My Kind of Dirty (Dirty Fuckers MC)

Hi everyone,

So, Gash has been released, and the feedback has just been absolutely amazing. Honestly, thank you all so much. I know it ended on a cliffhanger there, and I’m so sorry. Totally blame my muse for being a complete pain in the butt. No matter how much I wanted to change the ending, nothing worked. Honestly, it was a total pain in the ass ending, but I’m working on the next book. I think Master needs to be taken care of, don’t you?

So, I’m always writing, always thinking up new stories, and so, I have another new cover to show off. I hope you like it, I know I do.

MyKindofDirty-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2016-finalcoverReleasing March 14th

Grace has left behind an abusive  ex, and has moved back to the town where she grew up only to find it has been taken over by the Dirty Fuckers MC. They’re not dangerous, and she even finds working in the diner they own, enjoyable. However, one member is determined to become more than just a customer.

The last time Drake fell for a woman, he ended up with an STI, and being the laughing stock of the club. Grace is different. She’s not after his cock nor to be part of the club. They start an unusual friendship but neither can deny the attraction between them.

 One day, Drake can’t take it anymore, and he doesn’t give Grace chance to deny him. The problem is one time is not going to be enough. He wants her by his side, as his old lady, and he’ll stop at nothing until he gets her.

 Will Grace finally admit her feelings, or will Drake be left out in the cold?



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