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I hope you’re all having an amazing start to the New Year. As many of you know we’re on lockdown here in the UK and I’m spending my time writing like crazy. My muse is in a really dirty place right now and so you can expect some really smutty books in the future lol. If you’re part of my Facebook group I’ve talked about it, but as I know some of you are not on social media, I wanted you to know. 🙂 I want to say a big thank you for all of your love and support and later on this year I’m going to be celebrating a huge milestone in my life. I will be sharing more on that soon.

This past month saw two brand new books released, which I hope you enjoyed, and I can promise you a lot more hotness to come. I’m totally addicted to writing. Please, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see coming from me soon. I love hearing from you all.

Also, before I go, I wanted to let you know that my sister is working on updating my website / blog to make it more manageable and easy to navigate. Please don’t be alarmed if things change from day to day. We are curious, what would you like to see on here?

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read.

Take care, stay safe,

Love Sam X

Two releases this month

January release on the 12th

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Satan’s Beasts MC: Nomad Chapter, 2

Women aren’t supposed to be on the road. Ape is sick and tired of watching his Prez and woman break the rules.

When they stop in a small town, Ape is determined to work out his envy. What he didn’t expect was to bump into an inked redhead with a sassy mouth. Offering her a drink was all it took for him to know he wanted her in his bed.

Charlotte has her own problems. People want her out of town, and Ape is a welcome distraction from her troubled thoughts. For now, she’s going to have fun with this sexy biker.

He’s not staying in town and he certainly doesn’t believe in love, but he can’t get Charlotte out of his mind. He has no choice but to walk away because the club is moving on. Will Ape take a chance and offer her a chance to ride at his back, to be his old lady? Or will he ride away without a care in the world?

Be Warned: anal sex

 Click here to read the excerpt

January release on the 26th

Mean to her

Curvey woman wanted 25


Leah’s had enough. When an immature bully asks her out via a letter, she confronts him. She’s expecting a joke, but he seriously wants to go out with her.

Blake’s messed up. Since the moment he realized he was in love with Leah, he’s been in a state of panic. To make sure no one else dated her, he bullied her. Now, he’s done running from his feelings and wants her to know exactly how he feels.

Leah is determined to avoid him, but he’s not going to give up, showing her an all-new side to him that she doesn’t expect.

When he proposes, Leah is blown away. He refuses to let her go, promising her a lifetime, but Leah has to get through this moment right now. Will she take a chance on forever, or will she walk away in fear?

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We celebrated the anniversary of the release of the Trojans MC, Mine!

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Trojans MC, 5

Daisy wants his sister’s best friend, Maria. She wants him to give her a chance to prove that she could be everything he wants. Can she handle the fact he wants to be in control of everything? 

Maria’s tired of making the decisions. She yearns for a man who’ll love her, protect her, and stay faithful to her. She knows she’s different, but she can be everything Daisy needs

Taking time away from the club, Daisy gives them a chance to see if Maria can give him what he wants, but also to show her he’s the kind of man she craves. They’re two unlikely souls that are destined to be together. Their time together shows that, and love blooms more powerfully than either could imagine. 

However, when Maria tells him the truth about the pain his sister experienced, their peace comes crashing down around them. How can he trust Maria when she kept Beth’s secret from him? What will happen when Daisy goes after the man who violated his sister? 

Is there any way these two, being so very different, can find love? 

Be Warned: anal play

To read More click here

We also had 2 giveaways this month. Winners have been contacted!!! Thank you all for taking part.

Coming in February

The release of the duet Crude Hill High, the first in the series is a a duet

1              Monsters’ Crew 09 February 2021

2              Monsters’ Gift   23 February 2021

GIVEAWAY – !!Closed

Winner has been contacted

To celebrate the release of the 25th curvy women wanted book Mean to Her, I’m giving away volume 3 of the curvy women wanted in Paperback. To Enter, leave a comment down below saying you’d like to be entered to win. (if you’re responding to other questions in the post but don’t wish to be entered, leave blank or say you don’t want to be). It is open internationally and winners will be contacted via email from me and a comment will be left responding to the winner stating they are the winner.

This book contains the books, Bought Bride, Convict, Woman of his Dreams, and Rock Hard.

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  1. Hello Sam,.

    Thank you for the updates. I am one of those people who does NOT use social media. Especially when I for one work all day on my computer. 🙄

    I am one of many BIG fan who enjoy reading your creative mind in your books. Since you ask. How close are you on last member of The Denton family? Would not be bad to write something small on Colton as well. Just a thought.

    Stay safe and I for one Enjoy your Talent in the imagination.🎉🍹👍

    Regards, Alexa Luna

  2. I would love to enter your giveaway. Thank you and I can’t wait for your next books to be release.

  3. I really enjoyed mean to her I loved how the heroine didn’t give in to her bully so easily and he had to work real hard to earn her love.
    I would be thrilled if you could enter me into curvy women wanted giveaway x

  4. I love you Sam
    I love your mind
    I love your writing
    I am a fervent fan on facebook
    Sometimes I write something on the Playroom Facebook
    I personally think it is funny, but I hope my Scandinavian sarcasm doesn’t come of as something weird.
    You have my support always, I reaaaaaaaaally love your work.

    Hugs from Denmark
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    Author Sam Crescent posted: ” Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having an amazing start to the New Year. As many of you know we’re on lockdown here in the UK and I’m spending my time writing like crazy. My muse is in a really dirty place right now and so you can expect some real”

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