Friday Teaser: Leslie Stockton

This week it’s going to be a little different. Leslie Stockton is sharing one of her wonderful Poems with us. Please leave a comment and enjoy.

Feel the Rush…

burn for me my darling

hold, please hold tight

breathe the words of passion

for only us to tonight

touch taste sweeter

body glistening wet

close, please closer

more, yes yes yes

oh yes, god my darling

close your eyes dark

spinning whirling passion

not enough more please start

barely breathe my darling

barely speak your name

thrust your love upon me

give me part of same

show me all your yearning

show me all your burning

eye intensity

sweat dripping slipping

heavan hold can’t meet

no more please darling

give me what I need

give me all your passion

give me tomorrows seed

yes, my love my darling

smile completion sate

only I only me heavan

yes me, my sweet turned draight

for I am your wanting

for I am your greed

touch wish another

me you see in steed

I am your dreamscape

I am each touch

close your eyes darling

come feel the rush…

This was inspired by this picture.

Friday Teaser: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Love Shadows blurb

Love Shadows, book four in my popular Love Covenant paranormal romance series from Evernight Publishing will be out later this week, following Love Tattoo, Love Scars, and Love Knots.

Cara couldn’t be happier now that her sexy vampire husband Will Brennan located his long lost brother Seamus. Her new found brother-in-law even has a theater where she can sing – until a vampire named Henri shows up in the audience. He covets Cara but not for a happy ending. The old vampire, far more powerful than Will or Seamus has a bad reputation among the undead.

Back in Memphis Henri demonstrates he can make them suffer at will. A cat and mouse game begins and takes them back to Missouri, then onto Texas for what they hope will be a happy family holiday.

A last minute grocery store run puts Cara in Henri’s hands and leaves Seamus near dead. When Henri takes Cara deep into the mysterious back waters of Caddo Lake, it’ll take more than just Will Brennan and his brother to save her – if they can.


With eyes closed, his face reminded me of an angel or something from one of Michelangelo’s statues. His features were just that perfect, his nose well-shaped and the right size to fit his face. His solid neck attached to his torso just where it should and his broad shoulders exuded beautiful brawn. I lowered my eyes to appreciate his wide chest, his muscles defined without being grotesque and soft with just enough fine hair to be interesting. His pale nipples rested on that dark mat and his body sloped downward to a firm, flat belly and then the cleft between his legs where his manhood reigned supreme. I loved his cock, skilled and shaped well, but I also admired his sturdy, strong legs that tapered down to two of the most beautiful feet I’d ever seen on a man. Will’s feet are long and narrow, large but with a graceful shape. His big hands are the same. Unable to resist touching him, I trailed my fingers over his ribs and down his body.

Will opened his eyes, bluer than the October sky I’d glimpsed at dawn, deeper than any lake or ocean could ever be. As he became aware of my scrutiny and my touch, they lit up from within, like windows on a dark night and he stroked the curve of my cheek.

“You look much improved, mo anam cara,” he whispered in a voice smoother than the finest Irish whiskey, “Do you feel all right?”

“I do but there’s something I need to make me better,” I told him.

He cocked an eyebrow at me, “What is it?”

“This,” I said and kissed him. From the moment that our lips fused, energy erupted between us, powerful and potent. That force filled the air between us with such living strength that I could almost taste it on my tongue. I craved that might and wanted it to master me, ached for Will to claim me with rough hands and no restraint. I yearned for the same wildness that he exhibited driving far above the speed limit over the curving roads, flirting with danger and thumbing his nose at death. With the same zeal that I once had for drag racing on Friday nights down the back roads of Cherokee County in Texas, I coveted that old screw mortality feeling that made me higher than any booze or drug. I needed Will to turn me every which way but loose, pound me with his body so that I could forget the intrusion of that blonde vampire into my consciousness. I wanted to erase that feeling of violation, and then replace it with Will’s lasting love, unbreakable and stronger than death or Mr. Blonde.

Will had other ideas. I fancied brutal lovemaking, strong enough to wipe out anything else but he sought to give me tenderness. He cherished me, his mouth as soft upon mine as a sigh, sweeter than a spoon of homemade vanilla ice cream, and gentler than the brush of a butterfly’s wing. That mellow caress tamed my wild fire into a sweet simmer that flowed through my veins, heating me even as it leached away the memory of that blonde. As my body gentled down, harkening to Will’s hands, I let go of my anger and released my fear.

His placid passion sent it away, washed it from me like a sensual baptism. Instead of physical combat he immersed me in love, emotion so strong that it evoked delightful tremors throughout my body. That kiss led to more kisses, each one as fragile as a feather as he trailed down my throat, to my breasts, my bellybutton and beyond. Each of my five senses, the ones I learned to name back in Miss Gabriel’s kindergarten classroom, reeled with intoxication.

I saw Will bathed in such beauty because I loved him so. As he caressed me, I let my tongue slide over his naked flesh. I tasted the salt of his sweat, the flavor of his body and gloried in such intimacy. My ears rejoiced to hear his whispered endearments, mostly in Irish, the foreign phrases ringing like songs into my soul. His musk, a rich aroma of manhood and pure Will, permeated my nose until all the world smelled of him and his touch on my skin evoked ripples of pleasure, spasms of delight wherever it fell.

His tender devotion distracted me from giving back and I let him tempt me into such a selfish contentment that I lay beneath him, beside him, as docile as a just born kitten. His roaming hands made me shiver with his light caress and my anticipation for the cataclysmic end grew until I didn’t think I could wait.

With a slow hand, the easiest touch he’d ever used to love me, Will brought me to a fever pitch of desire. He fired my want until I thought I would die if he didn’t meet that need, fill my emptiness with his body. He maneuvered me onto my back and then he speared me, pierced me to the very heart of my being with his hard penis. Will plunged into me with the strength, the rough need that I so craved and after such tenderness, it sent shock waves of pure physical joy through me. I bucked beneath him, my body his to control, not mine, and when I came in a rush of tears, laughter, and a scream of animal delight, Will went with me.

Afterward, it took a few minutes to recover both breath and speech. He spoke first as I curled against his chest, sated and somnolent.

“’Doubt that the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move his aides, doubt truth to be a liar but never doubt I love,’”

“I know you do, honey,” I responded, “and I love you, Will Brennan more than the stars or sun or fire.”

“Gra go deo,”

My feeble Irish knowledge knew that meant love forever.

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Friday Teaser: Lucy Felt House


Living in her remote cottage in the woods, Heidi doesn’t get many visitors. So when she spots a fox in her garden, she’s delighted. However, her joy quickly turns to dismay when she thinks the beautiful creature may be injured. Heading out to see how she can help, Heidi is astounded when something happens that makes her question her eyesight – not to mention her sanity. Once she gets over her shock and discovers the reason behind the peculiar encounter, Heidi is mighty glad that the fox chose her garden to visit.


A movement in the garden caught Heidi’s attention immediately. She peered out into the dark, her hands still immersed in the washing up bowl as she tried to catch another glimpse of whatever was lurking in the darkness outside her kitchen window. She wasn’t frightened, merely curious. She lived so far out in the wilderness that it could only be an animal, and the last time she’d checked, they couldn’t open locked doors. So she was perfectly safe.

What made her nocturnal visitor so unusual was its proximity to the house. Animals were braver in the city, where they’d become used to humans. But out here, they were still timid and very wary of man. Heidi’s little cottage was practically screaming that it was occupied, with its smoking chimney and blazing lights and yet the creature – whatever it was – was almost outside the window. Heidi frowned. Something definitely wasn’t right.

Another flash of movement, and Heidi finally identified her visitor. The beautiful russet fur, big bushy tail with flecks of white – there was a fox in her garden.

Grinning, Heidi rushed to dry her hands on a tea towel and then moved across the room to flick off the light switch. She waited until her eyes became accustomed to the darkness, then made her way back to the window. She spied the fox immediately, crouched down beside the hedge surrounding her garden, as though it was hunting something. A life-long nature lover, Heidi smiled, truly appreciating the stunning beauty of the creature. But the longer Heidi watched the animal, the more confused she became.

The fox hadn’t moved for some time. If it was hunting, surely it would have pounced by now? A sinking feeling rolled through Heidi’s stomach. Perhaps it wasn’t stalking after all, but lying down because it was injured? She knew that out here, if the fox was hurt, it had been attacked by another predator, rather than had a run-in with a moving vehicle. After all, the only vehicle around these parts was hers, so unless her truck had gone all Christine, it certainly wasn’t that.

No, it had to be another animal. It was survival of the fittest, the food chain and all that. She knew how these things worked, but there was no way she could leave the poor creature suffering in her garden. Not if she could do something about it.

Heidi began to plan exactly what to do. She knew that if the fox was injured and couldn’t move, it could snap at her in self-defence, it having no idea that her intentions were good. She desperately wanted to help the vulnerable creature, but preferably without ending up needing stitches and a tetanus shot.

As Heidi gazed into the darkness, trying to work out a solution, she lost her mind. At least, that’s the conclusion she came to as her eyes relayed an image to her brain which couldn’t possibly be accurate.

Friday Teaser: Doris O’Connor

Too Hot To Handle by Doris O’Connor

When firefighter Alex Giovanni returns to his old neighborhood to fulfill family obligations, he is reunited with the woman inhabiting his dreams. The sexy siren ran out on him after one explosive night many years ago. Hiding behind her sensible clothes she portrays the perfect image of Miss Prim and Proper and Alex vows to unlock the passionate woman he remembers. Mixing business with pleasure has never been so much fun.
Kitty Jenkins’ orderly life gets turned upside down when Alex walks into her school. Their passion filled night four years ago has left her with a secret that threatens to tear them apart. Giving into Alex is out of the question, regardless of how much her body craves his touch.
When secrets spill and disaster strikes, can their passion turn into love?


“Alex is a good man; I truly believe that. Give him a chance.”
That whispered statement ran through Kitty’s head again as she listened to Alex finishing Noah’s bed-time story. Noah had fallen asleep two pages ago, but Alex had kept on reading. He sighed, putting the book down, watching Noah sleep. One large hand gently smoothed his hair, and he dropped a kiss on his forehead.
Alex’s intense gaze scorched her face as he moved toward her. Every atom in her body was suddenly all too aware of his sheer physical presence. He towered over her and stepped into her personal space. Only Alex could reduce her to a quivering bag of female awareness just by the way he smelled. Oh hell, think of Maggie! And step away from him.
Kitty made herself do just that, whilst trying to control her breathing, which sped up against her will. Her heart beat a very strange rhythm in her chest, and with one last look at a sleeping Noah she escaped toward the living room, all too aware of Alex right behind her.
She heard him shut the living room door, and she had to look up as he once again stepped far too close to her. He took one of her hands into his and kissed her palm, his incredible eyes sizzling with heat.
“Thank you for today. And thank you for putting up with my mother. I can only imagine how trying she must have been.”
Kitty snatched her hand away, the skin tingling where he had brought it to his lips. She crossed her arms to stop herself from touching him. She was not going to fall for all that charm.
“Yes, well, it’s safe to say she isn’t my biggest fan.”
Alex’s low chuckle was incredibly sexy, and Kitty had to bite her lip to stop herself from responding to it. Easier said than done when he moved closer again, one thumb rubbing across her bottom lip.
“Why so nervous, Kitty”
“I’m not nervous. It’s just been a long day. I think you should go.”
Alex moved closer still, his breath fanning her face. Kitty had to remind herself to just breathe, whilst her libido charged in kicking and screaming as her body recognized Alex the man on the most fundamental level. Whatever might be wrong between them, this right now just felt so right.
Alex tilted her head up, his mouth hovering over hers, his smile promising delights to come. “You think, or you know?”
“Alex, please—”
Oh hell, whose voice was that? Certainly not hers.
“Please what? Your wish is my command, Kitty.”
“My every wish, Alex?”
Kitty’s husky whisper had him hard in an instant. Hell yeah, baby. He pulled her delightful curves closer into his body, smiling at the way they moulded into his. His evening was looking up after all.
“Tell me what your mother and you were talking about in the kitchen, Alex, and I want the truth!”
He hadn’t been expecting that question. She shoved against his chest, and he reluctantly let her go.
“I’m waiting, Alex!”
“Damn, Kitty, what difference does it make? This isn’t about my mother; this is between you and me, and there are so many better ways we could fill our time with right now.”
Like have you naked in my arms, screaming my name. Alex grimaced. Her eyes, which had moments before been full of sensual awareness, turned to green steel.
“Please, Kitty, I’m dying here.”
Kitty’s gaze dropped down to his all too obvious arousal, and he saw her swallow once before she hastily brought her gaze back up to his face.
“That’s really not my problem, Alex; it’s all yours. And you will have to take many a cold shower until you tell me what’s going on!”
“Oh will I?”
Damn you, Kitty, enough is enough. He crossed the distance between them in one long stride, pulled her flush against his body, and his mouth came down hard on her lips. Her shocked gasp gave him entry, and his tongue sought hers. He groaned when Kitty came alive in his arms. Their tongues twining together, he ground his hips into hers and marched her toward the nearest wall. Hell yes. This was what they needed. He was done with talking and analyzing and treading softly. He wanted her with a need so fierce it completely consumed him. Kitty’s hands clung onto his shoulders, her sighs echoing in his ears as his hand pulled her skirt up, and he found her slick folds.
“You’re so wet already.” His voice shook as his cock strained against his flies, and he slid two fingers into her pussy. Her walls contracted around them. “Jeez, Kitty, I need to be in you right now.”
”Mmm, what are you waiting for?” Kitty’s breathless reply shot straight to his cock, her feline eyes almost black with need as she fumbled with his zipper.
Kitty’s hands wrapped around his eager cock, and he sucked in his breath when she took the initiative and rolled the condom on him with firm strokes. His balls grew heavy, and he ground his teeth together with the effort it took to not spill there and then like an inexperienced teenager. He spun her around so that she faced the settee and used his thigh to spread her legs. His fingers pushed in deep, and his thumb found her clitoris. Kitty moaned, and a fresh wave of her cream coated his fingers.
“Bend forward for me, and grab the sofa.”

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