New Release: Bred by the Bushmen (Breeding Season)


Product Description

Breeding Season, 2

After nearly ending her own life, Opal books a soul-searching Alaskan wilderness tour. She’s used to loneliness and rejection, but needs to learn how to love herself. When things go horribly wrong on the tour, she finds herself cold, alone, and facing certain death. 

Caleb and Damon have the perfect life. They live off the grid, far from society and its destructive influences. But it doesn’t take long for the White brothers to realize what’s missing. They need a woman, and crave a family of their own. When their dog leads them to a lost hiker in the woods, they swear she was dropped straight from heaven. 

It will take a lot of hard convincing for the bushmen to prove life at their cabin is better than what Opal left behind in the city. And they won’t take no for an answer. They plan on keeping Opal, loving her, and filling her with their baby. ​

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, double penetration



“How about you warm me up?” he asked without thinking. Why couldn’t he keep control like his brother? Their uncle always said he lacked a filter on his mouth.

She didn’t looked insulted. Instead, she moved closer, running a hand up and down each arm, trying to create warmth from friction. After a while, she started moving slower, her fingers tracing his muscles. The moment felt intimate, his cock harder than oak, straining in his Wranglers. When she reached up high to rub both shoulders, he couldn’t hold back. He took her waist, ducked low, and kissed her on the lips.

How long had it been since he’d kissed a woman? Even during one-nighters he never kissed. Opal’s lips were softer than silk, and she melted against his mouth with no hesitation. He pulled her closer, his cock pressed to her stomach. She smelled like clean soap, and all woman.

When he pulled back to gauge her reaction, her lips were swollen and parted, her chest heaving. Fuck, he wanted her on his bed, but for once, he fought for control. The last thing he wanted to do was scare Opal away. He didn’t want her for sex—well, not only sex. Damon was in this for the long haul if she’d give them a chance. Judging by her kiss, she was open to the possibility.

“I feel warmer already,” he said. Damon ran the pad of his thumb along her lower lip. He stared into her green eyes, wondering if she could see all the way to his soul. She was beautiful, intense, and had more curves than most men could handle. He wanted to love every inch of her body, memorize every beauty mark and detail.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend,” she said, her tone colored in shame.

“Nothing wrong with having no experience,” said Caleb, moving in from the other side. “In fact, there’s nothing more attractive.”

A virgin. An untouched peach. He wanted to eat her pussy until she begged him to fuck her. He wanted her marked and claimed, so full of their cum that every man would know she was the property of the White brothers. Just like with their land, they were very territorial.

“Stay,” whispered Damon. “Take a chance on us.” He kissed her temple.

“I’m afraid. Of everything,” she said. “What if you change your mind once you get to know me?”

He scoffed. “This isn’t the city, sweetheart. We play for keeps. Once we make this official, we’ll be a family.”

She smiled, but quickly hid it. “How do we make it official?” Opal bit her lower lip. Was their little virgin teasing him? She was playing a dangerous game. 

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Published by Author Sam Crescent

Sam Crescent is a USA Today Bestselling author who is passionate about romance. She resides in the UK, and loves creating new exciting characters that take her on a journey she never expected. When she's not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc.

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