Captured Nanny

The Nannies 9

(All Books In This Series Can Be Read As A Standalone)


Wolf Jackson has never known of such a fuckup. His men round up women for sale, but Rain Thomas and her daughter, Evelyn, are accidentally thrown into the mix. He should have killed the mother. Instead, he takes her home and wants her all to himself.

Rain Thomas will do whatever it takes to get her daughter back, including being a nanny to her own child—and filling Wolf’s bed. She’ll compromise to survive, but falling in lust isn’t part of the plan.

Wolf knows he cannot compete with a dead man, but that doesn’t mean he can’t try. He wants to wipe the memory of Rain’s late husband from her mind, so the only person who exists is him.

It isn’t supposed to be love.

It isn’t supposed to be anything but sex.

However, neither can deny their feelings. When the reality of Rain’s world comes crashing all around them, will she stay with Wolf in the darkness, or leave for a life of loneliness?


She folded her arms across her chest and glared at him. “What do you want?”

“Is that any way to treat your savior?”

“You didn’t save me.”

“You’re currently not put up for auction, so I’d say that is a huge win for you. Nor do I have you on your back servicing any male who will pay a price. You’ve already had a child, so your price wouldn’t exactly be high.”

“You’re a pig.”

“And I have killed people for less,” he said.

“Yet, I’m still alive.” She didn’t know if she had brains right now or was just plain stupid.

“You know, it’s refreshing to have someone speak their mind to me, without any fears.”

The truth was, she was shaking to her core, but she wouldn’t show it. There was way too much at stake. She wanted her child. “What do you want?” she asked.

“For you to sit.” He pointed at the chair.

She stared at it, a little … unnerved.

Take the damn chair. The sooner you comply, the sooner you can get Evelyn and get out.

Rain walked to the chair and slowly sat down, resting her hands on her knees and taking a deep breath to try to calm herself.

You can do this.

She truly didn’t think she could get through this.

“Evelyn told me your name, and I did tell you this during our last meeting.”

“You mean when you tried to kill me by cutting off my air?” She remembered his hand over her mouth, cutting off her ability to breathe.

“Trust me, if I wanted to kill you, Rain without an e, I would have done so. I didn’t want you dead, but I also didn’t want to mar that pretty face with a bruise by knocking you out. Trust me, you got the better end of the deal.”

She gritted her teeth. There was no way in hell she would consider anything this man had to offer a good thing. He made her sick.

He turned toward her, and she watched as he poured them both a coffee. His hand didn’t even shake under the weight of the coffee mug. He was in constant control.

Her mouth was so dry, and the scent of the coffee made her mouth water.


She shook her head.


“No, thank you.” The manners her parents taught her came back full force.


“Just a splash.”

She didn’t want to make this pleasant at all, but arguing over coffee was pointless.

He placed the coffee in front of her, and she lifted it to take a sip. She couldn’t help but close her eyes, enjoying the sudden hit of caffeine but also the exquisite taste. It was so good. She licked her lips, wanting more. She didn’t ask for anything else though.

Drinking her coffee, she was aware of him watching her. She wanted to growl at him but continued to drink.

“It is good. Thank you,” she said.

The silence was starting to unnerve her. After years of being surrounded by activity, the sterile sound of silence always made her nervous.

“Very good.”

“I would like to see my daughter,” she said.

“I have a business proposition for you.”

She tensed up.

“It would appear I have come into contact with a child, and I think it would be only fair that you work for me as my nanny.”

Rain put the mug on the table and glared at him. “Are you trying to offer me to be a nanny to my own child?” she asked.

He tilted his head to the side and looked at her. “It is one of the only ways you’re going to get to see your child.”

“And what is the other?” Rain knew the instant the words left her mouth that she shouldn’t have asked.

“To fuck me,” he said.

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Wolf Jackson has never known of such a fuckup. His men round up women for sale, but Rain Thomas and her daughter, Evelyn, are accidentally thrown into the mix. He should have killed the mother. Instead, he takes her home and wants her all to himself.

Rain Thomas will do whatever it takes to get her daughter back, including being a nanny to her own child—and filling Wolf’s bed. She’ll compromise to survive, but falling in lust isn’t part of the plan.

Wolf knows he cannot compete with a dead man, but that doesn’t mean he can’t try. He wants to wipe the memory of Rain’s late husband from her mind, so the only person who exists is him.

It isn’t supposed to be love.

It isn’t supposed to be anything but sex.

However, neither can deny their feelings. When the reality of Rain’s world comes crashing all around them, will she stay with Wolf in the darkness, or leave for a life of loneliness?

Unwanted Mate

Alpha Shifter collection 15

All books can be read as a standalone


Unwanted, Sofia Foster only knows pain when it comes to her pack. Considered a freak for her ability to heal, she has become their punching bag. They take their anger out on her, and she can’t leave because the alpha has ordered her to stay.

Caspian is addicted to the scent in the woods, and when he stumbles over a young female being beaten, he cannot just leave her alone. He attacks her pack, and Sofia finds herself free, finally able to live her life in the city.
Only, Caspian will never let Sofia go.

Years of abuse forces her to ignore the mating bond between them, but there is no mistaking the heat, the fire. They are destined to mate, even though someone from her pack lurks nearby.

With the full moon looming, Caspian vows to do everything to protect her, and he takes matters into his own hands. Will Sofia accept him as her mate, or will she continue to be the unwanted wolf?


“Would you really stab the man who saved your life?” 

She glanced at the knife and quickly put it down on the counter. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see if you were okay.”

“You’ve been following me?”

“Follow sounds like such a stalking kind of word.”

“That is exactly what it is.”

Caspian stepped close to her, trapping her between the counter and his hard body. “Then I guess I have been stalking you.” He groaned as he pressed his face against her body. “And you smell even better than last time. So intoxicating. Freedom is good for you.”

“Why are you here?”

Was he going to take her back? There was no way she’d ever go back there. Not now. Not after she tasted the safety of freedom. She would have to fight for it first. Would she be able to kill? 

“I came to see you, Sofia. Didn’t you miss me?” he asked. “Haven’t you thought about me once?”

She wanted to deny it, but being a liar wasn’t part of who she was. She wouldn’t do it. 

Sofia stayed quiet. 

He chuckled. “That’s okay. You don’t have to say the words.” He pressed his body against hers. “Your body does all the talking.”

“How did you get in here?” she asked. 

“Your security is no match for a wolf. Also, I learned to pick locks a long time ago. I’m a wolf of many talents.”

“And you learned to invade others’ privacy. I should have known. Why?”

He chuckled. “Don’t pretend you don’t know, Sofia. It’s why your pussy got wet the moment you saw me. Even as you think you should hate me, you cannot deny what you crave.”

“I don’t crave anything but a good book, this lasagna, and a good night’s sleep.”

He tutted. His hand went to her ass, squeezing the flesh. The moan that escaped her lips was not one filled with mortification but one filled with need. 

How could she feel this way about this man? It was … wrong. 

She didn’t stop him. 

The hardness of his cock pressed against her core, and she whimpered. What kind of woman did this? 

His lips brushed across her shoulder, and he teased the curve of her neck. “You are so beautiful. I bet none of them even thought to taste the nectar of a sweet virgin, did they?” He sank his teeth right over her pulse, and she gasped. 

All it took was a flick of his finger, and the towel that had provided her with any modesty fell to the floor. She tried to pick it up, but Caspian stopped her. His hands wrapped around her wrists, holding her in place. 

Sofia was terrified of what he’d think. All of her life, she’d been thrown vile insults about her size. The pack had gloried in hurting her in any way they could. Would he hurt her? She felt sick to her stomach, and then she heard it. 

The growl. 

“Fuck me, I knew you were beautiful, but I didn’t realize how much.”

She opened her eyes, not realizing she’d closed them. 

He wasn’t repulsed. The browns of his eyes seemed to glow a little more as he looked at her, and she was a little taken aback. 

Was this even real? Surely, she had to be imagining it. Nothing like this happened to her, but with the way Caspian looked at her, it was like he wanted to eat her up. 

His hands went to her face, cupping her cheeks and tilting her head back. “I was going to take this slowly, but I need a little taste.”

She expected him to kiss her, but he suddenly picked her up, startling her as he moved them through her small apartment to her bedroom. 

He had her flat on her back, her legs wide, and Sofia stared up at him, not sure what to do as his gaze slowly traveled down her body. 

“You were made for fucking and appreciating. Any man who doesn’t is so fucking stupid.” He groaned. His hands were on her knees, and he slowly began to slide them up toward her pussy. 

March Catch up

Hi Everyone,

Well March has come and gone so quickly. I’ve spent a great deal of time in my writing cave this month, as well as story planning. I can tell you, the muse and I have got so much to write about. I’ve been so inspired lately, and I can’t wait to delve into lots more stories. I’m not usually a big planner, but there are so many ideas that I’ve had no choice but to write them all down. It has been wonderful. I have a feeling it’s because of Spring. I’ve come to love the sunshine. It certainly brings a smile to my face, but I think after a bit of a wash out Winter, I’m looking forward to Summer.

I’ve also started to think about some of my older series as well, so keep a look out as I may be writing more to series that have been on hold for some considerable time. Which older series would you love to see a story coming soon to?

Thank you all for your lovely comments, reviews, and feedback on my books. I know I say this a lot but it really does mean a lot to me.

I hope you enjoy these monthly catchups. Also, please let me know if there is anything you’d like me to add here? Is there anything you’d like me to talk about? I would love to hear your thoughts.

I hope you had an amazing month, and until next time, take care and stay safe.


Released in March 2022

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Claiming Macie

Crave and Claimed 2


Wilson Fritz knows the cruelty of the world, and he doesn’t believe in love. Meeting Macie Green changes everything. One chance encounter, and he knows she’ll belong to him forever. He should just walk away, but every time he tries to leave, he goes back for more. Each day that passes, Wilson craves her a little more, and he won’t risk anyone else taking her.

Macie has never been in love, but she realizes Wilson is different. It doesn’t matter that he’s eighteen years older than her. Whenever he’s near, he makes her heart sing.

When an enemy from his past threatens his woman, he has no choice but to seek him out in order to protect Macie. He would do anything for her.

But when he finds out she’s pregnant, will he leave her to fend for herself, or is this the start of their own fairytale?

Be Warned: anal sex


“Ask away.”

Did this man not know how mesmerizing he was? She could listen to him all day long.

He moved off his car and closed the distance between them. Macie didn’t know if it was possible, but she felt his heat surround her. Tilting her head back, she stared into his blue eyes. She felt safe and warm this close to him. Normally, there was a counter between them, but this felt good.

Macie had never felt this way with anyone before in her life. She’d never had sex with a man, or even wanted to.

As she licked her lips, her mouth felt dry, and heat flooded between her thighs.

Wilson cupped her cheek, his thumb running across her bottom lip. “Do you want me?” he asked.

Macie didn’t know what to do. “I don’t understand.”

“Yes, you do. You know I’ve been coming to the diner to see you, Macie. I don’t give a flying fuck about the food or anything about that place. The only person I want is you. Only you. Will you be mine?”

No one had ever approached her like this. Her heart raced.

Was this … a proposition?

“Yes, I will.” She didn’t know if she’d just made the biggest mistake of her life. Macie was many things, but she wasn’t a fool. After years of watching men come and go out of her mother’s life, she came to learn at an early age that they were good with words. Spewing whatever crap they could to get a woman into bed.

Before she worked at the diner, she did have a temp job at a bar, and she got to witness guys firsthand, and she didn’t like what she saw, which was why she never gave in.

There was something different about Wilson. She had no idea what it was.

He was still a guy. Rich as well. From the clothes he wore and the watch, all of it screamed money.

At first, he’d made her nervous because she knew he was capable of taking care of himself. A fighter. He could clearly hurt her, probably kill her and dispose of her body, but with the way he looked at her, it was like she was the only person in the world, and there was no denying how much she liked that.

“Good,” he said.

Macie gasped seconds before he slammed his lips down on hers. The kiss wasn’t gentle. It was hard, possessive, demanding, and she submitted to him, feeling her body blossom beneath him.

Arousal awakened within her, and she couldn’t resist wrapping her arms around his neck, holding him close, not wanting to let him go.

All too soon, the kiss was over, and Wilson had the car door open.

Macie didn’t hesitate climbing inside, loving the warmth that enveloped her. He climbed into the driver’s seat, and they were suddenly on the road, heading away. She didn’t know where, and she kept stealing glances at him.

He reached over and put his hand on her thigh. Her skin was so cold with the small skirt of her uniform, but she felt the warmth of his touch.

Teeth sinking into her lip, she tried to contain her moan, but it had already released.

Wilson chuckled. He was so much older than her. Macie had no doubt she was out of her depth, but that didn’t seem to stop her.

The snow fell thick and fast, the ground slowly disappearing. She started to feel a little afraid until he turned toward an underground parking facility. He pressed a button, and his window slowly came down. She watched him wave a keycard in front of a machine, the gates opened, and they were safely protected in the parking lot.

There was no escape, not that she wanted one.

Knock Her Up


Finding out that Noah wants her is a dream come true. At thirty years old, Sage is ready to take that next step.

Noah wants Sage, and he intends to have it all with her. The only way to get her is to knock her up. That’s his plan. Sage is fire and passion—everything Noah loves and craves in his woman. He wants to share the rest of his life with her, but when Sage tells him she loves him, he freezes. Even though Sage is the only woman he wants, he cannot bring himself to say the words.

When one of his old clients threatens to take Sage away from him forever, will he have the strength to finally tell Sage how he feels, or will his fear of losing everything hold him back?



“I have a thing about cheating assholes, sweetheart,” he said.

“And it surprises me you don’t have a wife of your own. Any woman would love to have you.”

“I guess I’m a picky guy.”

“You haven’t found the woman you want?” she asked.

“I’ve found her, but I need to make sure she feels the same way.”

“Do I know her?”

“Would you like some more wine?” he asked.

She covered her glass. “No, thank you.”

“What about you? Have you found a man you want?”

“I think I have.”

He paused in lifting his glass to his lips. “You have?”

“Yeah, I’m just waiting for him to make the right move.” She slowly teased her fingers over the rim of the glass, waiting, wondering. She didn’t know if she was doing the right or wrong thing.

Should she just tell him she’d seen his plans? Teasing and flirting, this wasn’t her. She didn’t want to be the woman who kept secrets. That wasn’t a way for any relationship to start.

“I can’t do this.” She took a deep breath. “I know about your plan.”

“You do?”

“I stumbled across your file, and I read it all.” She waited a second for him to digest her information. “I’m all in. You don’t need to get me drunk, or try to manipulate your way into my bed. My door is open to you, and to you alone.” She slid out of her chair. “I will leave that decision to you.”

She turned on her heel and left.

Her heart pounded.

Sage made her way out into the warm night air, feeling better for not keeping the truth to herself. She wasn’t a liar or a manipulator.

She believed in telling the truth, and that would never change.

The rest was on Noah. She wouldn’t hold his plans against him. Sometimes people got desperate.

She began to walk toward her apartment. With each step she took, she wondered if she’d gotten it all wrong until a car suddenly pulled up near the side of the road. She stopped, recognizing Noah’s car.

The window rolled down, and she bent forward to look at him.

“Get in the car,” he said.

She slid into the seat beside him, tugging down her skirt that had rolled up.

Noah put his hand on her knee, and that touch alone sent a shockwave of electricity through her body. His fingers were so soft, and not for the first time, she wondered what kind of pleasure his hands would create.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“My place.” He spun the car around, and Sage leaned back into her seat. With each passing second, excitement built inside her.

“You have to know, Sage, there is no going back. Tell me if you can’t handle this. You’re mine. You know what I want.”

“I do, and I can handle it.”


February Catch up

Hi everyone,

Wow, this year is flying by so fast. I feel like I say this all the time. I hope you all had an amazing month. I know that it has been a wonderful release month with Sharing Their Nanny and Rejected by the Alpha. This month I’ve been working on the next story in my Volkov Bratva, and I can confirm that I I finally finished it. I’m so in love with Andrei and Adelaide’s story. Love Ivan as well. Are you all loving Bratva stories?

I would like to say a big thank you, to all of my amazing readers who have reached out to me. You have really lifted my spirits, with your kind words. It means a lot to me to hear from you.

Thank you all for your continued love and support, it means the world to me. I still have lots more planned, and for more information look down below of what is to come and what has been.

Take Care,



So as some of you may know I have had a bit of a problem with my P.O Box that has been ongoing for quite some time. However, I am happy to report that I received some lovely Christmas cards this month.

Thank you, Francesca, Debbie, and Becky. I absolutely love them.

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Rejected By The alpha

Alpha Shifter Collection


Three years ago, Decker rejected Misha because he didn’t believe she was ready to take on the pressures of being the alpha’s mate. His rejection didn’t force her away, and for all those years, she lived by his side, dealing with the pain of seeing him every day.

Abandoned at birth and left with the Masters pack, Misha tolerates her fate. But she cannot handle the risk of him taking someone else, and she plans to leave.

Decker doesn’t want her, but he won’t let her leave either.

She’ll show him.

Decker has only known Misha to be amenable, and now it’s time for him to see what happens without her help. With so many complaints and requests, running a pack is never easy.

Denying what he wants cannot last, and he feels the need to claim Misha for his own. When Decker decides to stop fighting, there’s no stopping him.

She is his mate, he’s never letting her go. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect her.


Decker couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked so … beautiful. Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes sparkled.

One of the women she was with had wrapped her arms around Misha’s waist, and the two women were dancing.

“What is Andy doing with her?” he asked.

Andy was a single woman and was known for working her way through the pack. She had tried to mate with him and lure him into her bed, but he hadn’t been interested.

He hadn’t accepted Misha as his mate, but that hadn’t meant he didn’t want her.

Andy got distracted and left Misha on the dance floor to dance with one of the men.

No one went to Misha. His mate didn’t seem to mind.

She’s not our mate.

As he gritted his teeth, his hands clenched into fists and he waited.

Misha opened her eyes and looked directly at him. He loved her brown eyes as they seemed to sparkle with life. Even when she was pissed at him, they were filled with life.

She turned her back on him, allowing other men to see her body. When she swayed her hips from side to side, he knew he should leave. He shouldn’t have come to see her.

Ignoring the call of her was impossible.

“Go to her,” Blueberry said. “She’s hurting, Decker.”

He couldn’t take his eyes away from her.

The pack was in residence. They would see him fall.

Misha’s call was too strong. He got to his feet and even as he tried to fight it, he couldn’t.

People moved out of the way, giving him a direct path to her. With her back still to him, he got to admire the curves of her ass, and she looked so fucking sexy.

He wanted her so badly. His cock wouldn’t get the message to soften.

Taking care of his needs with his imagination and his hand wasn’t going to cut it for much longer. The moment he closed the distance, he couldn’t resist touching her. For three years, he’d denied himself the simple pleasures in life that included just holding her.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulled her back against him and pressed his lips against her neck. “What are you doing?” he asked. He didn’t allow her to feel the hardness of his cock.

She leaned back so she rested against his chest. “I’m dancing. What are you doing?” she asked.

“People are watching you,” he said.

“Let them watch. I’m just dancing and having some fun. You’re the one who’s being a spoilsport. You don’t want me, Decker. You won’t let me leave. You don’t think I’ve noticed men look but don’t touch?” She spun around in his arms, and as he stared into her eyes, the fight was even harder.

“What did you do?”

“None of your business.”

“My happiness and my future are my business. You shouldn’t be meddling in my life. You refused that right when you denied me. Stop invading my world.” She pushed against his chest and left the dance floor. For a few seconds, he simply watched the sway and curve of her ass.

She was temptation.

Go after her.

This was a big mistake.

Misha left the bar, and it didn’t take long for him to close the distance.

He should leave her alone. Ignore her. Go back inside and talk to his father, stepmother, and Blueberry, or anyone from the pack.

Instead, he grabbed Misha’s hand and spun her around, and she collided with his body.

“What?” She snapped out the word, and he just couldn’t resist another moment.

Sinking his fingers into her hair, he pulled her in close and took possession of her lips. They tasted just as good as he imagined they would.

So soft and plump, designed for him.

It was cruelty of the fates that this woman was perfect for him. Her body. Her mind. Her spirit. It all called to him.

Misha moaned as he slid his tongue across her lips, and she gasped. Her hands went to his chest, and slowly, she worked them up until she held on to him. He didn’t want to let her go, not for a single second.

With one hand in her hair, the other, he slid down, gripping the fullness of her ass.


His mate.

His woman.

His everything.

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January Catch up

Hi Everyone,

It’s that time again. Can you believe a month has gone already? I know I can’t. I want to say a big thank you to all of you for your amazing feedback on The Fake Engagement and Size Matters. I loved writing both of these books, and they are both oh so different. I’ve been asked if Juliet and Mackenzie will get a story from The Fake Engagement, and the answer is yes. Also, will I be doing more books in the Chaos and Carnage MC world, and I can say yes to that as well. I’m not sure when, but I am hoping soon.

If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen that my muse is ready to delve back into my Bratva world, and that is what I’m going to be spending February doing. Anyone wanting the next Bratva book?

I know I’ve got lots more planned in terms of books. So I’m curious, please let me know what book you’d like to see me writing this year.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by and read my books. It means a lot to me.

Take care, and I can’t wait to see what I’ll be sharing with you soon.

Sam X

January releases

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Release Date: February 1st 2022


Max and Dylan know nothing about kids. Now that Max is the full legal guardian of his niece, they need a nanny.

After a breakup, Raine is ready to settle down in a new city, in a new job as a nanny. Working for two strong, amazing men is no hardship. While one of them seems robotic, the other is playful, constantly crossing the lines of what’s appropriate.

She wants to remain professional with Max and Dylan as her bosses, but they’re determined to break down barriers. They had an agreement—to share one woman, and that woman is Raine.

Raine wants to succumb to their seduction, but Max’s cold aloofness stands in the way. Will they be able to mend her heart, or will their chance at happiness be ruined forever?


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