New Release: His Obsession (The Owners 2)

The Owners, 2

His obsession could destroy them both.

Stephen Knox is the wealthy owner of the exclusive gentleman’s club, Possession. A club where men feel the utmost possession for their women. However, he doesn’t believe in what the club represents until Ursula Mills walks into his life.

Ursula has no choice but to accept the job as a cleaner/cook for Stephen. From the moment they first met, she’s been infatuated by her older employer. He’s unlike any man she’s ever known. Everything about him pulls her in. Their passion ignites to a fever pitch neither could have expected.

But, when an old enemy returns with the intent of destroying everything that Stephen possesses, he must act quickly to protect his club.

When Ursula learns his secret, she has to make a choice. Live without him or learn to be his—completely.  

Be Warned: anal play, spanking


Stephen sat next to her and was more than content in giving her an orgasm. He ran his hand up and down her smooth thigh. In seconds Ursula pushed him back. She swung a leg over his until she was straddling him once again. She pushed her hair out of the way, her breasts swinging free in front of them. He cupped her back, pulling her close. Stephen sucked on one of her large nipples, relishing the way she squirmed on his lap. She crushed her pussy against his shaft. He felt her arousal on his lap.
“I want you,” she said.
He saw how far gone she was. “Do you know who I am?” he asked. The last thing he wanted was to take her and her not remember it.
“Stephen, you’re my boss, and I want you to fuck me.” She said the words, which sounded more like an order. Gazing up into her eyes, he saw the woman he’d come to care a great deal about. “Please, I’ve wanted you for so long.”
He held onto her hips lifting her up enough to grab his cock in his fist. Stephen ran the tip of his cock down her slit turning his gaze to where they would be joined. Taking one last look into her eyes, he saw the same passion he felt reflected in her eyes.
Returning his gaze between their legs, he pushed his cock to her entrance. She moved down on his shaft, the tip of him inside her.
When he was sure his cock wouldn’t fall out, he held onto her hips with both hands, stared into her eyes, and slammed her down onto his shaft.
She screamed, and he groaned as the tightness of her consumed him. Her pussy squeezed him, already trying to milk his cum from the tip.
His grip tightened on her hips. He stared down to where she sat on his shaft, then all the way up her body to stare into her eyes. Her eyes were wide open as her lips were slightly parted.
“You’re big,” she said.
Stephen chuckled. It was the news every man wanted to hear.
“You’re tight.”
Moving his grip from her hips, he ran his hands around her back, up and down. He slapped her ass making her yelp when she tried to move.
He slapped her again.
“I’m in charge. Stay still.” She kept her eyes on him and then moved once again.
He slapped her ass harder this time, causing her to yelp harder. “I wasn’t lying, or do you like having this ass smacked?”
She moved once again, and he slapped her. Soon her yelps turned to moans as he tapped her ass until she sat still. He loved the way she tested him. Her ass must be a nice blushing pink. Knowing she loved her ass being slapped made him harder than hell. Her pussy was flooded with her cream. He felt it around his cock.

Happy October

Hi all,

Autumn is finally here or I think some of you call it fall. Anyway, I consider this the month of the pumpkin, purely because it is he month of Halloween. There is so much happening this month that I feel I’m going to get dizzy lol. 🙂  The main point of this month is from October 18th, I’ll be writing full-time, so I’m hoping to have a lot more stories for you guys.

First in my list is the Evernight Publishing two year anniversary celebration. For this celebration all Evernight titles have 50% off at All Romance E-Books. Check them out here. All of my titles with Evernight are in the sale and it is your chance to pick them up at a bargain price.

Also, The Bad Boys’ Virgin Temptress is representing the May/ December category for the 99 cents Amazon sale.

Cheryl Fisher is a virgin on a mission. She’s spent the better part of her life caring for her sick mother. On her death bed, her mother made her promise to live life to the fullest and to never take one moment for granted. In order to fulfill her promise, she goes in search of the two men she can trust with her body.

Noah and Drew have had their eyes on Cheryl for a while. Both men know they want to share her. When Noah learns the truth about her virginity, he’s shocked by the possessive feelings he has towards her.

Together, they must show Cheryl that there is more to them than their bad boy reputation. They want her with them forever, and they will do everything in their power to fight for her.

Also, this month will see the release of three of my books. His Obsession (The Owners 2) will be released on October 11th and the start of a new series that I’m waiting for cover art. I’ll tell all when I know more.

The story that is releasing first is the second book in my Long Mead series with Siren.

Here is all the information:

Dominating Cassidy 

Cassidy Jocks has been forced to make a choice. She either chooses Gary, Scott, Roy, and Jesse Walker or she chooses Michael Hall, the local sheriff. She can’t do it, and when she goes to tell her men that she can’t pick, they give her the best option available. She can have all of them.

Her life with her men is a dream come true. Gary is fierce and loyal. Scott is confused, but she sees the love inside of him. Roy is cheeky, and Jesse is her best friend. Michael is the dominant.

Their relationship is working well, but when a misunderstanding causes Gary and Scott to attack Michael during his time with Cassidy, she knows it’s time to leave.

Cassidy stays with her sister. She learns a few facts about herself and the love she has for her five men. Will she have the strength to fight for them? Or has her change of heart come too late?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.



The journey home was a tense one. Michael and Jesse had a hand on each of her thighs. Their touch threatened to send her over the edge. She’d never known pleasure like what they were doing to her body.

In no time at all, Michael was pulling up at the ranch. Cassidy was sure he’d broken the speed limits trying to get home. Minutes later Gary’s truck pulled up.

She was escorted indoors. Jesse started kissing her and tearing at her clothes. She pulled on the buckle of his jeans. Her dress was torn from her shoulders. Her breasts spilled out of the top. Hands grabbed her, fingering her nipples. She cried out, turning around to pull Michael close to her. Michael slammed his lips down on hers. His fingers sinking in her hair and tightening the length around his fist. She gasped as he pulled on the length, breaking the kiss.

“You’re mine. You’re not in charge tonight. We are.”


“I want to see you all.” Michael took charge ordering everyone to do as he wanted.

They moved her into the sitting room. She saw them piling cushions onto the floor. Roy and Jesse were naked. Scott pulled her panties down and removed the scraps of her dress. The black stiletto heels were the only thing she had left.

“She’s fucking beautiful.”

Michael grabbed her ass and thrust his pelvis against her stomach. “Get naked. I want to see you all.”

She left the men who were dressed and wandered over to Roy and Jesse. Cassidy glanced down and stopped in her tracks. She was no virgin, but she’d never seen cocks like the size of the ones Roy and Jesse were sporting.

“You like?” Roy asked.

“I’ve never seen anything so big.”

“I think we’re all going to get along,” Scott said from behind her. He pulled her hair aside, kissing her neck.

“How are we going to do this?” Michael asked.

“No plans, just let everything come naturally,” Cassidy said. All of them were naked. She stood and turned in a circle to stare at all of them. Her pussy throbbed from the sight of five sexy, hard-muscled, hard-shafted men.

Jesse grabbed her from behind and lifted her breasts to the men in front of her. “Who’s going to have the first taste of these tits?” he asked.

Scott moved forward. He cupped her cheek, grazing her lips with his. Seconds later, his hot mouth sucked her nipples. She cried out as the pleasure-pain of what he was doing sent goose bumps erupting all over her flesh. Cassidy closed her eyes. She couldn’t stop the intense sensation of what they were doing. She felt like a wanton hussy.

Her legs were spread and two fingers slid between her folds. Opening her eyes, she gazed down to see Roy between her legs. She cried out. Gazing past Scott, she saw Michael and Gary sat in a chair, watching her and palming their large shafts. Their pre-cum glistened in the small light provided by the lamp. Someone must have turned out the main light. The setting was perfect for fucking. She licked her lips which made both of them moan.

“I want to feel your lips around my dick,” Michael said.

All three men let her go. She walked over to Michael and knelt at his feet. He ran his fingers through her hair. His touch calmed her.

“You’re so beautiful.”

She took his cock in her hand, feeling the heat through her palm. Opening her lips, she consumed the head, licking off the jewel of semen that had gathered. She moaned as the explosion of his musky taste filled her mouth. Michael was big, perfect, and tasted even better.

“Fuck me, that looks good,” Roy said with a growl.

“She’s got the sweetest mouth. I don’t know if I’m going to last.”

“Do you think she’ll swallow?” Gary asked.

Their conversation made her so horny. They were talking about her, and the need sounding in their voice turned her tummy over.

Michael grabbed a fistful of her hair and began to control her thrusts. She held his dick at the base and took him deeper in her mouth.

“Come on, baby. You can take a little bit more,” Michael encouraged her. Cassidy relaxed and worked more of his length inside her. “That’s it. Take it all. Make your master proud.”

His words sent a frisson of excitement through her. He was her master, and she his willing slave. She moved her hand away and took all of him to the back of her throat. It took some time for her to swallow past the gagging reflex, but with his soothing words, she sucked him in like a lollipop.

Scheduled Chat + Cover Art

Hi all,

I’ve got a few updates for you. The first one if for tonight, I’ve booked a chat at the Righteous perverts for Wednesday at 8 pm CT US time which is about 2am my time 🙂 I’ll be there answering questions and chatting in general. Here is the link if you want to join in.

I’ve also had cover art for, His Obsession (The Owners 2). This book is Stephen’s, the owner of the club Possession.

What do you think?




Coming up next

Taking His Woman (The Sinclair Book 2)

Releasing September 19th

Chris Sinclair broke Erica’s heart. The only woman he has ever loved. Since that awful moment he has spent every waking moment thinking about her and wishing he could have another chance.

Erica cannot forget the love she felt at the hands of Chris but her memories are plagued by his betrayal after he took her innocence. When they meet again, the attraction is as strong as ever. Erica refuses to give herself easily to the man who broke her heart.

When Chris’s father is rushed to hospital, Erica and Chris learn how quickly life can change. Instead of dwelling on the past they move into a future together. But how long can they last? With Erica’s desires increasing can she find it in her heart to completely trust Chris or will they be doomed to repeat the past?

Sam 🙂

Monday Update Again

Hi all,

Is it me or does Monday come round way too quickly? Anyway, I could spend a great deal of time thinking about how fast time flies.

At the moment I’m counting down to October 18th as this will be the day at 5.30pm where I can call myself a full-time writer. I’m going to give myself a year to see if I can achieve my dream. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I can make it work. I’ll keep you guys posted on everything that happens.

So, I sent back my contract for His Obsession (The Owners 2) the title could still change but at the moment I think I’m good to say it. It has a projected release date for October. When I know more, I’ll let you know.

I’m working on a couple more stories at the moment. Nothing is really sticking but I can feel the flow picking up.

Also, I’ve got several stories that have been released at third party sites and I’ll post one today and the rest throughout the week.

Love, Death and Justice

Love and death are always part of life, but now is the time to seek out justice.

Catherine Hart is running. She’s just witnessed her sister’s murder. She can’t run fast enough. Caught and thrust into Cyril Wood’s world of prostitution and chaos, she must seduce Lance Clay and get the deal her sister was striking, or die.

Nothing is as it seems. Her sister was hiding far deeper than she could imagine. Lance wants Clay’s head and is prepared to do anything to get what he wants.

Catherine is a gift to Lance and together they must fight for her freedom and bring Cyril down. But in this world nothing is as it seems. Is her sister really dead, and who is really controlling Cyril?

Buy Links: Total-E-Bound / All Romance E-Books


Acceptance + Cover Art + New Release Update

Hi all,

It has been a pretty hectic week but I’ve got a couple of things to report. My muse has been working me silly. I’ve got a stack of notebooks to work out of but she always has new ideas for me to pen. When one story finishes another three takes it place to write.

I actually think I’m addicted to writing. Is it a bad addiction? I have no idea. Anyway, I better stop waffling on and get to the main post. I could talk for hours but I’m going to stop myself before I end up talking your ear off.

I’ve been getting plenty of emails lately asking when the new book in The Owners series will be available. Well, I have news. I don’t have a date, yet but what I do have is an acceptance from my publisher. This should mean the next story should be released before the end of the year. Keep popping back for updates. I’m trying to keep everyone in the loop.

Here is the information for, His Possession.

The Owners, 1

Cadeon Ashwood is a dominant man who has one problem: he’s overly possessive. When he meets Violet Moore for the first time, he knows she is the woman for him. The possessive instinct she stirs within him can only mean one thing—she will be the woman who owns his heart.

Violet is a shy young woman who is trying to make her way in the world, but she has a dark past filled with shame. She is constantly looking over her shoulder.

When Cadeon sees an opportunity to get close to the younger woman, he takes it with everything he’s got. She drives him crazy with the way she bows her head, and her innocent blushing makes Cadeon want her more.

For too long she’s lived without love and safety. Cadeon offers her everything, but will she live long enough to enjoy it?

Be Warned: light BDSM, spanking.

Buy Links:  Evernight Publishing / Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) All Romance E-Books / Bookstrand.


Bound To be Mated 

Bound to be Mated is now up at Amazon and Bookstrand. Here are the details for this.

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, werewolves, HEA]

Rock Wood is not like many towns. In the darkness lurks a dark secret as the town houses one of the fiercest wolf packs.

Charlotte is forced into going to a party on the outskirts of town. She doesn’t expect it to turn into a nightmare.

Leader of the pack Micah must do everything in his power to keep the people of his town safe. The only solution is to mate with the young woman who had been thrust into his care. Four years pass and Micah can’t control his beast. He needs his mate and intends to claim her.

However, danger still lurks in every corner. A woman from his past refuses to accept Charlotte as her queen. Micah must fight for the love of his queen, for her protection, and for the future of his pack, but will it be too late to save her?

Buy Links: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Bookstrand 


New Cover Art

My final piece of news so far. I have lovely new cover art for a new release coming up at Evernight. This book is the second story to The Sinclair Men series.


What do you think?


I look forward to hearing from you.


Sam x

It’s Monday Again

I can’t believe how quickly time flies by. There is always so much to do with regards to writing. At one time I thought all a writer had to do was write the story and that was it. However, not only do we write the stories but we have to get our stories through editing and give the cover artists the right ideas for what we want on the front cover. It is always so buy and then the promotional side. Put it this way, there is a lot more work to publishing a story. I could talk about writing all day long but it is Monday and so more work needs to be done.

Anyway, I wanted to start by giving plenty of updates throughout the week. I’ve been asked plenty of questions about what stories I’m writing and if I’m completing other series and so on. I’m going to try and keep everything updated from now on.  🙂

What I’m doing now. 

I’m currently writing the second book in, The Owners series. This story is writing itself and I’m hoping to have it submitted by the end of the month with the hope of it being accepted and getting released before the end of the year. After this story I have plenty more series to be getting on with.

Below is a list of some of the books I’ll be working on,

Imperfection  2 (Evernight)

Cape Falls 4 (Evernight)

The Sinclair Men 3 (Evernight)

Long Mead 3 (Siren)

Rock Wood Pack 2 (Siren)

and I will also be doing a three Christmas books for the Unlikely Love series (Evernight).

The moment I know which book I’m starting next, I’ll blog about it and please remember your questions are always welcome.


Coming Soon

Releasing on August 16th, The Bad Boys’ Virgin Temptress

Cheryl Fisher is a virgin on a mission. She’s spent the better part of her life caring for her sick mother. Her mother, on her death bed, made her promise to live life to the fullest and to never take one moment for granted. In order to fulfill her promise, she goes in search of the two men she can trust with her body.

Noah and Drew have had their eye on Cheryl for a while. Both men know they want to share her. When Noah learns the truth about her virginity, he’s shocked by the possessive feelings he has towards her.

Together they must show Cheryl that there is more to them than their bad boy reputation. They want her with them forever and they will do everything in their power to fight for her.


Available for Pre-Order

Rude Awakening (Co-Written with Natalie Dae)

Pre-Order Link:

One man, one woman…both having a rude awakening. Will Ruby’s ex—Master succeed in his kidnap plan?

Harry Knowles has taught subs for years but hasn’t found a subservient woman he’d like to spend the rest of his life with…until the beautiful Ruby comes into his life, stumbling onto his property in the snow and collapsing from exhaustion. He takes her into his home and nurtures her, showing her that the BDSM lifestyle she’d previously been living wasn’t what BDSM is all about.

Ruby has run from an abusive relationship. Having shared the past few years with a sadistic man, she’s skittish and unsure of herself, but Harry encourages her to blossom. He teaches her not only the true meaning of BDSM but also to love herself—something she’s failed to do in the past.

Their life has the promise of being idyllic, but her former lover, a man known only as Master, has other ideas on that score…

Reader Advisory: This book contains Dom/sub and BDSM practices. Includes a non-con BDSM scene during an abduction.


So, a quick Monday morning update for you all. I hope this helps and I will be keeping more up to date blogging.

Take Care.


Sam x