New Release: Taken by Her Mate

Taken By Her Mate


Northern Silver Pack, 1

A virgin betrothed to a womanizer...

Addie has been promised to Brendan since her birth. She no choice but to follow through and become the mate to a shape-shifting wolf she doesn’t love. But when Shaun, a childhood friend and the male she has always wanted, refuses to let her mate with another, she is afraid her love for Shaun will cause destruction between their packs.

The future alpha in love with a woman he can’t have…

Shaun has loved Addie since they were children, but she is promised to another male. Claiming her can start a war between their packs, but Shaun can’t stand back and let another male have her. When the heat between Addie and Shaun ignites, they know their attraction can’t be denied. But Brendan isn’t about to let Addie go, and when she is taken, Shaun will stop at nothing to get her back.

Be Warned: anal sex


“It doesn’t matter, Shaun. The pack won’t let me be with any other males.” He bared his teeth at her in a purely animalistic way. When he leaned in close she felt his breath tease the shell of her ear.

“Addie, when I say you are mine, I mean you. Are. Mine.” He took her mouth again in a bruising kiss that had her heart stuttering. “There is no one that will keep me from you. I made the mistake of leaving you, knowing you would mate with Brendan. I let others dictate what I should and shouldn’t have in my life. Not again.” The conviction in his voice scared her more than his actual words. Shaun had never acted like he wanted her as a mate, but the way he spoke, so passionately, told her otherwise.

“It’ll be war between our packs, Shaun.” A look crossed his face, but she couldn’t tell what it meant.

“Nothing will keep me away from you. Not again, Addie. Not again.” Tongues dueled together, and she found she didn’t have the strength to push him away again. It would have been the wise thing to do, but she couldn’t. She was sick of denying herself. Too many years she had let others run her life. For once she wanted to do something that would please her.

His hands gripped the edge of her dress, his knuckles brushing along her thighs.

“Let me in, Addie.” His eyes implored her to listen to what he said. His words weren’t sexual, but from the heart. A suspended moment passed between them, and she felt herself nod. A look of pure male satisfaction crossed his face, then he was on his knees before her.

Heart pounding wildly, she stared down at him. To have such a big, powerful male at her feet was a little surreal. His hands started at her ankles and slipped up her calves and stopped at her knees. The whole time he kept his gaze locked on hers. Licking her lips, she nodded because Addie knew that’s what he had been waiting for. Ever so slowly he pushed her dress up, revealing her thighs and silk-covered pussy to his gaze. The feel of his hot, hard breath against her flesh had her cunt creaming. She was so wet, ridiculously soaked for Shaun.

“I want to taste you, baby. You’ll let me, Addie, won’t you.” It wasn’t a question. His hands tightened on her dress as he lifted it higher, baring her rounded belly. She was far from thin, but the way he looked at her, as if her body was made to be worshipped, had any feeling of being self-conscious leaving her. Letting her head rest against the tree, she licked her lips. “Yeah, you’ll let me do whatever I want.” His mouth was suddenly on her pussy, his tongue licking at her through her panties. It shouldn’t have felt so good, but it did. God, but it did.

“Shaun.” His name left her on a soft moan, and she closed her eyes and spread her legs wider. She felt his finger frame either side of her pussy a moment before he pulled the lace of her panties aside. Cool air met her overheated flesh, but that was short-lived when his hot, wet tongue delved between the folds of her cunt. “Oh, God.” The feel of his thumbs spreading her lips apart nearly had her coming right then.

“Look at me, Addie. Watch what I’m going to do to you.”

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Published by Author Sam Crescent

Sam Crescent is a USA Today Bestselling author who is passionate about romance. She resides in the UK, and loves creating new exciting characters that take her on a journey she never expected. When she's not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc.

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  1. I’m loving the owners series and was wondering if you are going to be writing more for this series? Keep up the amazing job!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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