Guest: Isabella Olivia Ellis + Giveaway

I have the lovely Isabella Olivia Ellis talking about her new book. She is doing a giveaway so please don’t forget to leave a comment to enter.
1) Tell is about yourself. 
I am 25 years old and I have a toddler. I work-full time and am working on my bachelor’s degree. Honestly, I’m not terribly exciting. I’m a socially awkward extrovert.
2) What genre do you write and why? 
I find myself in numerous sub-genres of erotica. The Silver Stiletto is fantasy with light BDSM. The Vampire’s Bride and The Vampire’s Second are paranormal and historical. Love After the Gone is a contemporary post-apocalyptic science fiction tale. And the story I’m finishing up for submission right now is contemporary BDSM. I really enjoy writing dominant-submissive relationships, there’s such satisfaction in both people playing a role. And fantasy lets me make up the rules as I go. Most of my books also have menage romances. One man is great, two men are even better.
3) What made you become a writer? 
With my kind of imagination, you either become a writer or an incredible liar. I chose the lawful life. Ha.
4) Tell us about your recent book or series. 
The Silver Stiletto (published by Breathless Press) is my most recent story. It’s part of their Naughty Nursery Rhymes line and is a modern rendering of Cinderella. Cinderella has delicious encounters with her fairy godfather, her stepsister’s boyfriend, and the son of the town’s mayor, and finds love somewhere along the way.
5) What have you found to be the most challenging? 
Seeing a story through. I have well over a dozen starts, but only about five finished pieces.
A Few fun questions. 
Does size matter?
It’s 50% size and 50% skill. You need both.
Christian Grey or Gideon Cross? 
I’m kind of lame, I have no clue who either of those people are.
Flowers or Chocolate? 
Flowers, there’s no regret after going on a flower binge.
E-book or paperback? 
E-book, I like having everything I want to read right in my phone.
In this modern rendering of the classic tale, Cinderella gets a bit naughty. Why settle for one man when you can have two?Cinderella is an orphan living at the mercy of her unkind stepfamily. She suffers their beck and call; her only satisfaction coming from a secret dominant-submissive relationship with her stepsister’s boyfriend. When the time comes for the governor’s masquerade ball, Cinderella receives the help of a mysteriously sexy fairy godfather and manages to catch the eye of the town’s most eligible bachelor. While the two bond over their mutual love of books, the budding relationship lands her in the middle of her stepmother’s evil scheme. Will Cinderella ever get the fairy tale ending she deserves?
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