Brand New Cover Reveal

Hi Everyone,

I’m so thrilled to share with you the cover reveal for my and Stacey Espino’s next book. 🙂

Bred by the MC Prez is part of our Breeding Season series. Each book can be read as a standalone.

Releasing June 9th!!!

Bred by the Mc Prez

Forge doesn’t negotiate when it comes to money … until he’s offered a virgin in exchange for a debt. 
The curvy blonde awakens something primal in Forge. He takes the girl as his own and he has no plans on giving her back. Beth’s innocence is the light to his darkness. He started out wanting a toy, but soon can’t imagine life without her. 
Beth never had a say in her own life. When she’s sold to a notorious MC Prez, she expects a nightmarish life as a club whore. What she gets is a possessive biker who claims her for himself. He’s older, covered in ink, and feared by everyone—and she becomes addicted. Forge teaches her to love herself, and in turn she falls hard for the bad boy. 
But good things rarely last, and Beth soon becomes Forge’s weakness in a dangerous turf war. Will their love survive or will Forge have to return his prize?
Series Link: Amazon /
Bred by the Mc Prez-3D-series

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