Cape Falls


Title: Crossing Boundaries

Series: Cape Falls, 1

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

Laura Cox is twenty years old and in love with a man older than her.

Dean Riley has a broken past. He moved to Cape Falls to try and get over the death of his wife and child. He never expected to get involved with a woman. Especially, a younger woman.

Laura and Dean embark on a passionate affair. Neither was prepared for the consuming fire blazing between them. However, an outsider is about to break their budding relationship apart.

Can Dean overcome the death of his wife and learn to accept Laura as she is? What will happen to Laura when the gossip surrounding her becomes too hard to bear? Nothing is certain in the town of Cape Falls.

Be Warned: mild BDSM


Title: Belonging to the Steer Brothers

Series: Cape Falls 2.0

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

When Anna Myer’s parents died in a car accident, David and Paul Steer took her in and cared for her. For years she nursed a crush for the two men, only to be rejected and pushed away.

Crushed with the rejection and believing the Steer Brothers could never love her the way she wanted, Anna left Cape Falls.

Three years passed since she left the men she loved. Anna returns with a new determination and she knows the secret that David and Paul tried to keep away from her.

There is a rumor that the Steer men share one woman. Anna wants to be that woman.

Can she prove to Paul and David she is the woman they need? Can her men overcome their fears? And after so long of being alone will she finally belong to the Steer brothers?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), bondage, anal sex.



Title: Mine to Keep

Series: Cape Falls 3.0

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

Amy Grant survived much at the hands of her ex-husband. Now all she wants to do is live her life and provide a good home for her two children. When complaints from the residents of Cape Falls force her out of a job, Amy has no choice but to turn to Gabriel Anderson.

Gabriel has felt a deep connection to the young mother ever since he saved her from a brutal attack from her husband. He opens up his home to her in the hope she will soon be his.

However, Gabriel holds a dark secret. He is a dominant man with the need to see Amy submit to him. With such a hard past behind her, will Amy be able to accept the kind of passion Gabriel wants? Or can Gabriel finally let the darkness inside him go for the woman he loves?

Be Warned: bondage, public exhibition.




Title: His to Control

Series: Cape Falls 4.0

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

William moved to Cape Falls to start a new life and to open up the BDSM club, Control. He never anticipated getting embroiled in the latest scandal or falling for the delicious red-head who visits his club. He can’t stay away.

Daisy’s life is falling apart. Everything she has known was destroyed the moment her mother revealed the true identity of her father. Throughout her life, no one has wanted her until William enters her life.

His dominance helps her to gain control of her own life. She falls for him hard and she is prepared to do anything, even be under his control.

But how can these two people find happiness with each other? And what will happen when jealousy from someone else threatens to take it away?

Be Warned: BDSM, sex toys, anal sex, menage sex (MFM), spanking



moving-onTitle: Moving On

Series: Cape Falls

Company: 5.0

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Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

Peter has been in love with the same woman for over a decade, but he could never have her. He has loved her for so long that he can’t imagine loving anyone else in his life. In his troubles, his one piece of heaven is going to the library and seeing Rose.

Rose knows all about Peter and his love for another woman. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot stop her feelings for him. Peter is the first man to make her feel alive, but her family is determined for her to be with someone else.

When Peter discovers the abuse Rose is being put through, he sees red. Taking her away from her family, he is determined to make her his.

It’s time to move on, but Peter is not the only one who needs to look toward the future. Cape Falls itself is about to be hit by an event that will leave them no choice but to move on.

Cape Falls is an old-fashioned town, and the past needs to be put to bed.

lovemypainTitle: Love My Pain

Series: Cape Falls

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Expected Release: April 10th

Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

Edward Banner is so out of his depth and he knows it. Falling for a waitress that was younger than him was one thing. Falling for a woman who self-harms, well now that is just another thing all together. He doesn’t understand it. He can’t bear to see it happen, and yet it does. He’s seen it, and there’s no turning back.

Isabel Benson has not lived a great life. Abandoned by her parents from a young age, she was the one who raised her little sister. When the pressures of life got too much, she found one solution to get herself through. The only thing she could ever control, cutting. It’s hers alone. Her little secret until Edward catches her.

He wants her to stop but she doesn’t know if she can.

There is no easy way to help. He has to learn to understand before he can even begin to help. He’s not walking away like so many people have in her life. He’s not going to stop loving her, and he’s not going to stop being there.

Can Isabel find the strength to see that she doesn’t need to hurt herself anymore? Will Edward stay true to his word, and stay by her side?


42 thoughts on “Cape Falls

  1. Hi Sam please this is a new year I will really love to read Edward’s story. plsssssssss

  2. please Sam this is a new year I will really love to read Edward’s story. plsssssssss

    1. Don’t worry. I’ve already started writing Edward’s story, and I’m not going to stop until it’s finished. 🙂

      Do you follow me on Facebook? I’m giving all updates there as well.


    1. I know, and I’m so sorry. I will be doing this series in the next couple of weeks. It’s time, and Edward is finally shouting at me. He decided to go into hiding *growl*.

      Please keep checking back. I will be doing this series again.


  3. Hi, I love the Cape Falls series! I have just had the pleasure if finding you and I read the entire series back to back and I’m starved for Edwards story! I hope it’ll arrive this year. In the mean time you have many other series I’m looking forward to discovering and devouring! Thank you. Allison

  4. Will there be a story on Edward and Isabel? Please tell me there is 🙂

  5. Hi just finished all 5 books of cape fall when will Edwards book be released loved the twist at the end can’t wait to see the next one of ur books I love them all!!!!

  6. Hi!! i’m loving your work!! the Cape Falls series is amazing! are you going to write about Edward this year? i hate to read not finished series… it frustrates me!! also are you going to write about Jhon? i think he’s a good guy under really bad influences… XOXO

    1. Hi Ivel,

      Yes, I’m hoping to get to Edward’s story this year. I loved writing Cape Falls, but other characters have been taking my attention away.

      Thank you for the lovely words.


  7. Can’t wait to hear about Edward & Isabel’s story! I wonder if everyone’s read Mine To Keep since they keep asking about Gabriel in the Cape Falls series. Either way, I think Edward could be one of the most interesting men you’ve ever written, & help Isabel realize how much strength she obviously already has. Can’t wait! Keep it up.

  8. Do you know when owned by the dom part three will be released I love all your books thank you for giving us a way to get away from the stress of our lives.

  9. I just got addicted to your books! In a few short days I’ve read 2 of your series. Do you have a date for cape falls #6 yet? You are a great author with an even better imagination. Thanks. Kristina

    1. Hi Kristina,

      I’m in the process of writing the next Cape Falls book but I don’t have a release day yet. Thank you so much for your kind words. They really do mean the world to me.


  10. Yes please stories about Edward and Gabriel pretty please and will you be writing more about Control? X

  11. Gabriel is the sheriff in the Cape Falls series. He pops up in every book and I thought maybe he was in your head for a story….You must have a million voices in your head with all the stories you publish!

    Thanks so much for your books. I can always count on you for a good read.


  12. I love all of your books! I am happy to see that under your “works in progress” that you are still planning on Edward’s story. I am waiting on pins and needles for it. Also, are you planning on a story for Gabriel? He is so good.. and as Sherriff he has his own handcuffs….lol

  13. I just finished reading His to Control, I so love the series. Such a cliff hanger you got there at the end. OMG!!! please not Dean. Hopefully Peter’s book will be released soon. Will it be revealed who Daisy’s father is?

  14. Hi Sam,
    I was wandering when the next Owners book will be available on the nook or ibooks.

  15. Hi Sam, Just finished His to Control. I loved Williams book. I love all of your books. I cannot wait for book 5 of Cape Falls, the way it ended OH MY GOD. I don’t want to spoil it for anyoine who has not read it yet. I Loved it

  16. SPOILER…… DO NOT READ THIS COMMENT if you have NOT read williams/daisy story. I loved the book and I loved them as a couple. I will say that the side story of peter/laura through me off because I thought that issue was settled in book 1? I really hope that laura’s husband dean doesn’t die because I really do not like when main characters die in series, its depressing. Hopefully some spin is going happen and everybody gets their happy ending.

    1. Hi Brandy,

      Thank you for your comment. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are anxious about the ending to, His to Control. Please, let me reassure you all that this is necessary for Peter. Everything will be revealed once I write his story and I will talk more about it once it has been written.


      1. Hi Sam – your books are amazing!!! I read them as fast as they become available 🙂 Do you have a release date for Peter’s story? Anxiously awaiting to know what happens with him, Laura and Dean

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