Quick Update + Cover Art Reveal

Hi all,

I just wanted to give a quick update on what I’ve been doing. March has been a hectic month. I’ve had edits, stories, and more edits to complete. Also, we’ve had snow here and for March that is a surprise. Easter is not far away but Friday 29th is a release day. I’m sorry I haven’t kept everything updated but I’ve been completely swamped.

Expecting the Playboy’s Baby is released. Here is cover art and blurb.


Jennifer Dixon never expected to meet Patrick Thompson let alone be pregnant with his baby. One night of passion together should never have had consequences, but it did.

Patrick never forgot the woman who saw beneath the playboy exterior. He wanted her and he intends to keep her. When he discovers his mystery woman is pregnant with his child he sets out to woo her.

However, outsiders are determined to break them apart. One night Patrick storms out leaving Jennifer broken hearted. In that one moment their lives are changed forever.

Only when it is too late does Patrick realise what he wanted. Can he win back Jennifer’s love when everything is set against it?

More Cover Art


What do you think?

Sam 🙂

5 thoughts on “Quick Update + Cover Art Reveal

  1. Michelle Lane says:

    Cant wait to read it, Sam that why when you ask that question about promote books ,.your fans love it when you give us update that you have a book coming out soon as I get home from work I will order it

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