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The Perfect Shoot (Hot Model Mine 1) by Lea Bronsen


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Who hasn’t been infatuated with a sexy poster boy – actor, pop star, or football hero – even though he was unobtainable? The heroine in my Hot Model Mine series is a thriving author and hard-working mother nearing her forties. Tough, independent, and having long ago lost faith in love, she dismisses her crush on the cover model of her book to protect herself. What then can she do when that gorgeous young man surprisingly falls for her, too?

I hope you enjoy this tale of ‘impossible’ love, dead-honest and written with my heart.

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When Andrea Johnson, writing as author Cindy Vega, signed up for a Meet & Greet with the cover model of her latest book, she didn’t expect sparks to fly. Yushka is dangerously good-looking and too young for her. But their connection is instantaneous, and during a photo shoot with the two, the photographer picks up on their growing attraction. Seeing the potential for the cover photo of the century, he decides to push their comfort limits…



An assistant calls Yushka’s name. Bare-chested, the Asian hunk appears from a group of models, strolls to the spotlights, and waits in front of the camera with the confident stance of a professional.

The whole place quiets as if in awe. He’s unbelievably beautiful with his tanned, bulging muscles and washboard-abs-to-die-for. When photographer Lemaître asks him to undo his hair, a black waterfall lands on his shoulders and down his back. A few muffled feminine squeals fill the silence.

One by one, authors whose books he appears on get a few pictures taken with him in flattering positions, wrapping their arms around his back or swallowed up in his embrace, beaming like schoolgirls at their first prom.

Jealousy rips through me so violently I can barely breathe, but my time is up soon, and I hate that even more. I’m non-photogenic, and seeing pictures of myself makes me sick. I’ve chosen a sexy, black top and matching short skirt for the occasion, but looking my best doesn’t help. My stomach ties in a knot.

“Cindy Vega,” an assistant calls.

Fuck, that’s me. I’m dead.

“Go,” Laurie says, giving me a small push.

All muscles tense, I leave my safe corner and join Yushka. He greets me with a placid face, but from the warmth in his pupils, I get a feeling he’s glad to see me. Side by side, narrowing our eyes from the piercing light, we face Lemaître and wait for orders.

Damn. Being so near Yushka’s naked torso is unbearable, as is the heat from the lamps shining on us. Sweat beads roll down the sides of my chest, between my breasts. He endures, too. A thin film of sweat coats his golden skin, making it glow, but he doesn’t seem bothered.

Lemaître clears his throat. “Bon. Stand a little closer. Cindy, this is for Eden Luna Publishing’s website. Officially, we want authors happily meeting their cover models, but off the record, we want sensual, we want heat. Readers will get off seeing your pictures like they do reading your books.”

Stiff as a rod, I nod agreement. I’d half expected this. Problem is, I hate being in the spotlight with so many people watching, and I hate the notion of having my photo all over the internet.

“Sooo,” he continues, “I will ask you to just stand like this, facing me, and smile. That is all. Yushka knows what he has to do.”


Turning to my side, Yushka puts a hot hand on my stomach and the other on the small of my back. Though light, his touches destabilize me, as does the warm, musky scent sneaking to my nostrils.

“Closer,” Lemaître orders. “Bodily contact.”

Shit, I’m fucked.

The stud radiates heat as he approaches, sweaty chest sticking to my arm, heart beating against my skin. His crotch barely brushes my hip, but each pore in my body becomes acutely aware of him, on high alert. As last night’s intense arousal replays in all of me, my inner thighs clench with renewed want.

Whispers and low chuckles sound from both sides of the vast lobby. I try to forget the hundred eyes following my every move, but can’t help being distracted, bathed in full light and painfully self-conscious.

“That is better.” Like a shooting gun, Lemaître’s camera clicks and the flash blinds me repetitively. “Now, give him a smile, Cindy. You know the kind I want.”

My throat so dry I can’t speak, I turn to Yushka.

He’s very near, inches from my face, black pupils gleaming with mischief. Sweat pearls on his face, making him look sexier than ever. Long, black hairs glue to his forehead and cheeks. He smells of soap, his close shave making him look baby-faced.

Seemingly at ease, the heaving of his chest regular, he stares into my eyes. I can’t believe his confidence. Modelling is his profession, but how does he stay so fucking calm?

“You wanna give me a smile?” he whispers, warm breaths brushing my chin. Behind me, his large hand sneaks lower and palms my butt cheek. With that and his other fingers splaying on my stomach, he pulls me to him, making me feel the entire length and…hardness…of his cock on my hip.

I suck in a breath.

His lips curl up in a self-satisfied grin. “Hm, Andrea? You wanna give me a smile?”

Oh my fucking God. I can’t help but obey while my insides go up in flames.

Flashing his teeth, he kneads my ass with a strong hand and pushes his full erection against me. He knows what he’s doing, the devil. He knows slowly rubbing me with his cock turns my pussy to burning liquid.

Somewhere, a feminine gasp breaks the silence, followed by contained laughter.

Très bien, we have a smile,” Lemaître says, camera clicking, flash shooting. “Thank you, Cindy, that will be enough. Next!”

Still grinning and holding my look, Yushka slowly backs off, leaving chillier air between us.

I’m frozen. In shock, lust, need.

“Come on, move it!” Lemaître calls. “We don’t have all day.”

No shit.

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I like my reads fast, hot, and edgy, and strive to give my own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with my debut novel Wild Hearted, I divide my writing time between psychological thriller, erotic contemporary romance, and dripping erotica.

I love to hear from my readers! Send me a mail to leabronsen@yahoo.com or meet me on:

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Guest: Vina Jackson


by Vina Jackson 

We’ve been asked several times now what it’s like to write with another person. And not just to write, but to write steamy sex scenes. How do we do it? What’s it like to share such intimate prose with another? Do we always agree?

As both halves of Vina Jackson come from a racey romance or erotic writing background, we’re accustomed to exploring what our characters do behind closed doors in more detail than the average writer, so we took the saucy content of the EIGHTY DAYS series in our collaborative stride with barely a blush.

However, we did find it necessary to keep our voices down in the cafes and restaurants where we plotted the novels, to avoid offending neighbouring patrons who might not have been aware that our discussions of lascivious love affairs and tawdry love triangles were fictional!

The method was simple. We each chose a character to write, one of us as Summer and the other as Dominik, and then wrote chapter over chapter in alternating voices.

Initially when we were just experimenting with the idea and hadn’t yet been signed by a literary agent or won a publishing deal with Orion, we had a little more time up our sleeves so this was simple enough. One of us would work while the other would play, waiting to begin the next chapter, fully informed of the previous plot points and character development.

Once we were under deadline though, and with other work commitments to complete as well, we realised that we’d have to double our pace, bite the bullet, and write our chapters consecutively.

This meant that we needed to work more closely together in terms of plotting each section, to make sure that we were moving (creatively) in the same direction, and we were soon exchanging anywhere between twenty to fifty emails per day (making going back to check a past conversation close to impossible!)

However, our muses being as they are – stubborn, fickle creatures, predisposed to encouraging Character A to do X when the outline says she should do Y – meant that nine times out of ten we were collaboratively dancing in the dark, one of us working on a character or a plot point in Chapter 8, the other doing the same in Chapter 9, and hoping that the two would entwine perfectly.

Remarkably, that was the case in almost every exchange of chapters, bar the odd minor adjustment.

We would then edit each other’s work, checking that our writing partner had moved ‘our character’ along the way that we imagined they should, and correcting each other’s repetitions or making changes to improve the flow, and occasionally writing a paragraph for the other when one of us was stuck or more of an expert on the local geography of our setting, or the best way to tie up a lover.

We also swapped a chapter in two out of three volumes to keep our writing fresh and our reader’s guessing, so at some point during both EIGHTY DAYS YELLOW and BLUE, Summer has written as Dominik, and Dominik as Summer.

Whether we started in sync or we became that way is difficult to say, but by the time that we came back to our finished work to complete final edits and proof reading, neither of us was entirely certain which sections the other had written.

We hope that our audience enjoys reading Summer and Dominik’s adventures as much as we enjoyed writing them.

The first volume EIGHTY DAYS YELLOW was published in early August, and its sequels EIGHTY DAYS BLUE and EIGHTY DAYS RED are out in September and October. At the time of writing, EIGHTY DAYS YELLOW is no 6 on the Sunday Times bestseller list and has sold translation in ten countries as well as the US.

Below is the Amazon buy links and information for Eighty Days Yellow.

Caught in a frustrating relationship with a man who can’t accept her for who she is, passionate, flame-haired violinist Summer finds release in her music. She spends her afternoons busking on the underground, lost in the works of Vivaldi or Mendelssohn. When her violin is damaged beyond repair, Summer receives a surprising proposition from Dominik, a university professor with powerful desires, who has been captivated by Summer ever since he heard her perform. Dominik will replace her priceless violin, but only if she agrees to play for him in a private concert.

Unable to deny the chemistry between them, Dominik and Summer embark on an intense affair full of daring twists and turns, as unpredictable as it is thrilling. For Summer it is a chance to finally embrace her long-denied dark side, but she’ll soon learn that where there’s pleasure must come pain. And can a relationship born of such all-consuming passion, ever really survive?

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Guest: C.R. Moss

A Wild Pairing

Thank you Sam for having me on your blog today! Since I wanted to talk about Wild West Weekend, I’ve brought along my writing partner & co-author, RM Sotera, to participate in the discussion.

Wild West Weekend ~ available at Evernight Publishing ~ is about two friends who go to a ranch for a weekend getaway and end up meeting their men, a couple of sexy cowboys.

We’ve been asked what drew us to write a Contemporary Erotic Western Romance… C.R.: I thought it’d be fun…sexy cowboys, rugged terrain, hot nights… 😉 RM: I agree. I mean, who doesn’t like a man who can tie you up, lay you down, and basically keep you in any position he sees fit. 🙂

C.R.: But what really drew us into writing this story and dipping our feet into the genre(s) was a trip I went on where I stayed on a working ranch. There were ranchers/cowboys who actually wore the hats and chaps, horses, trail rides, campfires, cattle and food cooked outside. My muse started asking, “What if?” When I returned home with a handful of ideas, I went to RM and said, “Guess what we’re going to write about.” RM: Yeah, that was an interesting conversation. I was a bit worried about writing it since I hadn’t been there in person, but C.R. had taken lots of pictures and shared them with me. We’d written another set of books together, and co-authoring this project just seemed like the logical thing to do once we did a lot of brainstorming and started verbally laying down this story. We had a blast dreaming up the Dougan brothers, and then, adding two heroines that could bring the men to their knees or kick some ass, was an awesome feeling.

C.R.: Speaking of co-authoring… It’s amazing when something clicks and our teaming up together did just that. RM defines our partnership best… RM: Many people have asked me what it’s like to work with a co-author. I do believe my answer surprises many. One would think that two authors, both striving for creative freedom, would find it difficult to work together. I am happy to say that I’ve found the opposite to be true. The creative relationship that I share with CR Moss is what I believe to be a once in a lifetime occurrence. As soon as we are in a room together or on the phone and we start brainstorming ideas for stories, the creative sparks fly hard and fast. Sometimes, I’m unable to process as fast as we spit out the ideas for stories. We just have that connection. We respect each other, and when an idea doesn’t work, we file it for another time. Value and respect, commitment and willingness to accept change – this is our mantra. When the idea of Wild West Weekend came about excitement drove us to pump the story out. It went through many revisions before we both knew it was ready. We had a blast dreaming up the awesome characters and the magical place they call home. I know we are extremely humbled and happy by the positive reviews and comments that have come our way – both about the book and our writing styles. I know, and I believe I speak for both of us, we have so much more planned for our readers and the Wild West series.

C.R.: That’s not to say that co-authoring is easy. Sometimes we hit snags with keeping facts straight, since in essence we co-authored two separate stories and then had to make sure they were entwined together at the right places to make it one book with three parts. RM: And another challenge was not living near my writing partner (yes, we live in the same city but at opposite ends) so that when we needed to do edits I could run next door. And, I was going through some other things in my life that had my writing time extremely limited.

C.R.: So what is coming up for the Wild West series? Well, we’re working on the second book now. It’ll be different than the first in that it’ll be one story and not in parts. It’s tentatively titled Wild West Hauntings. Rachel, Marianne’s sister, has come to the ranch for the holidays. Marianne and Miguel are deepening their relationship. Bristol is nearing her due date and driving Damon nuts. Cassie’s still trying to get Dakota to not be a control freak. On top of all this, the gang is being troubled by a couple of ghosts—one who wants Rachel for his own and another that’s not so nice to the ranch residents. For the third book (tentatively titled Wild West Spirits) we’ll be introducing some Native American aspects and an evil spirit.

To keep up with the antics at the Double D & keep posted about when the next books will be available, visit http://doubledranchtales.blogspot.com/

Blurb for Wild West Weekend:

Wild West Weekend – Double D Ranch Tales, 1

Two people scared to love again. Two others hesitant about commitment. A weekend in Nevada will change all that. Bristol Ashcombe is swearing off men and taking a vacation with her friend, Cassie. Damon Dougan is packed and ready to leave the ranch for a trip, that is, until a long-legged, sexy woman steps out of a vehicle and he decides to stay. Will one sex-filled weekend be enough for either of them?

Cassie Harding travels to the Double D ranch to meet Bristol and looks forward to seeing her old friend, Dakota. Dak’s excited when Cassie, his former sweetheart, returns. Cassie and Dakota, though they’re heating up ‘the sheets’ in and out of the bedroom, have fears about commitment after years of being single. Will they find it’s better to dance together than apart?

Be Warned: light bdsm, sex toys.

For an excerpt and to buy, visit: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/products/Wild-West-Weekend-by-C.R.-Moss-and-R.M.-Sotera.html

Find C.R. Moss & RM Sotera here:

http://www.crmoss.net/ & http://www.rmsotera.com/

Guest: Laurie Sorensen

Hello and welcome Laurie Sorensen to my site. She has so graciously agreed to be interviewed.


So let’s begin…

1) First, tell us a little about yourself so the readers know who you are.

My pen name is actually who I was until I was 5 years old. Sorensen is my mother’s maiden name, and Laurie is the name my grandfather called me from birth until the day he died. It seemed like the best thing to do to honor him. I am a Domestic Goddess, which is a job in and of itself, but I also work outside my home at a Country Gift store in our local mall. I also sell Tupperware on the side. I keep busy, love to cook and bake, and I even decorate cakes. Life keeps me on my toes. I have 5 children, 2 of which are naturally mine, while three others plus a son-in-law are my husband’s children. We made two broken families, into one large happy family.

2) What made you decide to write? Was it something you accidentally began? Or what you wanted to do? Or annoying character who refused to leave until their story was told?

I started writing when I was about 14 years old, I was dealing with the death of a beloved grandmother, and a crippling shyness that ruled my life. Writing allowed me to pour my heart and soul into words on a page, helping me to grieve a bit easier. On the pages of my stories I was not shy, I was popular, and had lots of friends, not so in real life. As a child of a military family, I made the choice not to get too close to many people because we moved more often than not. So not being close to people made it less heartbreaking to move away again.

3) I love hearing about first acceptances as an aspiring writer and now that I am e-published, I still love hearing about them. So tell us about that first acceptance.

When I first started out writing, I was ignorant of the ways things were done. Someone told me “Submit your work to agents.” So I did, 329 of them over 6 months’ time. Now, seasoned authors would know that you shouldn’t do that. But then I was a newbie, unaware of the etiquette of how things are acceptably done. Over the next 6 months, I got rejection after rejection. I did get the occasional “Send me more” emails or letters, and I sent more, only to be sent more rejections. Of course I was devastated, and I decided that writing was not for me. I gathered up my ‘work’ (all the floppy discs, and CD-ROM’s, and hard copies and trucked them out to the burn barrel in our back yard. My husband Danny convinced me to not give up so easily, and that maybe I should just completely bypass the whole agent thing and submit it to a publisher instead. I thought about it and then submitted the story to 13 different publishers on the same day. I sat back and waited. I was asked for more information from three of the publishers, once they got the more information I was offered two contracts. I actually got the offer from both publishers on the same day, and I carefully read each contract before going with the one I chose. At the time I was selfish, and hadn’t heard a whole lot about E-book publishing so I went with a contract that would get my book in print. I thought having a book in print on the bookshelves of bookstores was what I NEEDED to do. The publisher provided me cover art, editing and put my first book in print. If I could do it over, in all honesty, I’m not sure if I would change anything. I mean, I am a real believer that things happen the way they do, for a reason. My choices up to this point in my life, have led me to where I am today and this is where I need to be.

4) Tell us about your current release? Where can readers buy it from?

The Pirate Princess came out April 27th. It is a historical romance the main character is Alvilda, a Princess that turns pirate when she escapes marriage to a prince. There was a real Princess Alvilda, though her place is history is so obscure it gave me the ability to give her a love story to last for all time. You can currently get it here – http://www.evernightpublishing.com. It is also available through Amazon.com and All Romance E-books.

5) What are you currently writing?

I am currently working on book two of my Ravenwood series (book one, Ravenwood: Night’s Salvation is available on Smashwords.com) as well as a sequel to The Pirate Princess which is at this time, untitled.

6) What inspires you most when you write?

My dreams are what inspire my writing for the most part, though I have to say that the Pirate Princess was born out of a suggestion for an anthology about Pirate Women. When the story was accepted, I had 7 days to get it written and turned in. The anthology fell through when the publisher I was with closed their doors for personal reasons. I didn’t want the story to go untold and that lead me to submit it to Evernight Publishing, who quickly accepted it.

7) What experiences have you had working with your publisher’s?

With my first publisher, I learned how to fend for myself when it came to marketing, though it is still a learning process. With the second publisher, it was nothing but wonderful and when they closed their doors it was heart-breaking. I did some soul searching and kicked around the idea of not writing anymore, but if I’m completely honest here, that wouldn’t have ever been an option for me. Writing is like breathing to me, I can’t just NOT write, I would go insane. So I took the one book I had with the other publisher, and self-published it through Smashwords. I then sat back and re-examined the possibility of the Pirate Princess finding another home. A friend had just published a book with Evernight, so I slipped over to their home on the web and browsed the guidelines. I put on my big girl panties and submitted The Pirate Princess. Once I did that, it was like a load of bricks off my shoulder and I sat back to wait. Less than 24 hours later I opened my email inbox and found a message from Evernight. I was immediately devastated, because I assumed it was a rejection. I also didn’t open it. But since some of the rejections in the past had been helpful, I opened it and found out I was offered a contract. Ecstatic, I cried, and my friends on my bowling team thought I had received bad news and were as thrilled as I was when I read the email to them. Three rounds of edits in 2 days later, adding three scenes, The Pirate Princess was reborn.

8) What are you reading now?

I am currently reading a book called The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer. It’s not really my genre, but it’s really very good. I just got through reading the Hunger Games Trilogy, which I highly recommend.

9) What are your guilty pleasures?

Guilty pleasures…my oh my…Mayfield Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream, Pizza Hut Meat Lovers Pan pizza, Hot Chocolate…a long hot bubble bath, a good book and sweet tea.

10) What would be your advice, if any, for other aspiring authors?

My advice would be simply to write, and to do it from the heart. It was the single best advice I got from my long-time favourite author, Catherine Coulter. Don’t write for the market, write for you. There is an audience for every book that will be written. Never move away from who you are to please someone else. You can’t please everyone, it just isn’t possible. Stay true to yourself and everything else will fall into place.

This is for you to talk more about yourself, leave your blogging details, site details and generally promote yourself.


You can find my website (blog and excerpts) here – www.lauriesorensen.com

The Pirate Princess Blurb – What does a princess do when she doesn’t want a prince? She escapes the princes grasp, mere hours before he is to win her hand and she becomes a pirate. Travel the open seas with Princess Alvilda as she captains the Cryatus in the 14th century. She and her band of female pirates terrorize the Danish people while keeping just out of reach of the one person she wished to escape, Prince Alf. When he captures her ship and discovers her true identity, will he also capture her icy heart?

Guest: Adonis Devereux

May I welcome fellow Evernight Publishing author,

Adonis Devereux 

I don’t believe in writer’s block. Never have, never will. At least not the kind of writer’s block I hear a lot of people complain about. I get the impression that they think writer’s block is some mystical forcefield keeping them from their writing, like it’s not their fault, like there’s nothing they can do about it. I’ve never experienced writer’s block, so maybe that’s why I don’t believe it really exists. Of course I work hard to make sure writer’s block never seizes me. I might take a walk, change my environment, take a break, or talk to my wife. (By the way, I’m the Mr. half of the Adonis Devereux writing duo!) I guess the one advantage I have over writer’s block is the fact that I have a writing partner. We never have a lack of ideas; we’re never at a standstill. We are able to encourage each other chapter by chapter, story by story. Writing is, of course, a solitary venture for most people, so my advice would be to find a confidant – someone you can trust with your stories – and talk to him or her whenever you feel the flow just stop. But the confidant needs to be someone who is equally creative and enthusiastic about your love of story. That’s what I have, and my well has never run dry. Thanks so much, Sam, for having us here today! Anybody who wants a free copy of Chasing Earth and Flame, comment below for a chance to win. Also, like our author page on Facebook for access to exclusive content such as maps and recipes, unique to our fantasy world of Gilalion!


Nevia Akara Judal is the daughter of the First House of Nirrion, but though she is both a powerful elemental mage and a cunning political mind, she is her father’s property. She is promised to Melenius, the only other noble elementalist in the city, but she is not certain she approves of her father’s choice. She has a stronger will than anyone has ever given her credit for, and she is determined to find and keep the love of the only man who can conquer her heart of earth and flame.


Melenius caught Nevia by the arm and pulled her into a curtained alcove.

“We will be seen,” Nevia whispered.

Melenius shook his head. Cena was due to begin in a few minutes, so he had to work quickly.

“This won’t take long.” He produced the anal plug he had shown her on their honeymoon.

It was Nevia’s turn to shake her head.

“Yes,” Melenius said. He pulled out a vial of scented oil from his small shoulder bag. Nevia’s frosty eyes widened, and he smiled in his airs at her coyness. He poured the oil over the plug, then rubbed it around the head and down its length. “Turn around.”

Nevia did so, but she kept her eyes on her husband. Melenius had never seen anything sexier than his beautiful wife looking over her shoulder with fear and anticipation trembling in her elements as he hitched up her dress. Her fine, white ass was just what he wanted, and his cock hardened. He considered taking her right there, but the sound of music coming from the atrium made him think better of it. The entertainment had arrived. Dinner was imminent, and they would be missed if they were not punctual.

Melenius dabbed a bit of oil on the rosebud of Nevia’s anus and rubbed it around with his thumb. Nevia moaned.

“Quiet!” Melenius’s tone was half serious, half mirthful.

He pressed the tip of the lubricated plug against her ass and slowly applied pressure. He did not at once break her wall, and he was surprised at her body’s unwillingness to allow entry. With a stronger but still gentle push, he felt the pop as the plug slipped into her back passage.

Nevia’s knees buckled, but she did not collapse. The temperature in the alcove plummeted, and though Melenius knew her fires were stoked, she fixed him with an icy glare.

Nevia stood and let her skirts fall back into place. “You dare toy with the ass of an Akara?” She raised her hand to slap Melenius, but he caught her by the wrist.

Melenius lightly bit that wrist as he tweaked her nipple with his other hand. “Now, go be a good girl, and eat your supper.” He opened the curtain and slapped her ass on the way out.

Nevia continued to murder him with her eyes, but her elements betrayed her increasing desire. He sensed her laughter on his winds.

Cena was an elaborate affair, much more so than Melenius would have expected for just a one-night stay in a provincial town. As exotic, half-naked slaves from far-away lands juggled fire sticks before them all, Melenius turned to Judal the Younger.

“I wonder, why all this?” he asked. He popped a fresh, green olive in his mouth.

Nevius, reclined on one elbow, sipped his mulled wine and answered without taking his eyes from the entertainment. “We are returning from a great victory. Though Belamal presses forward, there will be glory for us upon our return to Nirrion. Why not celebrate a little? This is my father’s villa, after all.”

“Fair enough.”

“Enjoy yourself, Firin,” Nevius said. “You and my sister are saviors of the republic.” Nevia’s couch was situated close to his so that their heads would be near each other for conversation. He leaned over and kissed her brow.

Melenius, on the other side of the low table laden with rich food, watched this sibling exchange, knowing that her ass was plugged, that her cunt was probably wet as spring rains.

Nevia betrayed nothing; she could not to her brother, anyway, but neither did her elements. She was cool, collected, and calm. Melenius nodded in her direction, raised his cup in a silent toast to her, and drank its contents. A slave refilled his cup at once. Nevia, playing at human expressions, narrowed her eyes at him. Melenius almost choked on his next drink.

Radish salads and oysters gave way to hot-boiled goose and songbirds with asparagus. Between the appetizers and the main course, clowns had come to re-enact the battle of Vieta. The actor who pantomimed Belamal wore comical armor, and his gold-painted face twisted in all manner of melodramatic expressions.

Nevius ripped hot, juicy meat from the bone with his teeth. “Belamal Triumphant, to be sure.” His mouth was half-full of goose. “Too bad Garalach isn’t here. He could’ve made your job in Vieta easier.”

Melenius felt the instant drop in temperature, and the braziers that burned around them dimmed.

“More wood.” Nevius snapped his fingers at the nearest slave.

Nevia did not look at Melenius. Her eyes were fixed on the small plate she held on her lap. The name of Garalach clearly upset her, and Melenius wanted to go to her, to hold her and remind her of how he had been deceived. He had never stopped loving or wanting Nevia. It had not been his intention to betray her.

But Nevia would not return his glance.

The sun disappeared from the sky, and a cold wind blew through the peristyle and into the atrium.

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Email – adonis.devereux@gmail.com

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Guest: Lux Zakari

Hello and welcome Lux Zakari to my site. She has so graciously agreed to be interviewed.  
So let’s begin… 
1) First, tell us a little about yourself so the readers know who you are.
I’m Lux Zakari, author of the erotic novels Coercion and Finale. Some say my work is pretty dark, controversial and kinky, but if one were to meet me in person, he or she would ask, “That little goof is writing erotica?” That being said, I enjoy keeping people on their toes. 
2) What made you decide to write? Was it something you accidentally began? Or what you wanted to do? Or an annoying character who refused to leave until their story was told? 
For me, there was never any decision. Writing was just always something I did. I liked telling stories and preserving ideas, and for me, even though I do dabble in visual arts, writing is the best way for me to effectively express what’s going on in my head. It’s so hard for me not to write; it’s like I can’t help myself. I’m perpetually jotting down fragmented ideas and pieces of conversation that I intend on immortalizing in some way at some point in time.
3) I love hearing about first acceptances as an aspiring writer and now that I am e-published, I still love hearing about them. So tell us about that first acceptance.   
Dorky, but true: When I learned my first novel, Coercion, had been accepted for publication, I danced around to Lionel Ritchie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling.” I’m pretty sure there were a few kicks and spins, and the lyrical supplements of “Fame! I’m gonna live foreva!”
4) Tell us about your current release? Where can readers buy it from?  
When music legend Jonathan Levant dies in a motorcycle accident, no one is more stunned than his former lover Olivia Gray, a hedonistic ex-celebrity who learns she’s been inexplicably named the guardian of his children. Olivia’s reluctant acceptance of the new parental role obliterates her hope of resurrecting her songwriting career as she faces sarcastic teenagers, suicide attempts and séances. The upset to her self-indulgent life forces Olivia to finally face the truth about the cruel decisions of her wild past, her now uncertain future and her secret, turbulent relationship with a man who, even in death, continues to upend her world.
5) What are you currently writing?  
The story I’m working on now is about an ex-teen idol who married young, is in the midst of a divorce and now has to use fan fiction written about him to glean insight on how to date. It’s an idea that began as a joke, but one I became very passionate about. It’s slow-going though; the magnitude of the project and its importance to me keeps psyching me out of actually writing it, but it’s coming along!
6) What inspires you most when you write?  
Usually everything, but lately, I’ve found inside jokes and other people’s quirks very inspiring, as could be derived from the aforementioned fan fic story. I’m notorious for doing things such as turning a simple gag into a full-blown, year-long project.
7) What experiences have you had working with your publisher/s? 
Like everything else in life, it’s been a mixed bag. Right now I’m enjoying my experience with Etopia Press, the publisher releasing my next novel, Secretly More. My editor and I seem to be on the same wavelength, and the publisher is very good about answering any questions that crop up on my end.
8) What are you reading now?  
Right now I’m trying to work my way through Game of Thrones, which is a daunting-sized book as it is. However, I’m not used to reading books where things actually happen! Usually, my tastes lean toward books about relationships, and Game of Thrones is a bit too exciting for me. I keep getting overwhelmed and having to walk away from it!
9) What are your guilty pleasures?  
Everything I enjoy is a guilty pleasure, to the point where they stop being guilty pleasures and start being just stuff I like! Some of that stuff includes singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” (but for a cover band, so it helps soften it—I hope) and still watching my favorite childhood movies over and over.
10) What would be your advice, if any, for other aspiring authors?  
I mentioned this on Lucy Morgan’s blog, but I believe it whole-heartedly: Always write the story you want to tell exactly the way you want to tell it. There will be at least one person in the world who will be incredibly grateful that you did.
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To learn more about Lux Zakari, visit www.luxzakari.com.

Guest: Heaven Liegh Eldeen

Hello and welcome Heaven Liegh Eldeen to my site. She has so graciously agreed to be interviewed.
So lets begin…
1) First, tell us a little about yourself so the readers know who you are? 
Thank you for having me, Sam. I currently live in California, where I grew up, with my husband and prince of darkness and Legos, a.k.a my son. I enjoy moonlit walks on the beach…oh, wait, wrong questionnaire. As you can see, I am a serious goofball. Yeah, figure that oxymoron out. Aside from writing, I spend my days doing dishes, kissing owies, obsessing over my Facebook page, and pretending I’m listening when my husband talk about his work.
SC: It is a pleasure having you here. 
2) What made you decide to write? Was it something you accidentally began? Or what you wanted to do? Or annoying character who refused to leave until their story was told?  
My writing career began with a rivalry between my sister in law Echo and myself. For years we would go fist to cuffs until finally we took a survey of the collateral damages our feuds caused. In an effort to put an end to the squabbling, she gave me a vampire book for my birthday. It was far from the genre I enjoyed reading, but I had to give it a chance, in an effort for peace. A few months and fifteen vampire books later, I expressed to her I wanted something new. She responded with a snippy “Oh, you think you can do better?” Her reply was intended to be a shot at me but I took it as a challenge. Four months later, my first novel was complete and the love for writing had made its home deep within me.
SC: Everyone who knows me knows how much I love and adore vampires lol
3) I love hearing about first acceptances as an aspiring writer and now that I am e-published, I still love hearing about them. So tell us about that first acceptance. 
Before I received my first acceptance letter, I was really questioning my abilities as a writer. Rejection letter, after rejection letter filled my inbox. No company I sent my pitch to would even read my manuscript due to my lack of credentials and education. I couldn’t really blame them to be honest. I knew being a high school drop out with no writing experience would be a tough sale. And though the rejection letters took a toll on me every now and then, I wasn’t going to give up so easily. 
 Then the big day finally came. No joke, when I read The Demon Side’s acceptance letter from Decadent Publishing I cried like a baby for a good hour. I called my husband at work, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t breathe, which totally scared him. Fearing an emergency my husband came zooming home. He didn’t even clear his motorcycle in the garage when I flung myself into his arms balling my eyes out. He squeezes me and says “Okay baby, tell me why I’m about to go to prison for killing someone.” The man still hadn’t figured out I was crying because I was happy. 
Finally gathering my composure I told him that my novel was going to be published. Before I could let go of him he began jumping up and down, still holding onto me. We stood there hugging for a good thirty minutes. It is one of my most precious moments ever!  
SC: I know exactly what you mean, the rejections suck but when the acceptances appear it is still the most amazing thing in the world. 
4) Tell us about your current release? Where can readers buy it from? 
The Demon Side centers around Rahovart, a Demon banished to Earth over five hundred years ago. For centuries, he spends his free time feeding himself on the fear he creates by scaring Quantico, Virginia locals. A master of his craft, Rahovart doesn’t think twice when a new family, the Divad’s, move into the Victorian home he dwells in. 
With a workaholic father, an alcoholic step-mother and a schizophrenic eighteen year old girl, the dysfunctional family unknowingly offers the perfect arsenal for Rahovart to plan his tricks. That is until he learns their daughter; Etta can not only see Demons but is already being tormented by Alastor, an incubus. What starts as a turf war between him, Alastor and the Arch Angels, soon becomes a battle deep within Rahovart of good versus evil and more importantly love versus hate. 
The Demon Side will be available through decadentpublishing.com October 21st, 2011.
SC: Sounds fantastic and good luck with many wonderful sales. 
5) What are you currently writing?
I am currently putting the finishing touches on The Human Side, sequel to The Demon Side as well as four other novels. I have written another novel, Vineyard House, which is currently in the revision process, so hopefully here soon it will be in editing!
SC: It is one long list and honey it will only get longer lol. 
6) What inspires you most when you write?
Apart from personal life experiences, my family definitely inspires me, without a doubt, to move up and forward. Of course, I must give credit to music as well. A ton of songs on my IPod have given me the courage to push myself farther than I ever imagined I could.
7) What experiences have you had working with your publisher/s?
Everyone at Decadent Publishing has been fabulous from day one. Not once have I felt out of my league. They have been great, walking me through every process step by step and answering my million and one questions about the process as a whole. A special thanks has to go to my editor, Terry MacFarland, since she caught the brunt of most of my newbie questions.
SC: Being new everything is daunting and that feeling still hasn’t changed for me. 
8) What are you reading now?
I am currently reading What Tangled Webs by Dan Dillard. Filled with incredibly scary and yet hilarious short stories, I can’t put it down. Next on my “to read” list is ‘Steamside Chronicles’ by Ciar Cullen. I absolutely love her work.
9) What are your guilty pleasures?
Besides hiding the bacon from my husband? I enjoy so much in the world, but none you could say is a guilty pleasure. I do have pleasures that may end up in me having to plead guilty, such as taste testing grapes at the super market. Yes I am that lady!
10) What would be your advice, if any, for other aspiring authors?
It sounds corny and I am sure you have all heard it all too often, but no advices rings truer than never…ever…never give up. Every rejection letter is one step closer to an acceptance letter. And remember, your success can only be measured by what you put in the scales.
Thank you for being on my blog today. 
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A few months ago, I had the pleasure of working with twelve other outstanding authors on a short horror story, which you can read at http://www.scareitforward.com. Also, you can always find me posting excerpts, character interviews and bios, along with a few other snippets, on my blog at http://heavenliegheldeen.blogspot.com. Want to know more? Check out The Demon Side on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter!
When worlds collide…
Every kid has problems. Every kid has even more problems when they move to a new home. But when a kid with problems moves to a new home that has a Demon living inside it—look out!
Etta’s world is about to spin out of control when she encounters her new roommate—and Rahovart, that ancient trickster, is in for a few surprises too. So don’t mind all the crashing and rumbling; that’s just the normal noise Angels and Demons make when they’re fighting an epic war in the attic.
One thing’s for sure: Etta and Rahovart will have to go through Hell to Heaven and back again before that old Victorian home in Quantico Town finally quiets down…


Etta plopped back onto her bed and stared at the ceiling for a few moments. I wished I could hear her thoughts. Her father had just admitted to being a murderer for all practical purposes, though that was not how I viewed him. I truly believed John only tried to save the village, but his fervour and some help from a desperate Alastor, turned what should have been a heroic act into a bloodbath. Many men have unknowingly fallen from grace in the name of the greater good. Now, hopefully Etta would see that her father was just the victim of blurred lines between good and evil.
“What are you thinking?” I asked as I lay down next to her on the bed.
“Can a person still go to Heaven even if they’ve killed someone?”
“Well, I’m not in the business of getting people to Heaven, Etta. That’s the last place I want them to go,” I reluctantly replied.
“Even if it were me?” Etta stared hard at me with watery eyes, looking right into my blackened soul. I never gave much thought to where her soul would go, except to stop her from mistakenly giving it to me.
“That is a choice for you to make. I can’t force you to choose a side. I can only put the temptations in front of you.”
“You didn’t answer my question.”
“What do you want me to say? I want to see you burn in the depths of Hell? You’ll never hear that from me. Only you and your actions can decide where you go when you leave this world.”
“I would go if it meant I could be with you, you know.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” As much as I would have loved for that to be the case, her comment angered me. I couldn’t imagine a person like her becoming something like me.
“I know that when you’re around I feel safe nothing could ever hurt me. I get butterflies in my stomach when you touch me. I know your soul, Ra. I don’t know how, but I know. I knew it the second I saw you. You weren’t meant for this existence. You fought for good once, and I’m certain you will again.” Etta was strong in words. She spoke with solid confidence. She described what I felt. Heaven Liegh Eldeen will be giving away one free e-copy of the Demon Side so please don’t forget to leave a comment. 

Guest: Sara Thacker

I want to thank Sam for having me on her blog. I’m Sara Thacker and I write thrillers.
My first love in writing is suspense and thrillers. Recently I finished updating Smooth Lies released it on Amazon and other outlets for $0.99. In Smooth Lies Sophia Henley’s life is in danger in her own home. The only way she can survive is to run from her husband. But can she be sure he really is her husband? Sophia escapes to find that her real husband is still alive. After being dumped and left for dead in the Black Sea, Jake Henley is out to retrieve something his CO stole and to save Sophia.
In Red Skhye in Morning Delanie Skhye is trying to have some free time on a private island. That is until a killer targets her. In Murder Stalks, Tony and Marissa have to outsmart the killer to escape certain death.
In all of my suspense books the killer or bad guy always gets it in the end. I like the justice of writing mysteries. I love the way my hero or heroine gets to serve up a tray of justice to the bad guys. It’s fulfilling to see the bad guys punished.
In real life justice isn’t always achieved. There are still people who take advantage of others and get away with it. Slumlords take advantage of their tenants, robbers don’t get caught and murders are left to walk around without seeing punishment. But injustice goes much deeper than what we see on the surface in our sterile USA world. We see injustice as undeserving people having nicer cars or bigger houses. Or a coworker who doesn’t work as hard as we do and somehow gets a raise or a bonus only because they’re good at kissing butt. But those are minor inequalities that don’t mean much in the full scheme of life.
What I’m talking about in terms of injustice are those people who are sold into slavery or stolen into slavery and forced to work in horrible conditions. Few people want to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth about slavery in today’s world. Many women, girls and young boys are taken by evil people and made to work in despicable conditions.
It’s uncomfortable to read books about people being taken advantage of. Many publishers won’t publish any books that include any sexual act with a minor, so many authors totally ignore the subject of teen prostitution, child slavery and kidnappings, not because they don’t want to write about the issues but so few publishers will publish anything that controversial out of fear of offending someone.
So what can you do? Being aware of the problem is important. If you don’t know about an issue how can you help? International Justice Mission was started fourteen years ago to help those people who can’t help themselves. They’ve had tremendous success in curbing slavery in many third world countries. There is still loads of work to be done. But not everyone can help out directly with the IJM offices or go into DC to volunteer in their offices.
There are many other ways you can help. You can give time or money to help the homeless in your community. Or maybe your passion is for babies that need help. All children in the foster system need a child advocate on their side to speak for them in court. If you don’t have time then a few dollars a month can help. You don’t have to give tons of money, maybe just your loose change gathered up every day and tossed into a jar.
Because I love the work that IJM does I’ve decided that all of the proceeds from the re-release of Smooth Lies will go to support International Justice Mission. I believe in IJM’s mission and their values. I hope that you will help me support IJM by purchasing a copy of Smooth Lies and enjoy the read.
Having someone to speak for those who have no voice is important. Your purchase of Smooth Lies will put money in the hands of lawyers who are working to free slaves and improve the lives of children and adults who are trapped in slavery. Thank you for your support. You can visit my website http://sarathacker.com to find out more information.
Thank you for being on my site today.

Guest: Kelly Yeakle

Hello and welcome Kelly to my site. She has so graciously agreed to be interviewed. 
So lets begin…
1) First, tell us a little about yourself so the readers know who you are?
Well, I’ve been on the published author scene for a little over a year now. I have three books in circulation and two short stories coming out this fall/winter. My favorite color is green, I live for chocolate, and Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are my guilty pleasure.
SC: I’m new this year lol. And I eat green sweets. 
2) What made you decide to write? Was it something you accidentally began?Or what you wanted to do? Or annoying character who refused to leave until their story was told?  
I have always enjoyed reading and writing, but it wasn’t until my late twenties that I started taking my writing seriously. I spent an entire summer writing a novel once in the first person point of view and then again in third person. I got introduced to a site called Textnovel where you can post tidbits or whole chapters of your writing and when I started getting really good feedback about my posts, I got serious and started seeking out publishing houses.
SC: Thank you 🙂
3) I love hearing about first acceptances as an aspiring writer and now that I am e-published, I still love hearing about them. So tell us about that first acceptance.
Being a totally new author on the scene, I followed a friend and subbed to a brand new e-pub, Decadent Publishing, with a dream and lots of hope in my heart that they’d love my story. Within two weeks after I sent my novel off, I received word that they wanted it! I think I lost my voice after calling everyone I knew and screaming into the phone. The first acceptance was grand, but every time I get a YES from a publisher, the feeling of sheer satisfaction fills me 🙂
SC: Really is a wonderful experience. 
4) Tell us about your current release? Where can readers buy it from?
My current release is Forbidden Desires, a lesbian romance. It is the first attempt at writing f/f for me, and the first one to hit the shelves at Evernight Publishing. It’s basically what the title says, a story of forbidden desire between two women, one who is involved in a relationship that is heading down hill and the other a commitment phobic who has yet to meet the woman who can claim her heart. Readers can buy it directly from the publisher at http://www.evernightpublishing.com or even find it on Amazon, though it’s better for the author when you purchase directly from the publishing house. 🙂
SC: Excellent, hear that readers 🙂 go and buy it lol 
5) What are you currently writing?
Currently I’m working on a holiday short called Santa’s Little Helper that I hope to have in Evernight’s Stockings and Suspenders holiday anthology. I’m also working on two shorts for another project I cannot disclose at this time, but know that it’s gonna be phenomenal! Then I’ve begun another full length f/f called Sinful Desires which will go somewhat along with Forbidden Desires, different characters and story, but lots of hot f/f action J which I hope to submit before the end of this year.
SC: Sounds like you are busy and Santa’s little helper sound naughty 🙂 
6) What inspires you most when you write?
Music is a big inspiration for me. I love to put on a good playlist and just write what the music makes me feel.
SC: 🙂
7) What experiences have you had working with your publisher/s? I’ve had good experiences working with publishers. Both of my current publishing houses have been very awesome to work with from acceptance to finished product. The covers are amazing, the editors fabulous, and the final product so worth all the hard work 🙂
SC: Love getting covers and then it’s like wow, that is my cover for my book.
8) What are you reading now?
I am currently reading Echos At Dawn by Kathleen Ann Gallagher.
9) What are your guilty pleasures?
Guilty Pleasures….Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Chocolate, and Body Lotions
10) What would be your advice, if any, for other aspiring authors? Never let anyone stop you from achieving your dream. One publishing house’s rejection could be another’s acceptance. Sometimes it’s about finding the right fit for a story!
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I love to get feedback from readers and to make new friends, so be sure to add me on Facebook to see what I’m up to. Also you can check out my website www.kyeakle27.webs.com, follow me on twitter KYeakle27, and sometimes I blog over at www.kellyyeakle.wordpress.com.


When Dani meets the delicate beauty that is Carmen she knows instantly that she wants her—in her life and in her bed. But can Miss. Commitment-phobic look beyond the sex to see the woman beneath?To Carmen, the wildly beautiful Dani is a new and exciting friend. What she hadn’t counted on is the simmering desire she feels when in Dani’s presence. As her relationship with her boyfriend sours, Carmen begins to wonder if there is more to Dani than she realizes.Should she give in to this, the most forbidden of desires?


She gave him a few minutes before she approached with the envelope. As she walked the short distance from the living room to the kitchen, she pulled the dinner certificate from the envelope and laid it on the table beside him.
“What’s this?” he asked, barely looking up from the paper.
“I won the raffle at work yesterday, and thought we could have date night tonight.” Carmen smiled as she waited for him to pay her some real attention. “Dinner at Carlito’s, followed by a movie at the Cineplex.”
“I can’t.” David folded the paper, laid it on the table, and then focused his attention to her. “I’m covering for another guy at work tonight.”
Carmen frowned. “David you work all the time. When do we get to have a night together?”
“We have every night together.” He patted her hand as she reached to pick up the gift certificate from the table.
Carmen let a frustrated sigh escape her lips. “Yeah, we get to sleep in the same bed, but I mean when do we actually get to spend some time together like a real couple?” 
“Carmen, we’ve been over this.” David ran a hand through his hair. “A few more months and things will get back to normal.” He took her hand in his. “If you can just be a little less selfish right now, the end result will be something worth waiting for.”
“I’m being selfish.” Carmen laughed with sarcasm in her voice. “Wow, you are such an ass.” She pulled her hand from his grasp and walk to the coat rack where she grabbed her jacket. She needed time away from the apartment, and away from David and his ego, before she said something she might regret.
Later in the evening, Carmen sat alone in her kitchen frowning into a bowl of chicken noodle soup. It was a far cry from the full buffet at Carlito’s, but David’s job and his attitude had prevented them once again from sharing a night out together, and there was no way she was going to dinner alone. She tossed her spoon hard into the bowl out of frustration and groaned as liquid splashed onto the table. She shoved her chair back away from the table and got up to pace by the window.
She was restless, and in dire need of a night out with real food that didn’t come from a box or can and some adult conversation. She looked down at her watch and frowned. It was almost seven on a Saturday night and most of her friends waited tables or tended bar until much later in the evening. David had left hours before and with nothing better to do, Carmen pulled her school bag from the closet and sat on the sofa to leaf through her notes from the first week of classes. If she couldn’t have fun, at least she could get ahead in her assignments. Though she was failing in her relationship with David, school was one area she excelled in.
A piece of paper fell into her lap when she opened her math book, and Carmen remembered the friendly girl who sat in front of her. She picked up the small square and ran it between her fingers, toying with the idea of calling her. Although she’d spent most of her life on the shy side, Carmen thought Dani seemed like a generally friendly woman and it was never too late to break a trend. With David’s ambivalent attitude about putting her first in his life anymore, it was time she found other ways to spend her free time.
She picked up the phone and dialed the number quickly, not giving herself the chance to lose the nerve. “Here goes nothing,” she said aloud to herself as she hit the green talk button. The shrill sound of ringing came through the earpiece and she’d almost given up on getting an answer when a perky voice answered.
Carmen took a deep breath. “Dani?”