Butch Cover Art Reveal

Hi all,

I’ve posted this on Facebook already but I didn’t get around to posting here. I’m working on my big book for, The Skulls. This book is a labour of love and something I’ve wanted to do ever since I started writing. I’ve always wanted to do that big book. This is another reason why I love, The Skulls, their series has given me that option and I love it. I’m currently doing edits as well on Blind Devotion (Pussy’s story), and they should be finished soon for an August release.

Now, here is the cover for Butch. I have to say I think this is my favourite Skull cover. What do you think?

Coming July 29th

butchDanger is heading to Fort Wills.

Leaving The Skulls is the best and worst decision of his life. Butch knew to keep his woman, Cheryl and her young son safe, he needed to make sacrifices and pulling out of the club was the only way to go. Cheryl loves Butch but she will not accept him quitting the club. She doesn’t need him to become a saint in order to love him.

However, those sacrifices are about to tear everything he’s ever known, apart.

With a new threat and no way to protect his woman, Butch has to make a choice. However, Butch is not all that he sees. He’s got a past that even The Skulls don’t know about. No one is safe as life as The Skulls know it is about to be blown apart.


Published by Author Sam Crescent

Sam Crescent is a USA Today Bestselling author who is passionate about romance. She resides in the UK, and loves creating new exciting characters that take her on a journey she never expected. When she's not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc.

7 thoughts on “Butch Cover Art Reveal

  1. I have the Skulls books and the Chaos Bleeds books. I am big fan…will there be another Chaos Bleeds book soon ?? I really fell in love with that series. Thanks.

  2. is there any chance of having a book for Ashley? (in Friens, Men and Secrets Series?)

  3. LOVE the series… and like the cover. Why only like? ‘Cause with the model’s dark hair, it really blinds into the black background, so at first glance I found myself really trying to figure out where/what all the body parts were attached to…. unless that’s just me needing to put my glasses on???????

  4. I really like the cover for Butch … 🙂 I always seem to love the MC book covers for the skulls and chaos bleeds … 🙂
    I actually have a question I am not asking for spoilers or anything like that but you have said in a few posts that you are working on the big book for the skulls and my question is by “big book” do you mean a huge word count or just that the book is going to be focused on all of the skulls rather than having the spotlight on just one couple ?
    I am really looking forward to reading Butch, Blind Devotion, and the big book … but until then I am happy that I have Nomad downloaded on my kindle … 🙂 Happy biker reading everyone .. 😉

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