New Release: The Alpha’s Domination (The Alpha Shifter Collection)

The Alpha’s Domination (The Alpha Shifter Collection)


The Alpha Shifter Collection, 4

Daniel is an Alpha and a Dom. For the last year he’s been trying to convince Dawn that they’re mates. He sees the way she holds herself back. Not once during their time together has she trusted him enough to give herself to him. It’s time to take over and show her who the real Dom is.

Dawn craves pain and no one can handle her need. When Daniel discovers her secret there’s no backing out. She can’t feel pain and it’s up to her Dom to protect her.

Her condition makes her vulnerable to predators. Daniel will not let anything happen to his mate and will do everything in his power to protect her, even from the person who wants to hurt her most.

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, caning



“Do you think I can’t smell you,” Daniel said.


She gasped, withdrawing her hand and loosening the hold on her nipple. Going to her knees, she shuffled to the edge of the bed and opened the lace. Daniel stood in the doorway between their rooms.


“I can smell and hear what you’re doing. I didn’t give you permission to play with yourself.”


He stood completely naked. His cock was rock hard and stood out in front of him. The size of him made her mouth go dry. There was no way he’d fit inside a woman and it be comfortable.


“I’m sorry.”


“No, you’re not. If you wanted to touch yourself then you should have come to me for permission to do so.”


“I didn’t know we were in a scene.”


Daniel sighed. “We’re not in a scene, Dawn. You need some strict rules in your life. You keep everything at arms’-length, hiding behind your walls of frost and depression.” He folded his arms, staring at her. “This can’t wait until morning. We’re going to have this discussion now.” He stood facing her, making no move to put some clothes on.


“Can you please get dressed?” It would give her time to grab a robe and not be completely naked in front of him.


“So you can hide from me? I don’t think so.” He stayed where he was. “We’re going to see each other naked. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be now.”


“That’s easy for you to say. You’re like a god while I’m blubber.”


He glared at her. “Step off the bed now!”


His voice deepened. Dawn stared at him wondering if she could simply go back to bed and sleep without him ordering her around.


“Don’t disobey me, Dawn. I was willing to wait until tomorrow, and all you’ve done is test me. I don’t like being tested.” He stayed still even as his voice travelled throughout the room. The Alpha inside him raised the hairs all over her body. Her clit swelled at the command within his voice. Slowly, keeping the lace in front of her, she stepped off the bed.


“Drop the lace. You’re not hiding from me.” He walked toward the door and flicked the light, illuminating the whole room. There was no hiding anymore. He made sure of that.


“This is unfair.”


“Unfair is having a mate for a whole year denying you. Unfair is that mate fingering herself instead of coming to her Dom. Don’t even begin to tell me what’s unfair or not. You’ll not like what I’ve got to say.” He folded his arms once again.


His gaze was on hers, waiting.


“I can’t do this.”


“Yes, you can. If you don’t I promise you there’ll be a severe punishment, one you won’t like.”


What wouldn’t she like? She’d pushed Daniel the entire year they’d known each other. He had every right to be mad and punish her. How far would he go to consider her punished?


The uncertainty was too much for her. She gripped the lace tightly, before slowly stepping from behind the security of the lace.


She kept her head bowed and pressed her palms together in an attempt to control her shaking. Letting a man see her naked took a lot of effort for her. She was used to pushing her skirt up and having the man suck her nipples through the shirt. Her entire sexual life was appalling. The only man who’d seen her naked were dead. She’d let him hurt her in the worst kind of ways.


“Look at me, Dawn.”


Glancing up at him, she didn’t know what she expected to find. Would he lose his erection? Show any signs that he hated what he saw?


Again she was in a strange territory for her.


His cock remained rock hard. He’d not deflated or grown flaccid since seeing her naked.


“What did you expect to see?” he asked. He didn’t make a move to touch his cock.


“What do you mean?”


“Don’t play dumb. I’m not stupid. I see in your eyes that you were expecting something from me. What?”


The desire to lie struck her again.


Don’t lie to him. He’ll know.


“I didn’t expect you to be hard.”


“Why wouldn’t I be hard?”


She stared at the tip of his cock. He was glistening, aroused.


“Look at me,” she said, releasing her hands so not an inch of her was covered. “I’m not beautiful. I eat too much, and you’re perfect. You should be a model or something.”


His arms remained folded over his chest. Neither of them said a word. He kept looking at her. There was something in his gaze that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. “Get on your knees,” he said. The words were spoken slowly, with menace, leaving no mistake of his anger. 

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Cover and Release Date Reveal

Hi all,

I’ve been busy at work writing away on all my series and working on a few new ones. The muse has been keeping me occupied with stories. The Hero’s are all super alpha and I’m loving it. Anyway, it’s time for me to get down to business as to why I’m posting today. I’ve got two release dates to share and a cover reveal.

First, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for their wonderful support with regards to Killer. His story was such an emotional ride and I didn’t know how he would be received. Your comments have been amazing and supportive. Now, Ripper’s Torment (Chaos Bleeds 2) has been given a release date …. May 5th and his story will be available for you all. Also, I can tell you that Zero (The Skulls 6) is scheduled for release May 20th. I hope this comes as some good news.

For the cover reveal. What do you think?

rippers-tormentA late night phone call was never supposed to cause so much torment.

Ripper will do anything for Chaos Bleeds, including cleaning up the Princess’s mess. When Judi calls him without thinking he answers and soon he has a dead body to hide, and a car to destroy. He will do everything in his power to protect the young woman. What he didn’t expect was the lust that hits him from being around her.

Judi never expected to sexually want a man after being used by a pimp. Devil and his crew saved her from hell but Ripper is throwing her head first into heave. Ripper’s touch makes her crave everything she’d given up on.

However, Devil adopted Judi as his daughter. No one touches or hurts the Princess of the club. What will he do when one of his most trusted men has claimed her for his own?

Cover Art Reveal + What I’m Up To

Hi all,

Easter is around the corner and I’m busy working on edits for Zero’s story (The Skulls 6). His story will be available some time in May along with Ripper’s Torment (Chaos Bleeds 2). Both of these series have me addicted and I can’t stop writing. Also, I’ve got so many stories as well as series ideas brewing that there are enough hours in the day to do all my writing.

I stopped by to show off my latest cover. The Alpha’s Virgin Possession is a little different and I’m loving this series. There is something about an Alpha male I just can’t resist.

What do you think?

tavpThe Alpha’s Virgin Possession (The Alpha Shifter Collection)

Nick is an outlawed alpha wolf who is never allowed to be part of or rule a pack again. He’s all alone and has spent his time making money. With plenty of wealth all he needs is a female wolf capable of taking his passion. He discovers a place where he can buy what he’s looking for.

Clara is a full-figured her wolf. To her pack she’s considered an outcast with her curves. No one wants her and so her family sells her to the highest bidder. Scared and afraid of the man who owns her, she tries her hardest to hate him. But, Nick is not all he seems. Not only does he care about her, he awakens a passion Clara never thought possible to feel.

Their time together brings them both joy and love but all to soon they could be torn apart. The collective of alphas have the final decision on them staying together. Can Clara prove to them she’s in love with Nick or will they take her away because she was sold and not mated to him?

New Release: Alpha Bait

Alpha Bait


The Alpha Shifter Collection, 2

There is a law that binds an Alpha to his wolf and stops him from hurting others of his pack. If an Alpha lashes out with the intention to harm, then his wolf will stop it, forcing on the transition…but one wolf has found the loophole.
Chain is determined to inflict harm. He sends out the one woman he wants but cannot have, Victoria. She will be his Alpha Bait, luring another Alpha to his death, thus freeing Chain from the control of his wolf. For most of her adult life Victoria has been at the mercy of Chain. He scares her more than anything else. Doing as she’s told, Victoria sets the trap in order to gain Scorch’s attention.
Scorch is a good leader and strong Alpha. He will not hurt anyone. When a beautiful red-head ends up in his care, he cannot turn away from the attraction she inspires. Their wolves are mates, and they’re destined to be together.
However, what will Scorch do when he realizes Victoria is with him to lure him to his death? Can she really send the man she loves to his grave? Being Alpha Bait was never her choice, but who really holds her loyalty, Chain or Scorch?

Be Warned: anal sex


Scorch’s tongue plundered her mouth, and Victoria moaned as he swept inside meeting her own. She gripped the fabric of his shirt within her fists needing him to take away the ache building inside her. When he left her inside her room she’d not known what to think or to feel. He was the first man to confuse her with his actions without even trying.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, breaking the kiss. His hand held the back of her neck holding her in place.

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“Yes. No one has made me burn like you do.”

Her heart soared at his words. No one had ever told her she was beautiful before. Apart from her parents but they didn’t count. Most parents were biased about their children. She had stood looking out of the window knowing in her heart what she wanted. Victoria wanted his arms wrapped around her, forcing all the bad memories away. There was no chance of her getting any peace tonight, not with everything that had happened so far.

Knowing he was meeting with other pack members didn’t help her nerves. Every second he was away from his pack left him vulnerable. Chain terrified her while Scorch tempted her with so much more.

“Then I will spend the rest of our lives together telling you how beautiful you are.” His fingers soothed out the tension within her neck. He brought her up close against him. “Now kiss me like you want me.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Victoria kissed him with all the pent up frustration that had been building inside her from their first meeting.

Opening her lips, she plundered her tongue into his mouth, giving him no chance to pull away. She held on tight never wanting to let go. His hands left her neck and slid down to cup her ass drawing her closer to his body.

“You’re going to make this harder for me to say no and walk away, aren’t you?” he asked.

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Guest: Destiny Blaine

Please Welcome, Destiny Blaine, to my blog today. 

I’m promoting my latest short story, The Wild Side, which kicks off the Trilogy of A Wolf’s Endowment. All installments include MMF love scenes. I wanted to mention this since I typically write M/F erotic novels or ménage with MFM scenes. Alphas in the Trilogy of a Wolf’s Endowment will choose two mates—a beta male and an Alpha female. 😉 The series is complete and all three installments will release in 2012. The Primitive State is coming in November and The Savage Release debuts in December.

Thanks so much for hosting a blog stop. It’s great to be here today.

The wild side is an interesting stretch of territory where only the courageous survive.
Joe Kramer is a simple-minded young man tending farm with his father. When a neighbor needs a lift, his father sends him out to give the woman a ride. Soon, a Moonlight Clan Council member has her claws in Joe, leaving him a changed man.
Accepting his fate, Joe joins a wolf pack steeped in history and tradition, but someone among them is threatening to tear their pack apart. To make matters worse, as the pack master, Joe rebukes the traditions of the past while ignoring the mandated placement of two mates.
As he leads his pack to a position of strength, Joe will stand out as the clear Alpha destined to protect the East Tennessee Moonlight Clan Council, but will his lack of experience and immaturity cost the clan what they cherish most? And who, if anyone, will stand beside him when he fights to protect those closest to home?


Excerpt from The Wild Side
Trilogy of A Wolf’s Endowment, Book One
Copyright © 2012 Destiny Blaine


“What is it?” he asked, now longing to feel that spurt of heat, the end result one finally reached when pleasure sought became pleasure gained.
“You’re beautiful,” she rasped, cupping his cheek. “More handsome than I ever imagined.”
Her words drove him. Her praise consoled him. Through her, he was transformed and now he was larger than life. He bracketed his arm around her waist and drew her against him, noting the tightly drawn muscles as he gathered her small form and brought her to him.
A loud noise whipped around them like tornado winds. The truck window split in two, shattering into bits and pieces right before his very eyes. Animalistic instincts drove him as he thrust inside her, unable to stop and acknowledge the happenings around him.
His arousal heightened, reaching a peak he’d never expected. And something else occurred, too. The need to guard and protect, love and cherish, came over him like a breaking tide, leaving him torn between what he knew he’d felt before he took Rebecca and the feelings practically suffocating him now.
A deep-rooted howl fell from his chest. Canines jabbed through his gums, dropping over his bottom lip without warning. Elongated nails were the first inclination his fingers were no longer attached to hands, but to claws.
“What’s happening to me?” he asked, his senses sharper, far more profound.
“You were determined to resist me. You wanted to be difficult,” Rebecca told him, sliding away from his lap. “You should’ve let me get you off, lover. I would’ve bitten you at the right time and you wouldn’t have had to deal with him.” She pointed to the window.
Joe immediately recognized the man Rebecca fingered in an effort to place blame. Jacob.
“Now, Joe, you’re on your own.”


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New Release: His Obsession (The Owners 2)

The Owners, 2

His obsession could destroy them both.

Stephen Knox is the wealthy owner of the exclusive gentleman’s club, Possession. A club where men feel the utmost possession for their women. However, he doesn’t believe in what the club represents until Ursula Mills walks into his life.

Ursula has no choice but to accept the job as a cleaner/cook for Stephen. From the moment they first met, she’s been infatuated by her older employer. He’s unlike any man she’s ever known. Everything about him pulls her in. Their passion ignites to a fever pitch neither could have expected.

But, when an old enemy returns with the intent of destroying everything that Stephen possesses, he must act quickly to protect his club.

When Ursula learns his secret, she has to make a choice. Live without him or learn to be his—completely.  

Be Warned: anal play, spanking


Stephen sat next to her and was more than content in giving her an orgasm. He ran his hand up and down her smooth thigh. In seconds Ursula pushed him back. She swung a leg over his until she was straddling him once again. She pushed her hair out of the way, her breasts swinging free in front of them. He cupped her back, pulling her close. Stephen sucked on one of her large nipples, relishing the way she squirmed on his lap. She crushed her pussy against his shaft. He felt her arousal on his lap.
“I want you,” she said.
He saw how far gone she was. “Do you know who I am?” he asked. The last thing he wanted was to take her and her not remember it.
“Stephen, you’re my boss, and I want you to fuck me.” She said the words, which sounded more like an order. Gazing up into her eyes, he saw the woman he’d come to care a great deal about. “Please, I’ve wanted you for so long.”
He held onto her hips lifting her up enough to grab his cock in his fist. Stephen ran the tip of his cock down her slit turning his gaze to where they would be joined. Taking one last look into her eyes, he saw the same passion he felt reflected in her eyes.
Returning his gaze between their legs, he pushed his cock to her entrance. She moved down on his shaft, the tip of him inside her.
When he was sure his cock wouldn’t fall out, he held onto her hips with both hands, stared into her eyes, and slammed her down onto his shaft.
She screamed, and he groaned as the tightness of her consumed him. Her pussy squeezed him, already trying to milk his cum from the tip.
His grip tightened on her hips. He stared down to where she sat on his shaft, then all the way up her body to stare into her eyes. Her eyes were wide open as her lips were slightly parted.
“You’re big,” she said.
Stephen chuckled. It was the news every man wanted to hear.
“You’re tight.”
Moving his grip from her hips, he ran his hands around her back, up and down. He slapped her ass making her yelp when she tried to move.
He slapped her again.
“I’m in charge. Stay still.” She kept her eyes on him and then moved once again.
He slapped her ass harder this time, causing her to yelp harder. “I wasn’t lying, or do you like having this ass smacked?”
She moved once again, and he slapped her. Soon her yelps turned to moans as he tapped her ass until she sat still. He loved the way she tested him. Her ass must be a nice blushing pink. Knowing she loved her ass being slapped made him harder than hell. Her pussy was flooded with her cream. He felt it around his cock.