New Release: His Obsession (The Owners 2)

The Owners, 2 His obsession could destroy them both. Stephen Knox is the wealthy owner of the exclusive gentleman’s club, Possession. A club where men feel the utmost possession for their women. However, he doesn’t believe in what the club represents until Ursula Mills walks into his life. Ursula has no choice but to acceptContinue reading “New Release: His Obsession (The Owners 2)”

Happy October

Hi all, Autumn is finally here or I think some of you call it fall. Anyway, I consider this the month of the pumpkin, purely because it is he month of Halloween. There is so much happening this month that I feel I’m going to get dizzy lol. 🙂  The main point of this monthContinue reading “Happy October”

Scheduled Chat + Cover Art

Hi all, I’ve got a few updates for you. The first one if for tonight, I’ve booked a chat at the Righteous perverts for Wednesday at 8 pm CT US time which is about 2am my time 🙂 I’ll be there answering questions and chatting in general. Here is the link if you want to joinContinue reading “Scheduled Chat + Cover Art”

Monday Update Again

Hi all, Is it me or does Monday come round way too quickly? Anyway, I could spend a great deal of time thinking about how fast time flies. At the moment I’m counting down to October 18th as this will be the day at 5.30pm where I can call myself a full-time writer. I’m goingContinue reading “Monday Update Again”

It’s Monday Again

I can’t believe how quickly time flies by. There is always so much to do with regards to writing. At one time I thought all a writer had to do was write the story and that was it. However, not only do we write the stories but we have to get our stories through editingContinue reading “It’s Monday Again”