Student Next Door


Teal Larson’s next-door neighbor is heavily inked, sexy, hot, and … her teacher. It’s so wrong to want him, but with her parents at war with each other and her suddenly failing her classes, she shouldn’t be watching her neighbor.

Jaxson Rebel prides himself on being professional. He’s never been tempted in the classroom, not until his curvy new student. She doesn’t even try, and he’s freaking smitten.

Her mother asks him to tutor her, and he agrees despite his feelings for her. When Teal is home alone while her parents work on their marriage, Jaxson has no choice but to take care of Teal. One thing leads to another, and even as he tries to stop it, there’s no denying this attraction.

They will keep it secret. But when Jaxson finds out about the cursed houses they live in, he doesn’t believe the rumor. Even still, he doesn’t want to live without her.

The cursed houses have struck again, but is this the end for the teacher and the student?


Jaxson was spending way too much time with her.

They had alternated between feeding each other. After he made her the stir fry on Saturday, Teal had made him soup on Sunday. Then it was back to him on Monday, and that was how they served one another.

By Friday, while he was finishing his last lesson, he saw the heavens open up, and it start to pour it down with rain, which was just fucking typical because he hadn’t driven to work. Instead, he’d decided to enjoy the last of the summer sun and walked.

This wasn’t fun. He hated the fucking rain. The worst weather was the fog though. Rain was manageable, but he stayed behind, dealing with the detention because it was his turn. By the time he left school, the rain had subsided.

He was walking home, sensing that it was going to open up again. The dark clouds were gaining, and he sped up, trying to make it home. His bag on his back, briefcase in hand.

Jaxson looked up to see Teal just up ahead. She was walking fast.

The clouds rumbled.


He took off, running. As he got to Teal, it started raining.

Teal looked at him, scrunching up her face, and then he took her hand, and they ran, heading toward their homes.

Jaxson didn’t let her go, and he didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought if they saw him running with her. They ran as fast as they could, but it wasn’t good enough.

He was soaked through, and he had no doubt Teal would be feeling the same thing as well.

Jaxson nudged her to his home, grabbed his key, and they stumbled inside. He dropped his bag on the floor and immediately turned to Teal.

“You’re shaking. Come on.” Holding her hand once again, he walked upstairs to his bathroom. She was still shaking as he wrapped a towel around her.

“You’re going to need to take those clothes off,” he said. “They’re only making you colder.”

Teal nibbled on her bottom lip, and he turned around, trying to give her privacy.

What the hell was he thinking? He should be sending her away. Not standing here waiting. Knowing she was getting naked and still being so close to him. He gritted his teeth and tried not to think about what she was doing.

I can do this.

She is a student.

I am simply caring for a student.

“It’s okay,” Teal said.

He turned to find her wrapped in a towel. Her long, brown hair fell around her body. Her cheeks were pink. He saw the splashes of red from her bra.

She’s a student. She’s a student. She’s a fucking student.

Something inside him snapped. Jaxson didn’t understand it, couldn’t control it, and in that single moment, he didn’t want to. Cupping her face, he tilted her head back and then slammed his lips down on hers. He kissed her hard, and fast.

At first, Teal was still in his arms, her actions untutored.

He was about to stop, to put an end to this stupidity, but then her hands went to his shoulders before she pressed her body against his, sinking her fingers into his hair.

Jaxson lost all thought.

The towel that was wrapped around her body fell to the floor in a heap. He cupped her hips, squeezing them and running his hands back and then toward her curvy ass. He tightened his grip on the plump flesh, not wanting to let go. All he wanted was to touch her, to be consumed by her, to fuck her, to take her.

Breaking from the kiss, he trailed his lips down toward her neck, sucking on her pulse.

Teal moaned his name, and he nibbled on the column on her neck.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” he said.

“Oh,” Teal said.

He hadn’t let her go. His body was still pressed against hers. “No, you don’t understand. I’m your teacher. This shouldn’t be happening.”

Published by Author Sam Crescent

Sam Crescent is a USA Today Bestselling author who is passionate about romance. She resides in the UK, and loves creating new exciting characters that take her on a journey she never expected. When she's not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc.

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