Zero Cover Reveal

Hi all,

This is just a quick one to show off Zero’s cover and to let you all know that I’m working on Butch’s story along with a few others I’ve got planned. I hope you’re all keeping safe. I hope you like the cover :-).

What do you think?

Coming May 20th

zero2Zero’s foolish mistake could get them all killed.


Ten years ago, Zero tortured a man for killing his friend but when he left the burning building, he thought the man was dead … he wasn’t. Now, his enemy is back and the game of cat and mouse is about to start.


Prue has loved Zero for a long time. He was her brother’s best friend and he protected her through thick and thin. After getting shot by his enemy, he’s there to save her life. The ghost of his enemy lurks everywhere hitting out when they least expect.


No one can stop him and no one can save them.


One by one, Zero’s friends fall and he’s helpless to stop it. His enemy has all the control and there’s nothing he can do. The only woman he can trust is Prue. She’s been with him through everything and now it’s time for them to put the man responsible for tearing their lives apart, in the ground.


How much can Zero sacrifice before it’s too late?

Published by Author Sam Crescent

Sam Crescent is a USA Today Bestselling author who is passionate about romance. She resides in the UK, and loves creating new exciting characters that take her on a journey she never expected. When she's not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc.

14 thoughts on “Zero Cover Reveal

    1. Thanks for agreeing with me Kristina … 🙂 if you do write any fan fiction for Whizz PLEASE let me know I would love to read that while I wait for new Skulls / Chaos Bleeds novels to come out … 😉
      VIVA LA SKULLS … LONG LIVE THE SKULLS 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Mmmmmm write fan fiction without dying from all the damn blushing I’ll be doing while writing the yummy scenes? Now do I make up a gal or try to predict what Sammy dear would think up by rereading the books again and seeing if another lowly female was mentioned that needs a man. Hmmmmm… The possibilities. Of course nothing would be remotely close to what Sam would write.

  1. Yeah Poor Whizz being hurt made me cry I was so sad that he is in so much pain he was so brave through all of it and then he is just broken I can’t wait to read his book I am so looking forward to seeing him be happy with someone who loves him … The Skulls series is a fantastic MC series I love all MC books but the Skulls have a very special place in my heart I just love those guys I hope the club gets some new members so that the series can continue FOREVER … 🙂

    1. Whizz is such a sweetheart, he didn’t deserve it. I hope he finds a woman to help sooth his soul and battle his demons. Makes me wanna write some fan fiction about him so he doesn’t have suffer long and get his immediate HEA ending. Damn that bastard, I thought Snitch was bad… Not by a damn long shot, this effer was devil incarnate times infinity.

  2. I am now turning my cell phone off I have a bag of microwave popcorn on hand and Zero is loaded on my kindle I am all set to have a simply wonderful night … 😉 happy Skulls reading everyone … 🙂

  3. its now the 20 th may but amazon have not got it listed can anyone tell me another site a can get zero from please thank you.

  4. My favorite cover for the skulls series is Lash but I like the cover for Zero the tribal tattoo on his back is awesome … 😉 I can’t wait till the 20th I love the Skulls series and I am really looking forward to reading Zero after the teasers from the most current Chaos Bleeds novel … 🙂

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