Monsters’ Crew (Part 1)

Crude Hill High

Crude Hill High is unlike any other school. We learn to fight because we’re the kids who come from monsters. Caleb, River, Gael, and Vadik are the kings who rule. They may only be eighteen, but they’re dangerous, and I saved one of them. Rather than let it go, they want to know me. To save one is to protect all.

I’m used to being invisible, yet, to the Monsters’ Crew, I’m anything but. They won’t let me hide, determined to break down my walls that keep me—the daughter of a minion—safe. My father has very little power, and the only thing he values is my virginity, which I’m sure he’s more than willing to sell.

What’s more, I want to be with them every step of the way. I don’t know how I can make it work with four guys, but every single day, they convince me I can. In our world, there is no such thing as a happily-ever-after. Our lives are always on the edge of pain and death, and I should have known nothing good would last.

This is part one of a duet. Emily and her Monsters will conclude in part two.


As I looked at Emily, I knew she was a goddess, and I believed now more than ever that she was sent down for us. Her body, her attitude, we could tame her, but also nurture her. She’d been hurt a lot in her life, and with us, we’d be able to tame that beast swirling within her.

I’d been so focused on her ass, I hadn’t realized the shower turned off or Emily had caught sight of us. She screamed, grabbing a towel.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

I hadn’t heard her talk a whole lot but I love the way fuck rolled off her tongue. It was sexy as fuck.

She pressed her towel to her, trying to keep herself covered.

Gael slid right on past me. “We were waiting for you,” he said.

“Not here. Not now. Get the hell out. I can’t believe you. Spying on me.” She stepped away from Gael, but I decided to have some fun and moved toward her other side, keeping her trapped. River followed Caleb, closing the space until we were within touching distance. We could have so much fun with her, and I wanted to. I saw the way her pulse beat rapidly against her neck.

So tender.

So delicate.

Caleb was the first to reach out and cup her cheek.

She backed away. “I’ll scream.”

“Please do,” Gael said.

“So this is what the all mighty Monsters do? They corner a girl in the shower and what? Rape her?”

Caleb laughed. “I don’t need to use force to get what I want, but you, Emily, you have certainly been a surprise.”

The passion in his voice was clear to hear. We were all feeling it. All of this was inspired by her. Our woman.

“I don’t like this. Please, leave.”

Caleb ran his thumb across her lips. “But I don’t think you want us to leave. Your mouth speaks shit your body doesn’t want.”

“What? Every girl wants you so you assume I do as well?”

“Not every girl gets us,” Gael said.

“I don’t want to play this game.”

“The only way you’re going to get past us is with a kiss.”

“A kiss?” she asked.

“Yes. We’ll allow you to leave, but you have to pick one of us to kiss.”

It didn’t matter who she picked. All it meant was by the time this kiss ended, they’d be at the end of the line until next time.

“A kiss. To allow me to get changed and to go to lunch?” she asked.


“That’s it. A kiss?”

“Yes. Do we have a deal?”

She shook Caleb’s hand. “Deal.” She turned toward me and placed a kiss on the tip of my nose, shocking me. “You never specified how I was to kiss. Will you break your word?”

Caleb chuckled and moved out of the way.

Even with the towel, it wasn’t much for modesty.

My nose fucking tingled from that kiss.

This is part one of a duet. Emily and her Monsters will conclude in part two.

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