Blaine: Christmas at The Skulls Now Available For Pre-Order

Hi everyone,

Christmas is just around the corner and I thought it would be awesome to write a book with my favourite guys. The Skulls are very dear to me as are the Chaos Bleeds crew. With Blaine, this is like a Christmas special that also sets up future books. I’ve been asked if Alex will get a story and yes, he will. In fact I’m working on his story right now and hope to have it done very soon.

So, Blaine: Christmas at The Skulls is now available for pre-order

blaine-christmasPre-Order Links: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / Amazon (CA)

It’s Christmas at The Skulls and you’re invited.

When it came to Emily, Blaine messed up. He knocked her up and wasn’t there for her. He went off the deep end and lost everything including his woman and his daughter.

He owes Angel everything for bringing his girls back into his life.

Emily has tried to forget the past and move on but she can’t. Blaine is back to being the man she fell in love with but for how long? Can she trust him? There are so many questions that she can’t answer.

It’s the time for forgiving. Blaine’s determined to prove to Emily he’s not going anywhere. He’s back and he’s taking her as his wife. Will she accept or leave him for good?

Nothing is ever certain at The Skulls!

New Release: Revenge (The Skulls 8)

Revenge (The Skulls 8)


The Skulls, 8

Two MCs and one enemy—who will come out alive? 

Any threat against The Skulls and Tiny deals with it, but Gonzalez is not any ordinary threat. Taking him out will require more than a bullet to the head. It’s going to take time, patience, and help, but can Tiny trust Devil? No one’s been able to control the leader of Chaos Bleeds, so how far does Devil’s loyalty go? When Eva and Angel are attacked, Tiny loses it. He’ll handle the threat alone—and a friendship is torn apart. 

Called away from Fort Wills, Devil has no choice but to deal with the dead body hung up outside of his compound. Lexie’s sister wasn’t part of his world, but now he has to deal with her death. He’s done with the threats, the deaths, and the uncertainty—and with Tiny. Devil’s going to take out the fucker that has almost destroyed his club, no matter who stands in his way. 

No one is going to be the same again as Gonzalez leaves his mark wherever he goes. Who will survive? Who will die? And what will happen next? 

Be Warned: anal play, bondage



“What’s the matter, honey? Did that bastard do anything to you?”

She chuckled. He always threatened Tiny whenever he called. It was funny even though she didn’t doubt for a minute that Ned would hurt Tiny if she asked. Her father was very protective of her, and she didn’t mind. It was nice having a man worry about her.

“No, I don’t want you to hurt him. It’s just this shit with Gonzalez. I don’t know, it’s all getting to me, you know?”

Ned sighed over the line. “It’s a shit situation we’re all in.”

“I’m scared.” She’d never in all of her years ever admitted to being scared before. This was a first. Being around a father who controlled a bunch of fighters, she had found it hard to be afraid of anything. She was finding it a lot easier now to be scared.

“Baby, honey, you’ve got to be strong. Talk to Tiny. I hate his fucking guts, but I also respect him. There’s no one else I’d trust with your safety than that man.”

Wiping the tears that had fallen, she smiled. “I know.”

“He loves you.”

“I know. It’s not him I’m worried about. What’s going to happen? I don’t know what I’ll do without him, Dad.”

Ned was silent on the other end of the line. “You’re my daughter. You’ll do what I’d expect you to.”


“Anything happens to Tiny, you’ll get Miles and Tabitha and all your passports, and then you’re on the first flight here. I don’t give a shit what anyone says. You’re my daughter, and you’ll come fucking home.” She heard some muttering in the background. “Do you hear me, Eva? You will come home and I’ll protect you along with my boys. You’ve got nothing to worry about in that respect.”

“I can’t stand for anything to happen to him or any of the club.”

“We’ve all got to deal with losing someone. Don’t let it scare you, Eva. You’re better than this. You’re a club woman, an old lady to Tiny. Deal with the shit when it comes, but until then, embrace the time you’ve got him. I can’t promise it won’t hurt. It will. It’ll hurt more than anything you’ve ever known, but afterward, you’ll slowly start to mend the pieces of your broken heart.”

“It’s going to go bad, isn’t it?” she asked, hearing the fear in his voice.

“I’m preparing you for the worst in the hope it doesn’t happen. All I’ve ever done is try to prepare you.”

“Daddy, I’m not ready for this.”

“You will be. No one is ready for it until it actually happens.”

Noise near the door made her look up. Tiny was staring down at her with concern in his eyes.

“I’ve got to go.”

“Talk with Tiny or I will.” Those were Ned’s final words before she hung up the phone.

Wiping the last of her tears aside, she smiled at him. “I didn’t hear you approaching.”

“Your dad going to come and kick my ass?” Tiny helped her to her feet.

“No, of course not.”

He had the pantry door closed with her pressed up against it. “I don’t want you to be afraid.” Her chest was to the door. Tiny wrapped her hair around his fist, moving the strands out of his way.

“I can’t help it.”

“Then try. I’ll never let anything happen to you,” she heard him say as he inhaled her scent. His tongue licked a path from the pulse in her neck to her earlobe. “You’re my everything, Eva.” He bit down, making her moan.

“Please,” she said, begging.

With his free hand, he glided his fingers up underneath her shirt.

“I need to be inside you. Fucking you is never enough. I’ve got to have you again.” He tore open her shirt. Someone pushed on the handle of the pantry door about to open it. Tiny slammed his palm against on the wood. “Fuck off. We’re busy.”

“Oops, sorry, man. I’m hungry,” Pussy said, shouting through the door.

“Fuck off.”

Tiny palmed her breast even as Pussy’s mumbling complaints could be heard through the door.


“No, I don’t want to hear any complaints from you. I’m going to fuck you to make us both feel better, and then I’m taking you shopping. Shut the fuck up complaining. You want this as much as I do.” He nibbled on her neck, cutting off any complaint she might have had.

With one tug on her bra, he tore the fabric, leaving her tits hanging free.

“Fuck, I love your body, Eva. Never change, baby. I never want you to change.” He tugged on her nipples, pinching and stroking the hard peaks. She didn’t have any other choice than to take his wicked torment.

Eva couldn’t complain about anything he’d done to her. Each erotic touch set off a burning deep inside her. She needed his hands and mouth on her body.

“Please,” she said, whimpering.

“I will when I’m good and ready.” He moved onto the next breast, fingering her nipples. She cried out as the sharp pain went straight to her clit. “That’s it, baby. Shout my name. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

She shook her head. “No, anything but that.”

“Then you better tell me what you want otherwise I’m leaving you like this.”

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New Release: Butch (The Skulls)

Butch (The Skulls 7)


Danger is heading to Fort Wills… 

Leaving The Skulls was the best and worst decision of his life. Butch knew to keep his woman, Cheryl and her young son safe, he needed to make sacrifices, and pulling out of the club was the only way to go. Cheryl loves Butch, but she will not accept him quitting the club. She doesn’t need him to become a saint in order to love him. 

Butch cannot understand that and is more than willing to make any sacrifice necessary for Cheryl, but now those very sacrifices are about to tear apart everything he’s ever known. 

With a new threat facing them and no way for him to protect his woman, Butch has to make a choice. However, Butch is not all that he seems. He’s got a past that even The Skulls don’t know about, and no one is safe.

Life as The Skulls know it is about to be blown apart.

Be Warned: anal sex, bondage, spanking



“Do you want to come in?” she asked, finally finding her voice.

He stepped through the door, and she moved out of the way for him to enter. “Thanks, babe. Dinner smells amazing.”

She smiled. “Thanks. I’m about to dish up. Do you want to come on through?” Crap, she was starting to sound like some waitress.

Butch caught her hand. “You’re not getting away from me that easily.” The door was closed, and he pressed her against it. “Where’s Matthew?”

“At my mother’s.”

Was he going to kiss her? She didn’t know what to expect, and the anticipation was killing her.

“You didn’t have to get rid of him for me.”

“I didn’t. Matthew loves spending time with my mom. She loves having him. I thought it would be nice for us to be alone.” He cupped her cheek, and all thought fled her mind at the contact. His palm was rough from years of hard work. Butch wasn’t shy about work.

“We’re alone?”

“Yes.” The word came out as a croak. He was invading her privacy, and her body was coming alive after years of being kept asleep.

“I’ve been thinking about doing this all day.” Butch leaned in close. His breath fanned across her face, making her moan. Tilting her head back, she ran her hands up his chest wanting more than anything to feel his lips on hers.

You’ve known him long enough to want this. Don’t feel guilty for wanting this.

In that moment with his lips mere inches from her face, she didn’t give a shit either way. His lips were on hers, and she was in heaven. Tugging at the strands of hair at the back of his neck, she moaned at the feel of his hard body pressed against hers. Closing her eyes, she melted against him. The hand on her cheek sank into her hair, tugging on the strands while his other gripped her hip tightly.

Lifting her leg over his hip, she felt the hard ridge of his cock pressing against her core. His tongue plundered her mouth as she rode his body. All sense left her as her body took over. She knew what she wanted even though her mind was trying to fight. 

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Nomad Cover Reveal

Hi all,

I know, I know, I’ve been busy and kept you all in the dark. I swear I’ve been working, writing, and plotting my little schemes :-). What I can tell you, Butch (The Skulls) will be releasing July 29th and Pussy’s story (Blind Devotion) will be releasing in August some time. I’m currently working on my big Skull book. It’s coming along slowly but I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the month.

I’m also going to try and get to the next Valentines book as well as complete several series that have one or two books left.

Now it’s time to show off new cover art. Nomad is releasing July 17th. This is a standalone story, there is a small scene (very tiny) with The Skulls but that’s it.

What do you think to the cover?

nomadCole Fowler never settles down and he doesn’t do love. He likes sex and women and he’s not ashamed to have both in abundance. When his bike is in need of repair, he stops at a bar intent on earning enough money for the bike and to live off in the coming months. Then he meets Sandy and all bets are off.


Sandy has never fit in. She hates to be controlled and studying at the local college doesn’t challenge her. Nothing interests her. The need to travel is in her blood but she stays in the same place.


The attraction between them is instant. She knows Cole will not stick around but what happens when Sandy moves on. No one ever said she couldn’t become a nomad either. Has Cole finally met his female match?

New Release: Curse’s Claim

Curse’s Claim (Chaos Bleeds 3)


Chaos Bleeds, 3

Curse rarely deals with complicated women. Chaos Bleeds is the only place where his loyalty lies. He loves women and he certainly loves to give them a good time. Nothing was ever going to change him or force him to want anything more than what he had—then he met Mia and everything changed.

Mia cannot think about the future. Between caring for her mother and trying to take care of all of her medical bills, she doesn’t have time for anyone else. Her past holds her back. She did something awful to protect her friend but she doesn’t know how long she can handle Curse’s seduction and keep away.

He will not take no for an answer and is determined to claim this complicated woman for his own. When Mia is attacked and Curse kills the man to protect her, they have no choice but to rely on each other. However, this kill is about to set off a turn of events that’s going to land Chaos Bleeds in further trouble.

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking



“I wouldn’t call you a whore, just desperate for money.”

“I can take care of myself. Stop bugging me. Nothing is going to come of it.”

Stepping closer, he sank his fingers into her hair pushing out the clips that she’d bound her hair with. He cupped her hip with his other hand. Claiming her lips, he moaned as she cried out. Slamming his tongue deep into her mouth, he deepened the kiss, holding her tight.

His cock threatened to split his jeans, he was that hard. She started to push him away, fighting him. Curse refused to let her go. In a matter of moments she stopped fighting him. Her hands gripped his shoulders before moving up to wind around his neck.

Not moving, he drew her closer to him. His cock pressed to her stomach, making his need known to her.


Mia needed to stop. This man before her was deadly. He’d take over everything she ever knew and consume her body. Every time he came around, he made sure for her to know his intentions. Now he was offering money for her to sleep with him. What hurt the most was the temptation of earning more money. She hated it. Working at the diner and cleaning houses whenever she got the chance, she still struggled to make ends meet. Her mother’s prescriptions, medical bills, and living expenses were making it impossible for her to keep up with expenses. If she was ever poorly and needed time off work then she’d be screwed. Her life was all about living on the edge of surviving. Ashley tried to help her out, but Mia couldn’t accept any money without working for it.

Curse’s tongue met hers, and she was lost. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, and his entire ink covered chest was on display. His arms were so thick that as he held her, she felt delicate in comparison.

His cock pressed against her stomach. The waitress uniform she wore didn’t hold much protection against his searching cock.

“Are you wet for me, baby?”

Sinful words that she knew she couldn’t fall for. Biting her lip, she shook her head. “No.”

“You’re lying to me. I don’t like being lied to.”

He walked her back until she was pressed against the brick wall. Most of the town was nervous around the Chaos Bleeds crew whereas they didn’t bother her. They were part of the town like the drugs and prostitutes were. Since her father abandoned them, she’d learned not to care what other people felt. The Chaos Bleeds crew was not dangerous unless women wanted to stay virgins. She was used to men giving her the once over then moving onto Ashley. Her friend loved men and the attention she got whereas Mia always liked her own space.

Having a boyfriend had never appealed to her as they wanted time, time she couldn’t afford.

“I’m not lying to you.”

“Yes, you are. Let’s see, shall we?”

She never expected him to find out. The waitress uniform came down to her knees. The hand on her hip slid under her uniform. He skimmed her inner thigh with his fingers.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m going to see if you’re lying to me. I hate being lied to.” His palm cupped her pussy, and he cursed. “And you’ve been lying to me.”

Tell him to stop. Shout at him, curse, and get him away.

He moved her panties aside and ran a finger through her slit. The instant he stroked across her clit, she was lost. 

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New Release: Zero



The Skulls, 6

Zero’s foolish mistake could get them all killed. 

Ten years ago, Zero tortured a man for killing his friend. Then Zero set the building on fire, to kill the man and torch the evidence. When he left the burning building, he thought the man was dead—but he wasn’t. Now, Zero’s enemy is back, and the game of cat and mouse is about to start. 

Prue has loved Zero for a long time. He was her brother’s best friend, and he’s protected her through thick and thin. After she got shot by his enemy, he’s there to save her life. The ghost of his enemy lurks everywhere, hitting out when they least expect it. 

No one can stop him, and no one can save them. 

One by one, Zero’s friends fall, and he’s helpless to stop it. His enemy has all the control, and there’s nothing he can do. The only one he can trust is Prue. She’s been with him through everything, and now it’s time for them to take the man responsible for tearing their lives apart and put him in the ground. 

How much can Zero sacrifice before it’s too late?

Be Warned: anal sex, bondage, violence




“Hardy and Rose are known for showing off in front of everyone. They will do everything in front of an audience. His one rule is not to touch. Rose is his woman. If they touch, he’ll hurt them.”

She moaned, wriggling her ass against his cock.

He gripped her hips, hissing. “Be careful, baby. I’m holding on by a thread.”

“Are you wanting to fuck me, Zero?” she said, glancing over her shoulder up at him.

“You know I do.”

Prue turned around, sliding a finger down his chest until she cupped his cock. “I’m wet, Zero.”

Spinning her so her back was pressed to the wall, Zero gazed down into her eyes. “Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” he asked.

“I’m not drunk. I’m happy. I’m relaxed, and I can’t think of a single reason why we can’t fuck. It has been weeks, Zero, months.” She leaned in close, pressing kisses to his neck. He groaned as she bit down on the flesh of his neck. “It has been so long since I’ve felt a nice hard cock pounding inside me.”

“You don’t know what you’re doing,” he said.

He couldn’t get any more turned on. His cock was so fucking tight. Zero imagined the imprint of his zipper would be on his cock.

She grabbed his hand, bringing his fingers to her mouth. He watched her open her mouth and suck one then two fingers into her mouth, getting them nice and wet.

“What’s the matter, Zero? You never have a woman tell you what she wants?” she asked. 

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