Chaos Bleeds Family Tree

Chaos Bleeds Family Tree

Devil’s Charm

Devil: President of the Chaos Bleeds MC

Wife: Lexie

Children: Simon, Elizabeth, Josh, David, Laurell, Amelia

History: After knocking up Lexie’s half-sister, Kayla, Devil goes in search of the woman so that he can raise his kid himself. He finds Lexie with his son, Simon, and instantly falls for her.

Lexie turned stripper to take care of Simon. She’s a loyal wife, and stands by Devil and his decisions. Together they are the parents of the Chaos Bleeds MC

Ripper’s Torment

Ripper: Chaos Bleeds member

Wife: Judi, Chaos Bleeds princess, Devil and Lexie’s adopted daughter

Children: Paul, Channing, baby girl

History: Taken at a young age and used as a prostitute, she was saved by Devil and the club. They took her in, and helped her get back to school. One night after she kills an old customer, Ripper helps her to clean up the mess.

From there, he shows her that her past doesn’t mean anything to him. They come together and Ripper has to fight the club to prove he’s worthy of her. In a later book, Judi nearly dies after she suffers Pre-eclampsia.

Curse’s Claim

Curse: Chaos Bleeds member

Wife: Mia, best friend to now deceased club whore Ashley.

Children: Ashley

History: Mia works two jobs in order to help her sick mother. Curse is fascinated by her, and is determined to have her in his life. When she calls her best friend trapped in a clients bathroom, Curse goes to protect her. In turn, he kills someone on another man’s kill list. In doing so, he brings Gonzalez to the clubs life, which will also cause problems for their friends, The Skulls.

Ashley offers to go with Gonzalez to help the club. This will be the last time the club see her as she’s killed.

Blind Devotion

Pussy: Chaos Bleeds member

Wife: Sasha, she’s been blinded after an attack from her stepfather, in a later book her eyesight returns after a blow to the head

Children: Shay

History: Pussy is distraught when Ashley’s severed head is sent to the clubhouse. He and Ashely became friends. He finds comfort in Sasha. She’s blind and in need, but he craves her more than anything else.

When he discovers her stepfather’s torment and his connections to Gonzalez, he’s determined to get his revenge.

Chaos Bleeds makes sure her mother goes to rehab, and they take care of Sasha, even though Devil is now happy about her being with the club.

Death’s Dirty Demand

Death: member of Chaos Bleeds

Wife: Brianna, her uncle is Gonzales’s right hand man, was one of the women used and abused by Master

Children: Elisha

History: Brianna was saved when the club finally got rid of Gonzalez. He made them traffic women but Devil wasn’t going to stand to be told what to do in his territory. He cleans house, demanding that his men get clean. No drugs. Devil and Lexie work to bring Brianna and Death together.

It’s Christmas at Chaos Bleeds MC, and with it the festivities can begin.

Snake’s Addiction

Snake: Chaos Bleeds MC member

Wife: Jessica, friends with Lydia a woman who likes to party

Children:  Bell

History: Jessica is a nurse who is there when Judi is brought in with pre-eclampsia. She’s Snake’s fantasy. A strong, bike riding woman, who knows her own mind, but won’t fall for his bullshit.

Determined not to fall for each other, there’s nothing either can do to fight it. When Lydia lures Jessica into Master’s trap, she sets of a chain of events that will bring The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds together again to fight off their enemy.

Broken Hearts

Dick: actual name Teddy Bear, ex-drug user, and known for being a dick. Chaos Bleeds member

Wife: Martha, met Dick in rehab

Children: Noah

History: Dick needs a break from all the crap going on at the club. With the threat of Master, the fact he’s clean, he just needs to get away. In doing so, he goes to the woman he met in rehab. Martha was there to help her sister, and they connected. When he finds her, he discovers her sister died, and Martha is now a recluse. She was impaled on a tree and had to witness her sister die as she couldn’t get to her.

With Martha, Dick tries. He wants her to see the good in him, and she does.


Spider: Chaos Bleeds member

Wife: Paris, stripped at Naked Fantasies (a strip club owned by Chaos Bleeds)

Children: Aria

History: Paris is taken by Master where she is raped and tortured. She does everything she can to protect her twin sister who is disabled. While there, she befriends Lola, a young woman with an eye for computers. Together they get a message to Whizz, The Skulls member to help them escape.

Once she escapes, it takes time for Spider to get over the guilt of believing he failed Paris. They are happily married, and take care of her sister, and their family. She’s in college, hoping to one day become an author.

Sinner’s Possession

Sinner: Chaos Bleeds member, leave to join the Chaos Bleeds Nomad chapter

Wife: Lola

Children: baby boy

History: Lola has never gotten over her time with Master. Seeing no other alternative, she takes a job opportunity which will take her away from Piston County and from Sinner. They need a break.

Sinner loves her enough to let her go. While she’s gone though, he goes to the Nomad Chapter to help him deal with his own problems. While he’s there, he becomes friend with several of the chapter, Roxy and Lucius being the two. Roxy’s cancer is back, and it’s terminal.

Drawn together, Sinner and Lola discover that they don’t need to be apart to find themselves. She’s healed, and together they help ease Roxy’s final days.

Natalie’s Choice (Slash)

Wife: Natalie

Children: Thomas

History: Natalie used to work on the ranch with her family, the club use to help out when her father got sick, before he died, he sold the ranch to Devil. Natalie has a fashion degree and uses it to design clothes for the shop that the mc ladies owns.

Slash has always been around and makes his declaration that he wants Natalie. Butler at the time also believed that he wanted Natalie and decided that he wanted to date her too. Natalie makes a decision and tells butler that she wants slash and she is only an easy choice for him.



Children: Christie

 History: Butler is a ex drug addict; Mandy is the club house cleaner.  She was sent away and put in to witness protection because she witnesses her father murder her mother, now that she is back,

While at the club house she comes across butler and the drugs and he confesses all the Devil. Him and Mandy go on holiday for a few weeks so he can take some time and know what he wants.

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