Guest: Siobhan Muir

Blurb: Julianna Morris didn’t know werewolves existed…until she became one. Hiding her new identity, Julianna returns home only to find her teenage crush, Jeff Lightfoot, is the future Alpha of the Callowwood werewolf pack. She’s unexpectedly chosen as a candidate for the pack’s next Luna, the Alpha female—and Jeff’s mate. This is perfect, except JuliannaContinue reading “Guest: Siobhan Muir”

The Valentines: Robert Available for Pre-Order

Book one in The Valentines Series A war is about to begin. Sophie Ford has a secret. Fear for herself and her friend has her running to the vampire council in search of protection. And she is bonded to a vampire. Robert Valentine knows Sophie is hiding something, but what? She tempts him as noContinue reading “The Valentines: Robert Available for Pre-Order”