The Skulls Family Tree

The Skulls Family Tree/ What’s been going on?

In order of books


Lash (The Skull’s president Book 11, ongoing)

Wife = Angel

Children: Anthony, Chloe, Pregnant with number 3 in Steven

Note: Lash has a brother (Nash). His parents were killed and he ended up in the care of Tiny who was the previous President of the MC.

Angel’s father used her as payment, and because he nearly got her killed, Lash snapped his neck. She has suffered a miscarriage, and ended up in a psychiatric ward. She’s strong, fierce, loving, and loyal.


Murphy (Skulls club member)

Wife: Tate

Children: Simon and Isabella

Note: Tate is the daughter of Tiny and his first wife. She has a bit of an attitude, which tends to annoy several of The Skulls, and has even resulted in Tiny sending his daughter home. In the beginning, Murphy had to infiltrate another club, breaking Tate’s heart as he lied to her.

When his job was complete, he came back to claim Tate. Even though she has a prickly personality, Murphy adores her. He also has scars on his face and body due to his bike exploding.


Nash (Lash’s brother, past drug addiction)

Wife: Sophia

Children: Rachel and Bruce

Notes: Sophia’s sister, Kate was a club whore who got killed. Nash nearly cost his place in The Skulls for using drugs as that was one of Tiny’s rules. He didn’t want any of his guys or girls taking drugs.

Lash is given one chance to get Nash dry, and he uses Sophia to help him do that. Once he is clean, he and Sophia get kidnapped by his old supplier, where they use him as a punching bag, and dope Sophia up. It turns out that an enemy of The Skulls was trying to weaken them.


Tiny (The Skulls President from book 1: Lash, to book 11: Alex )

1st wife = Patricia (died from cancer)

Children = Tate

2nd wife = Eva

Children = Tabitha and Miles (Twins), Luke

Notes: Tiny married Patricia (Alex’s sister), and had one child (Tate) with her before she died of cancer. He raised Tate, Lash, and Nash as a family. However, he hired Eva as a nanny for the kids. He tried to keep her at arm’s length because of his enemies.

Eva kept the fact she was the daughter of Ned Walker a secret for a long time. Her father is the one that organized all the drug and gun runs for The Skulls. Eva became good friends with Lexie (Devil’s, Chaos Bleeds, old lady).

After several bad decisions, Tiny handed the club over to Lash as he felt that he was no longer fit to lead. He now has to contend with his little girl Tabitha falling in love with Simon (Devil’s son).


Killer (Skulls member)

Wife =  Kelsey

Children = Markus and David

Notes: Killer is the tallest and biggest of The Skulls. He can throw people around as if they weigh nothing.

Kelsey was previously married to Michael Granito, a wealthy man who has a deadly secret that nearly gets them all killed. Kelsey nearly takes her own life, and it’s Killer that gets to her in time to save her. She’s a dental nurse.


Zero (Skulls member)

Wife: Prue

Children: Willow

Notes: Zero had a crush on Sophia, and before he realized his feelings for another, he nearly crossed the line in taking Sophia. He didn’t. Zero helped to protect Prue when she was younger, securing her with a second identity. Her brother was killed, and it was up to him to take care of her.

When an old enemy threatens to take Prue from him, Zero must act quickly to protect her. Angel nearly dies trying to protect him. Whizz is taken and tortured by Zero’s enemy.

Zero and Prue are strong together, and takes their time before having a child.


Butch Skulls member that got sent to Vegas

Wife: Cheryl

Children: she’s pregnant with their first child Jade, but Cheryl has a son with Alex (Skulls member), Michael.

Notes: Butch is not all that he seems. In fact, he had another life before The Skulls. He was part of another MC, and it was because of a man known as Gonzalez that had Butch running for his life as a child.

When he helps an old MC, his betrayal of The Skulls hit hard. Once the dust settles from the mess that Gonzalez made, Butch has no choice but to go to Vegas, where he still is. He works with Ned Walker and is a Skulls presence.

Michael, Cheryl and Alex’s son moves back to Fort Wills after several years of being in Vegas, and has caused some trouble with the other Skulls kids.

Cheryl has suffered miscarriages, but has a baby girl called jade in Vegas,

Lash pays him a visit make him president of the Vegas chapter, as he already has at least 3 that want a patch.


Whizz (Skulls member, he is great with computers)

Wife: Lacey (She was a victim of a gang rape when she was little and cannot have children).

Adopted children: Sally, Daisy, and now John

Notes: After being tortured, raped, and nearly killed, Whizz came out of it fighting but with his nightmares. He’s nearly as big as Killer, and his strength rivals all in the club. The only person he could connect with was Lacey. She was one of the victims from the same MC that Butch was part of. She cannot have children.

It takes The Skulls longer to get accustomed to Lacey, but she soon becomes part of the group. She brings a peace to Whizz, even though she can’t cook at all.

Adopting troubled girl, Sally and Daisy. They make a home for the children that they can love.

Blaine: Christmas with The Skulls


Wife: Emily

Child: Darcy

Notes: Blaine and Emily didn’t have the best start in life. He took the club life to heart, screwing random women and hurting the one he really loved.

It took Blaine a long time to come to terms with what he’d done, and also to work at winning Emily back.



Wife: Sunshine

Child: Candice, (he also has a son with Cheryl, Michael)

Notes: Alex has made many sacrifices for The Skulls. Most of which none of them knew about. From the moment he saw Sunshine, he knew he wanted her, and was determined to claim her. At first he took her as payment, but the truth was, he wanted her to fall in love with him.

Sunshine is his light, and he will hurt anyone who tries to take her away from him.



Wife: Rose

Children: twins, Primrose and Bluebell

Notes: Hardy fucked up and got a club whore pregnant. When Rose agrees to take care of the baby, everything seems to be going well. However, the woman dies along with her unborn child. Instead of dealing with their problems, they pretend nothing happened. Years afterward, there’s no getting away from what happened, and Rose makes the decision to leave and to get a divorce.

Hardy has to fight harder than ever before to save his marriage, and to prove his love to Rose.

They were lucky enough to get pregnant with beautiful twin girls.



Wife: Charlotte


Notes: Gash was falsely sentenced for rape and murder. When his innocence was proven, he wanted revenge, only to discover that his own brother was behind the whole thing. Not only was his brother intent on destroying him, Andrew was also the man known as Master who planned to exterminate the whole of The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds.

Charlotte had her baby removed by Gash’s brother, and ended up in a hospital, which kept her safe, and out of harms way. When he gets out, he believes she’s the reason for him being there, and that’s not the case.

They are expecting a baby.

Master (The Skulls & Chaos Bleeds Crossover)


Wife: Sandy

Children: Philip

Notes: Stink has had a thing for Sandy for a long time. He has no sense of smell, and tends to do the smellier jobs at the club. Sandy was a club whore for a long time. She’s also a doctor.

She didn’t want to settle down with any one man, but Stink worked his way into her heart, and they are now married with children.



Wife: Millie

Children: None at the moment

Notes: Before joining The Skulls, Baker had a wife and child that was killed. He sold up his business, and moved his life, refusing to bake again. Millie is a toy shop owner in Fort Wills, who is used to being overlooked. She is friends with The Skulls women.

Baker has to prove to Millie that he loves her, and that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep her. When her sister burns down the toy shop, The Skulls band around her, protecting her as one of their own.



Wife: Sally

Children: Caleb

Notes: Sally is adopted by Whiz and Lacey when she was 16, during a shot out at the club house Sally loses her leg and has a prosthetic one went to college she had an abused up bringing through the foster system

Steve has been with the skulls since his 20’s as a prospect he was shot during a hostage situation at Tiny’s. has always been there for the club. Liked sally from when she was 16 but waited until she was 21 to make any move.


Wife: Darcey

Children: Adopted abbey

 Notes: Darcey is the daughter of (Skulls Member) Blaine and Emily, at the age of 15 Darcey has Cancer (ALL). she always had a crush on Ink. While in the hospital she starts to talk to ink about what he thinks of her and this scares ink and he leaves.

Ink’s sister died at the age of 10 from cancer and is scared that the same will happen to Darcey so he puts some distance between them and heads to piston county where he works for devil at the Wearhouse caring boxes and taking inventory, when Darcy turns 18 ink returns to fort wills,  

Other characters

Adam: British MC member, who was part of the nomad group.

Fighter: A prospect that earned his patch through loyalty of the club

Twisted: One of the Nomad’s hoping to settle down in Fort Wills.

Simon and Tabitha

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