Guest: Sara York

What Inspires You

I’m Sara York and in my writing life I’ve been through periods where I write 12,000 words a day and periods where I only write 500 words a day. Right now I’m kind of in a good patch, but I know to take it day by day.
Some of the things that help me write are pictures of lovely places, inspiring visits and peace. In a family with two very active teens who I home school there isn’t much peace. There’s always a sporting event, 11 average per week when you throw in practices, and then there’s music lessons and practice. We’re busy.
I recharge by looking at beach photos. I love everything about the beach. The sand between my toes, the sun, the water and the salt I love it all.

This is one of my favorite areas in the USA. I love the water and dolphins that inhabit the intracoastal waterways. This is at the light house on Hilton Head.

This is Vero Beach in Florida. Vero was hit hard by a few hurricanes in the late 2000’s and the beach and dunes are recovering. It’s a very beautiful area and I love spending time at Vero.
San Francisco isn’t as warm as the East Coast beaches, but I still love the area. It’s so beautiful with the bridge and all the ships. I could spend hours sitting on the beaches watching the boats sail by.
I love beaches in the Bahamas. The water is crystal clear. I think I could probably live on a boat full time. The only downside is frequent showers with fresh water. There just isn’t enough space on a sailboat to supply enough fresh water for showers. Otherwise I would sell the house, buy a sailboat and live right off shore of this island.
But my favorite beach spot in the entire world is on Hilton Head. The trees on the island, the quaint atmosphere and the beautiful water make it my top spot to recharge and find the writing muse again.
Finding what recharges your soul is mega important for writers. We put so much into our books and it takes its toll. After writing Working It Out I needed to recharge. Lucky for me I was able to travel to my sisters and go Atlantic Beach in North Carolina. We spent three hours on a cold and windy Sunday morning with our toes in the sand. It was wonderful.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures. These are just some of the photos that help me recharge and make my mind right so I can create more compelling, erotic and adventurous stories.
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