Dead Bastard Cover Art Reveal

Hi all,

Jenika and I are hard at work on our series, and loving it :-). We’ve got two surprises headed your way this week. The first is the cover reveal for Dead Bastard. If you bought Hard as Steel, you’d have seen this, but this is for everyone who might not have seen it. For the second surprise, tune in on Friday.

The blurb is not finalized, and just a little snippet of what is to come.

Untitled11Releasing June 30th

Dead Bastard

Shakes knew he couldn’t have Daniella, but that didn’t stop him from taking her. Leaving meant betraying his club and going against her father, Zeke. Even though they are being hunted, Shakes won’t let her go.

5 thoughts on “Dead Bastard Cover Art Reveal

  1. belindaegreen says:

    You and Jenika have/are doing a awesome job with this series! I look forward to each book. Yep, I’m hooked on this MC club and all the other ones you both write. Whoohoo!

  2. Carlise says:

    Hey there, I know you’re working hard, but I didn’t see the blurb for Dead bastard posted anywhere. Did I miss it?

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