Love, Death and Justice

Release Date: July 9th 2012

Love and death are always part of life, but now is the time to seek out justice.

Catherine Hart is running. She’s just witnessed her sister’s murder. She can’t run fast enough. Caught and thrust into Cyril Wood’s world of prostitution and chaos, she must seduce Lance Clay and get the deal her sister was striking, or die.

Nothing is as it seems. Her sister was hiding far deeper than she could imagine. Lance wants Clay’s head and is prepared to do anything to get what he wants.

Catherine is a gift to Lance and together they must fight for her freedom and bring Cyril down. But in this world nothing is as it seems. Is her sister really dead, and who is really controlling Cyril?


Someone was chasing her. She didn’t know who or what it was, but the unmistakable urge to look back overcame her. She glanced back and there they were, following close behind. She shouldn’t have been there—her sister had warned her to stay clear of the club and warehouse—and now she had just watched her sister being murdered in cold blood.

Catherine Hart suppressed a sob. For months her older sister, Sidney, had been caring for her, helping her get through university free from debt. If only she’d known before that Sidney had been selling her body to the highest bidder to care for her. To pay all of her student fees. Catherine would have told her she was crazy and she shouldn’t be using her body—she should be out enjoying life and love. Catherine didn’t need education—it was something their parents had wanted for them.

Catherine turned down a darkened alley and ran straight into a muscled chest, then her arms were roughly grabbed and squeezed tight. Catherine couldn’t control the sobs escaping her mouth.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” she begged the unmoving man.

“You got her?” One of the men who’d been following behind her panted as they caught up.

“Of course I did. Unlike you two, I don’t fail my boss.”

Catherine was shaking. They were going to kill her, she was sure of it.

“Let’s get her back to the club. Kill anyone who looks a little too closely,” the one who held her ordered the two men.

The club in question was a nightclub known for strippers, prostitutes and many underhanded dealings. She cried out as they forced her inside a black car, the windows blacked out so no one could see in.

After all her years mocking these situations in movies, Catherine couldn’t believe she was now living it. Her heart was racing and her stomach doing somersaults with every speed bump they passed, taking her closer to the monster who’d killed her sister.

Sidney. All the memories she’d had of the woman who’d cared for her since her parents’ death came swimming to the surface, threatening to suffocate her.

I’m so sorry, Sid. I should’ve listened to you.

A few nights ago, Catherine had dressed ready to go out for a night on the town with her sister. Sid had been furious and had refused to let her leave the apartment.

“I’m working, baby, and I can’t do my job if I’m worrying about you.”

Not understanding her sister’s words, Catherine had refused to speak to her. Then tonight she had decided to follow her.

The biggest mistake of her life had been believing that Sidney could pay for things and take care of her without getting into trouble.

The car stopped round a back entrance and the same man who’d forced her into the car now pulled her out. Her fear returning—along with no common sense—she kneed the man who held her in the balls then used the small opportunity, when he let go to cup his crown jewels, to try to run.

Another of his men grabbed her, hauling her back. The man she’d kneed dealt her a stinging blow across the face.

Pain shot through her head, making her heave.

They pulled her into a hectic kitchen of what appeared to be a busy club then into an office. Her fear spiked to unimaginable proportions. Two huge men with guns and foul expressions greeted her at the door with a sneer and she was dragged further into the room. Behind the desk, holding a phone to his ear, sat the monster—the murderer who’d taken her sister’s life.

Oh, Sid, why?

For the rest of her life, Catherine would never understand what had pushed her to make money in this way.

“I’ve got a guest right now, but you can tell Mr Clay he’ll be supplied plenty of girls… Sorry—one girl. No problem. I want this business to work.” As she listened to his conversation, she wondered who would choose to do business with the creep.

The phone was slammed down and the man stared at her—his eyes dead and the look he gave menacing. Her fear doubled. There was nothing to stop him from killing her right now.

“So this is the sister?” His voice commanded attention and the men stood straighter as he got out of his chair and came round to her.

The guy behind her tightened his hold while the boss moved closer. She struggled, unable to help the instinct inside her to get away from him.

He was a killer. She loved her sister dearly and would miss her…but, God help her, she didn’t want to die.

“She’s prettier and would bring a few bob for our trouble.” The monster stroked a finger down her cheek and Catherine sobbed. Danger was calling out to her and she wasn’t able to handle it.

“You killed my sister,” she accused.

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