The Skulls 3

The Skulls, 3

The biggest mistake he’s ever made could get him killed. 

The Skulls have a set of rules, and Nash has broken one of them. He’s using drugs. Since Sophia rejected him, Nash has been spiraling out of control. When he puts Eva’s life in danger it’s up to Nash’s brother Lash to save him from himself. 

Sophia never realized the protection The Skulls provided her until she was attacked. Lash saved her but with an ultimatum. She helps save his brother, or he makes it known she’s not under Skull protection.

Sophia’s feelings for Nash have always been her weakness. As she keeps her word to his brother, trying to help Nash overcome his addiction, the two of them grow closer through his pain, and Sophia realizes she cannot run any longer. 

However, The Skulls’ enemies are numerous, and Nash’s careless behavior has exposed the whole club to danger. Someone is plotting against the club in the hope to take control of the town, and they’re going to start with Nash. Can he stay strong as his life and that of his woman are endangered, or will he relapse into the drugs?

Be Warned: bondage, spanking, anal sex


“Good.” His fingers caressed across her lips. She gasped from the electricity his touch created.

They were alone. No one was coming into the building, and Edward wasn’t chained to a wall.

Heat flooded her pussy as his thumb pressed between her lips. Staring into his eyes, she opened her mouth, accepting him inside. She heard him gasp, and then he was walking her backwards.

She hit the wall, and he crowded in front of her. He took her hands pressing them against the wall. She dropped her gaze to his lips.

“I want you, Sophia,” he said.

Biting her lip, she forced herself to look into his eyes. “I want you, too.”

His mouth was on her within seconds. There was nothing gentle about the possession of his lips. Edward plunged his tongue in deep as he held her hands above her head. Their fingers were locked together. His cock was brandished against her pussy, pressing the thickness of him into her.

Edward broke the kiss going to her neck and nibbling down to where her pulse had to be beating rapidly.

Her heart was racing and her pussy dripping wet. He always made her feel this way around him. It was like the man she’d known for a long time was finally back in her life. Pulling his hands away from hers, both palms lay on her chest, holding her steady. “If you don’t want this, you’ve got to tell me to stop,” he said.

“Why wouldn’t I want this?” she asked.

She’d denied herself once before, and she’d almost lost him. Sophia didn’t care what he said. The only reason he took the drugs in the first place was because she pushed him away.

There was no way she was going to make the same mistake again.

“Are you sure?”

Taking hold of his ears, she slammed her lips on his. “Do you doubt me now?”

He tore at the shirt she wore. She tried to help him tug the shirt over her head. They were moving fast. With her shirt on the floor, she started working on his clothing as he effortlessly got her naked.

This was going to be their first time naked together. She worked at his jeans until they were stood only in their underwear. The black boxers did nothing to obscure the view of his rock hard cock pressing against the front.

“I’m at a disadvantage,” he said, pushing the straps of her bra down her shoulders. His fingers slipped between the clasp at the front.

There really was no turning back now.

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Published by Author Sam Crescent

Sam Crescent is a USA Today Bestselling author who is passionate about romance. She resides in the UK, and loves creating new exciting characters that take her on a journey she never expected. When she's not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc.

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  1. I’m loving the series, when is the next book coming and how many books will there be in the (The Skulls) series?

  2. hi, I really love your books, just wondering when Nash will be on iTunes?? I really want to read it, thanks.

  3. I hope you make Tiny work to win Eva. I really like her, she seems like a true lady. The only kind he would have as a nanny of course. 🙂
    Can’t wait for Tiny and Eva’s story!

  4. Hi! Loved Nash’s story. I get the feeling that Devil and his group could be a possible spin off story? I am looking forward to Tiny’s and Killer’s story!

  5. Read it last night and it was awesome!!!! Can’t wait to read Tiny, Zero and Killers story. Keep them coming Sam you are awesome!!!!!!!!

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