Friday Teaser: Leslie Stockton

This week it’s going to be a little different. Leslie Stockton is sharing one of her wonderful Poems with us. Please leave a comment and enjoy.

Feel the Rush…

burn for me my darling

hold, please hold tight

breathe the words of passion

for only us to tonight

touch taste sweeter

body glistening wet

close, please closer

more, yes yes yes

oh yes, god my darling

close your eyes dark

spinning whirling passion

not enough more please start

barely breathe my darling

barely speak your name

thrust your love upon me

give me part of same

show me all your yearning

show me all your burning

eye intensity

sweat dripping slipping

heavan hold can’t meet

no more please darling

give me what I need

give me all your passion

give me tomorrows seed

yes, my love my darling

smile completion sate

only I only me heavan

yes me, my sweet turned draight

for I am your wanting

for I am your greed

touch wish another

me you see in steed

I am your dreamscape

I am each touch

close your eyes darling

come feel the rush…

This was inspired by this picture.