Worst Blogger….Ever!

Hi all,

I know some time has passed since I last put up a random blog post but life has been crazy and has not stopped. Christmas has always been hectic and this year was no different. The time passed so fast, before I knew it, I was celebrating the New Year.

During this year I’m hoping to keep you all updated on everything that is going on in the world of Sam instead of waiting till the last minute. My plans for this year are all over the place. I know I want to continue the stories that I’ve started but I also want to bring more series to you. I’ve got more series and (fingers crossed) longer stories.

I really want to delve right in and show you all so much. So, my New year’s goal is to show you more of me and my muse. Expect more variety and more length. I hope so anyway.

I find New Year’s resolutions hard to keep and I like to think of them as more goals than resolutions. I feel I will keep to them than with the resolutions. Dieting and all that other stuff is out of the window lol. When the muse hits, I answer her call.

Do you have any goals you want to share? I’d love to hear what you have planned for 2013.

Kick starting the New year, His to Control has already release at all the sites. A start to my variety is my first male/male romance releasing by Siren.

Here is more information:

Pre-Order Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/troys-older-lover


[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Older Hero Romance, M/M, HEA]

Troy Stone is in love with his boss. He knows he has no chance with Joshua. For one, Joshua “Josh” Hudson is not gay, and second, why the hell would the older man even look at him? He’s only a personal assistant.

However, a kiss soon leads to so much more.

Without thinking, Troy kisses his boss after an innocent night out. All too soon the kiss leads to much more than either man expected. When Troy has to leave to go back home, Josh goes with him for comfort. While he’s there he learns how much he feels about Troy and the happiness that can be gained.

But Troy pushes him away, and Josh has to decide if he’s willing to put both of their happiness to the test or to simply walk away from the unknown.

Adult Excerpt: 

Josh leaned down and brushed his lips against Troy’s. There was no response from him. “Either tell me to go or touch me, Troy.”

A split second passed, and Josh knew Troy was going to ask him to leave. His heart felt heavy. The pain smacked into his gut, holding him down like a lead weight.

“I don’t want you to go,” Troy said.

Josh didn’t give him time to change his mind. His lips were on Troy’s in a heartbeat. He pressed him against the wall, holding him steady as he plunged his tongue into his mouth. Their moans echoed around the room. Troy finally put his hands on him. His touch went down Josh’s back, around his waist, and up to circle his neck. Josh caught the hairs at the back of Troy’s head and pulled his head back. There was a gasp, followed by the sweetest sigh Josh had ever heard.

The need to fight his own feelings was strong, and he pushed all negative thoughts to the back of his mind. He didn’t need the added pressure of feeling he was doing something wrong. How could something that felt so right be so wrong? It was perfect.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Josh said, brushing his lips down to his neck. He inhaled the sweet fragrance of Troy’s cologne along with his own unique body scent.

He gave Troy enough time to unbutton his shirt then peeled the fabric from his shoulders. Troy had thick shoulders that had more to do with size than muscle. Josh got his own physique from the amount of exercise he did. “You feel so good,” he said.

Josh touched the younger man’s body, wanting more but not knowing how to ask for more.

“Let’s go someplace more comfortable.” Troy took his hand, leading him through to the sitting room. The couch was only a two-seater, and he understood why from the size of the apartment. It almost made him ashamed at the size of his own three-story home. He sat down on the couch beside Troy. There was no sound to be heard. They were both naked from the waist up. Josh saw Troy had no tattoos at all, unlike he did. He loved getting a tattoo. The only problem was the eagle on his back. He’d requested Natalie’s name under the tattoo only to have it removed and coloured in several months ago.

“Why do you have a tattoo on your back?” Troy asked, almost as if he was reading his mind.

“I love getting ink. The only problem with my profession is the fact clients don’t like seeing ink on their lawyers. I have to refrain from it being seen.” He turned his hand over, showing the intricate design of a dagger plunging through a heart on the inside of his arm.

“Is that why you wear long shirts?”

“Yes. I don’t want to talk about my ink, Troy. Come here.” He crooked his finger, telling Troy to come closer. There was a smile decorating his lips. Josh moaned as the other man got closer. The feel of him pressed against his body was heady.

Their lips touched, and little fireworks went off inside Josh’s body. He’d never felt such a primal connection as he did with Troy. When they were together, the world faded. Even when they were working, Josh always felt like they were the only two people in the world. Was this destined to happen between them?

Josh did not believe in fate or destiny. He believed in emotions and action. What was happening between them couldn’t be explained. All he had to do was allow his heart to lead for a change.

For the first time in his life, Josh felt deliriously happy. He’d never felt like this with Natalie. Josh ran his fingers up and down Troy’s back. Goose bumps erupted on his own flesh. Troy put a hand on his chest and ran his fingers past his nipples and down to the flat panes of his stomach.

He moaned, kissing Troy, then paused as the other man’s hand touched his cock. The excitement made him release pre-cum into his pants.

“I’m sorry,” Troy said.

“No, it’s all right, go ahead.”

He watched as Troy unbuttoned his pants. The zipper was lowered. Josh wore a pair of black boxer briefs. He lifted up for his pants to be pulled down. Troy went to the floor before him. Josh saw his cock was thick and outlined by the boxer briefs he wore. “We can stop if you’re not ready for more.”

Josh shook his head. He was more than ready. Everything that had ever happened in life he’d dealt with. He wasn’t lying when he said he’d regret walking away from Troy.

“I’m ready.” He pushed his boxers down his legs, watching as his shaft sprang straight up for attention.

This was it. Once they crossed this next line, there was no turning back. Usually, he’d feel a slight twinge of fear at being plunged into the unknown. Most of the other times in his life he was alone when dealing with the unknown. This time, he wasn’t alone. He had Troy. His very loyal personal assistant.

“I want you, Troy.”

New Release: His To Control (Cape Falls 4)

His To control 


Cape Falls, 4

Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

William moved to Cape Falls to start a new life and to open up the BDSM club, Control. He never anticipated getting embroiled in the latest scandal or falling for the delicious red-head who visits his club. He can’t stay away.

Daisy’s life is falling apart. Everything she has known was destroyed the moment her mother revealed the true identity of her father. Throughout her life, no one has wanted her until William enters her life.

His dominance helps her to gain control of her own life. She falls for him hard and she is prepared to do anything, even be under his control.

But how can these two people find happiness with each other? And what will happen when jealousy from someone else threatens to take it away?

Be Warned: BDSM, sex toys, anal sex, menage sex (MFM), spanking



“Yes, it is wet, hard, and so beautiful. Good sex, good fucking, is messy and passionate and worth every bit of pain.” Her breathing deepened. He followed the line of her throat and saw her nipples were hard and budding against his shirt. Lucky shirt.
“No, I’ve never been kissed like that before.”
“Do you want me to show you how good it can be?”
She nodded her head.
“Lick your lips and get them nice and wet for me.”
He waited as her tongue ran over her lips. She really had no idea how sensual her innocent action could be. His cock was leaking his cum inside the jeans he wore. He knew he would have to find release the moment he got back to the club. If he didn’t then all of his good intentions would go out of the window.
“Open them partially for me. When I lean down and run my tongue against your lips, I want you to run your own tongue with mine, and then open up to receive me into your mouth.”
William leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. He ran his tongue over her lips and felt her own follow him. They touched, his persistent and hers hesitant. He pushed inside her mouth, feeling her moan as he took it within his own.
If innocence had a taste then Daisy was it. She followed his lead, doing everything he asked as he showed her how amazing a kiss could be. Her pelvis thrust up in the open air as he ran a hand down her neck to cup a firm breast.
He thumbed the tip and moved down to her belly, pushing against the navel and down to palm her aching pussy. The wetness coated her sweat pants. Feeling her need went straight to his head. She was responsive, and he knew he needed to gain control. Instead, he pushed his hand inside her sweat pants and covered her bare pussy with his palm.
Her cries echoed in the room. William pulled away to stare into her eyes.
“You’re so fucking wet for me, pet. You’re horny, aren’t you?”
She nodded her head. Her eyes were wide as he ran a finger through her dripping slit. He felt the small amount of pubic hair and couldn’t wait to get a good look at her. William didn’t mind when a woman went bare around her pussy, but he preferred a woman to look like a woman. Bare was not everything to him. Providing she kept her bush neat and tidy, he didn’t complain.
He wanted to see her cunt wrapped around his cock. There was nothing better in the world to him than watching a cock disappear inside a pussy.
“How does it feel having my fingers against you?” he asked.
He chuckled and ran his finger up to her swollen clit. “How about now?”
She screamed as he circled the bud. Her legs tightened around his hand, stopping him from moving.
“Open your legs now, pet.”