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Sam Crescent MC Special

In a one-off special, six of Sam Crescent’s MCs come together in a family picnic that would be normal if it were for anyone else, but for The Skulls, Chaos Bleeds, Trojans MC, Dirty Fuckers MC, and Saints and Sinners MC, it is anything but.

By invitation only, the Billionaire Bikers MC wish for you to join them at a set location, to bring your family, your children, to enjoy a day of fun with no harm to come to anyone, providing all people can play nice.

This is just a bit of fun. It features past and future couples, and though it should be read if you love any of the MC books above, it is not necessary to do so. If you want to see more of Angel and Lash, Devil and Lexie, Duke and Holly, Simon and Tabitha, Pie and Lindsey, then this story is for you.



With Lola and Whizz’s help, he’d been able to find out everything there was to know about Russ and his precious little … club. He couldn’t think of that posh fucker being Prez of an MC.

“There’s got to be a reason for all of this.”

Devil rolled his eyes. “You’re not Tiny, so don’t play coy with me, boy. You and I both know what he wants, and we’re on the same side in this.”

Lash smirked. “Just testing you, old man.”

“Fuck off.” It was all right for their women to get along. Devil didn’t have a problem with that, but he wasn’t about to let any fucking man here get the better of him. He saw Duke staring at him. That mean old fucker thought he was so tough because he’d just handed the Abelli their shit. Nah, none of the clubs here knew what true chaos was like or looked death in the eye and laughed. None of them.

The only respect Devil had was for the club standing at his side. The Skulls knew the pain, the loss of heartache, but they also knew when to back down, when not to fight, and the truth was, that was fucking never.

“You’ve got that frowny look on your face. You’re going to scare everyone away if you’re not careful,” Lexie said, coming to his side. She wanted to touch him. He sensed that. His wife always did, but she knew in front of the different clubs that shit wasn’t going to happen. Just like he wouldn’t pull her into his arms or show any weakness. His woman knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would fucking die for her and their kids, no questions asked.

“Be careful when you’re talking to them.”

“This is supposed to be a peaceful get-together. Yeah, well if that ugly-assed looking Trojan keeps checking Angel out, we’re going to have a massacre on our hands. Would you like me to stay peaceful then?” Devil asked.

“This was a bad idea. Really bad idea.”

“You’re telling me.”

Glancing over at the picnic table he saw Simon and Tabitha talking. His son was leaning forward, listening to the music that Tabitha played. Neither of them looked concerned about the potential dangers around them. They were heading into their teenage years, and it was moments like this that he realized his son, his little boy, wouldn’t be a child forever. Of course, Simon would always be his baby boy, but he was going to have to let go all too soon. It doesn’t seem longer than yesterday that he saw Simon in his crib, in that piece of shit apartment block with only Lexie to protect him, and protect him she would.

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