SALE Trojans 1 – Control

Control is on sale for a limited time, see below links Duke has wanted Holly for a long time but she was too young, too innocent, and he was married. Now, she’s older and he has waited long enough. She is going to be his.  Holly grew up in the MC life. Her father wasContinue reading “SALE Trojans 1 – Control”

New Release: Mistakes

Matthew and Luna Blurb: Matthew and Luna don’t have a good history. When they were teenagers, Matthew made promises and broke her heart. He had to let her go and watch her walk away. For years, he’s watched from a distance, knowing he is the one for her. Not anyone else. There is no oneContinue reading “New Release: Mistakes”

September Catch up

Hi Everyone, OMG!!! We’re in OCTOBER!!! How fast is this year going. I love October. I always find this hilarious as I hate horror movies lol. I love all things kiddy and whimsy around this time of year. Thank you all for your amazing feedback with regards to the newsletters and how we send them.Continue reading “September Catch up”


Trojans MC, 10 Landon doesn’t stay with the same woman twice. They’re to be used for his pleasure, and he’s never seen a reason to ever fall in love. Anna Rose is not looking for a relationship. She would rather move from job to job, sew, and live her life with few problems. Men causeContinue reading “Claimed”


Trojans MC 4 Trojans MC, 4 Crazy loves his daughter, hates his ex-wife, and wants Leanna with a passion he’s never experienced before. Leanna doesn’t trust him. She only believes that he wants a mother for his daughter. The challenge has been set. Crazy will show Leanna that he wants her for more than aContinue reading “Need”