comes Butch Once A Year

The Skulls, 16 Butch was sent to Vegas as a punishment many years ago. For the sins of his past, he must repay in kind. By being close to Ned Walker, he’s found a life for himself and his wife, Cheryl.  However, with the impending birth of their first child, tensions rise. After several failedContinue reading “Christmas Comes Butch Once A Year”

New Books In Print

It has been a long couple of weeks but I can tell you that I’ve got 3 books in print. Murphy (The Skulls) Paperback books: Createspace / Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Barnes and Noble Tate Johnson is the daughter of the motorcycle club leader and has decided The Skulls has hurt her oneContinue reading “New Books In Print”

Blaine: Christmas at The Skulls

The Skulls, 10   The Skulls, 10 It’s Christmas at The Skulls and you’re invited.  When it came to Emily, Blaine messed up. He knocked her up and wasn’t there for her. He went off the deep end and lost everything including his woman and his daughter.  He owes Angel everything for bringing his girlsContinue reading “Blaine: Christmas at The Skulls”

Blaine: Christmas at The Skulls Now Available For Pre-Order

Hi everyone, Christmas is just around the corner and I thought it would be awesome to write a book with my favourite guys. The Skulls are very dear to me as are the Chaos Bleeds crew. With Blaine, this is like a Christmas special that also sets up future books. I’ve been asked if AlexContinue reading “Blaine: Christmas at The Skulls Now Available For Pre-Order”

Blaine: Christmas at The Skulls Cover Reveal

Hi all, I’ve been busy but the year is coming to a close and that means it’s Christmas time. I wanted to do a Christmas special with my Skulls series and give Blaine his story. What do you think? Releasing December 16th It’s Christmas at The Skulls and you’re invited.   When it came to Emily,Continue reading “Blaine: Christmas at The Skulls Cover Reveal”