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Giving-it-to-the-Biker-EvernightPublishing-JayAheer2015-finalcoverGiving it to the Biker (Saints and Sinners MC)

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Rage has wanted Penny for a long time but he’s held back as she’s not club property. He gets to see her as she’s the sister of one of the brother’s wives. However, when her personal life stops her visiting the club, Rage won’t stand it. He’s going to have her, and claim her as his old lady whether she likes it or not.

Penny doesn’t want a biker as a husband. She can’t trust a club, and after watching her sister with a biker, Penny is convinced she’d never be happy. Rage will not take no for an answer, and Penny can’t deny the attraction.

Together they explore Penny’s fantasies, and Rage is determined to make sure there’s not a chance for another man to take what belongs to him. He doesn’t share, and he’s claiming this woman as his, and his alone. Rage’s feelings are put to the test when a rival gang takes Penny.

Rage will stop at nothing to get her back. What will happen when he unleashes his namesake on the men who took her? Will Penny run, or will his show of protection seal their future?

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