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Is love stronger than magic?

Morgan has never encountered a spell she couldn’t cast or a curse she couldn’t break. With her natural knack for witchcraft, she runs a magic store that helps others. When a handsome but cursed man walks into her store, she is pit against magic stronger than her own.

Daniel lived an ordinary life before he ended up on a witch’s bad side and was jinxed with non-stop bad luck. Out of sheer desperation he visits Morgan’s Magic Shop. Morgan agrees to help him and they must work together to find the witch and pinpoint the hex she used in order to undo it. As they search, feelings ignite and a romance blossoms. Will this bad luck spell end their love, or will their love be strong enough to break the incantation?

Be Warned: sex toys

Morgan opened her eyes and watched as the glittering aura lights danced before her. They reached the window and passed through the glass on the way to the girl. Once all the lights were gone, she glanced at Daniel. A big smile crossed his handsome face, but her attention went below it. A rock rose inside his pants, large and long. She gulped, and the need to see it minus his jeans suddenly grew too strong.

No, she shouldn’t look. Instead she closed her eyes and tried to conjure up more peaceful images of nature and sunlight. Those images didn’t come though. Instead, she saw her silky bedroom sheets.

Her body lay on those sheets, writhing in passion as her legs spread open and in the air. Daniel’s head bobbed between her thighs, and his tongue lapped at her warm, natural juices.

She gulped, gasped, and opened her eyes.

His lustful gaze met hers. Lust that matched her own and her heart pulsed fast inside her chest. Her center grew damp, and she longed for his touch.

“I think your thoughts were similar to mine.”

She didn’t reply to Daniel’s statement. Instead, Morgan tried to stand. Her knees grew weak as she rose to her feet.

Daniel stood, too. “You can’t deny you were thinking about it, too.”

“I wasn’t denying anything.”

He crossed to her and wrapped his arms around her back. Warmth filtered through her, and Morgan felt herself blush. When he spoke, his breath tickled her skin. “I was thinking about how good it would be to lay you down in my bed.”

“You don’t have a bed. It was stolen.”

His chuckling made her wetter. There was something so sexy about his voice. “The floor, then.” Daniel pulled her closer to himself until she rubbed against him. His hard cock pressed into her navel, and she tilted her head upward to meet his gaze. His lips brushed hers. The kiss started tender and slow. She opened her mouth to invite him inside.

She lay on the floor, his body pressing into hers. His hands touched her sides, slipping under her shirt. His lips left hers and instead kissed her neck. He found her breasts, rubbing his palms over her nipples. Only the thin lace of her bra separated her flesh from his.

Morgan moaned. The need inside her multiplied, and she wanted to touch him, feel him, taste him. She flipped him over until she was on top and he on the bottom. She raked her fingertips over his chest and abs, feeling the hard muscle beneath the black t-shirt. But feeling and seeing were two different things, and she wanted to see. Taking the hem of his shirt, she raised it until his smooth and taut skin lay open for her to feast on. She ran her tongue over the ridges of his six-pack.

Daniel inhaled sharply, and she smiled as she kissed him right below the belly button. Morgan glanced at the trail of hair leading to somewhere below his pants. She undid the button, her hands on the zipper.

“Is this supposed to happen?”

She tried to glance at his face, but who was she kidding? The hardness in his pants was more appealing. “You mean the hard-on. It means you’re excited. It’s totally natural.”

Morgan met his eye, and he shook his head. His gaze moved somewhere beside and beyond her. “No, I mean is the candle supposed to fly?”

“Shit!” Morgan pushed away from Daniel. She watched, bewildered, as black and dark blue winds danced around the room. The candle was high off the floor.

“I’m guessing something is wrong.”

“Very wrong.”

The flame didn’t go out despite the sudden winds in the room. It rose, high and strong and fierce. Then the wind died quickly. The candle dropped to the floor. Flames danced over the hardwood planks. The fire happened too quickly to be natural. Some sort of magical force was behind it.

“Come on, we have to go!” She urged him by pulling his arm until he stood and ran behind her. Once they were outside, her fingers fumbled with the buttons on her phone as she dialed 911. Daniel stood beside her. His face was white, whiter than the nice tan he had all day. “What…” He stuttered. “What just happened?”

“The spell didn’t work. Peace and forgiveness didn’t get to her. Something repelled them, and her anger came at us, manifesting itself as the wind. This spell is stronger than I first thought. Something or someone is controlling it.”
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Guest: Angelina Rain

Hello and welcome Angelina Rain to my site. She has so graciously agreed to be interviewed. 
So lets begin…
1) First, tell us a little about yourself so the readers know who you are?
I was reading a lot of books by my favorite authors and after a while it seemed like they were all the same story over and over. I started coming up with plot twists and characters that entertained me more then the books I was reading. So, I started writing.
2) What made you decide to write? Was it something you accidentally began? Or what you wanted to do? Or annoying character who refused to leave until their story was told?
Actually, all my favorite New York Times Bestselling author’s were starting to mass produce crap and I was in dire need for an entertaining story, so I wrote one for myself. It was crap, but I realized that I really enjoyed making up my own characters and plots. The more I wrote, the better I got.
3) I love hearing about first acceptances as an aspiring writer and now that I am e-published, I still love hearing about them. So tell us about that first acceptance.
I’ve been writing for pleasure for a while, but about a year ago, I decided to write with the intent of publishing. I figured that if it takes me a couple of years to get my first acceptance, I should start submitting now. As it happened, I wrote my first real story and sent it out to a few publishers. My goal was to get a revise and resubmit email. Imagine how shocked I was when I got a contract offer instead. I reread the email like ten times before I was certain that I wasn’t dreaming.
4) Tell us about your current release? Where can readers buy it from?
My current release (although not my first published book) is the first book I submitted and contracted. It’s entitled INTIMATE HEALING and it could be purchased from Sapphire Blue Publishing.
5) What are you currently writing?
Nothing really. The last couple of months in my life have been like a real soap opera so I haven’t had time to write. I have a lot of WIP’s started and many more brewing in my head so I’m sure you’ll see something from me soon.
6) What inspires you most when you write?
I do a lot of daydreaming and imagining. I call that plot development. Food helps too. When all else fails, I listen to music or stare at the painting over my computer desk. It’s of a log cabin on a lake, with mountains on the clouds. Very beautiful. It makes me think of authors like Nora Roberts (my idol) and really inspires me to write like her.
7)What experiences have you had working with your publisher/s?
I had a great experience. I’m published with two publishers. I can’t say much about Sapphire Blue as I haven’t had that much experience with them.
My other publisher, Evernight Publishing, has been a dream come true. They are so professional and author friendly. All their staff and fellow authors are super nice. I love that place!
8) What are you reading now?
I’m reading a book by a fellow Evernight Publishing author. After publishing with them, I started to read a lot of their books. They are all so good!
9)What are your guilty pleasures?
I love mint chocolate, animals, good Italian food (and men).  In books, my guilty pleasure is a second chance at love storyline along with hot kinky sex.
10)What would be your advice, if any, for other aspiring authors?
Write what you love and forget about the sales. There are so many authors that will concentrate on writing what sells, but they aren’t writing from the heart. I would rather read a book that’s original as opposed to a copy of another book that sold well. We can all follow trends, but what fun is that when you could set them instead. So set those trends and write that original book.
It’s been fourteen years since Jordan Powell ended her relationship with Nate Thrillson and she is still not over him. She never expected to see him again.
Nate is hiding a deadly secret and plans to live out the rest of his life alone. When he is assigned as head investigator to a missing dogs case he doesn’t expect to be working so closely with the town veterinarian, Jordan.
 As they work together to discover who is kidnapping these dogs, old feelings are brought to the surface. Can they be together again or will other problems force them apart?


“And another thing.”
She stood in front of him and crossed her arms over her chest. “What?”
He grabbed onto her forearms forcing her arms to fall stiffly to her sides and pushed her back against the wall. Her heart started to race and one look into his lust filled eyes, made her body warm. Her breath caught in her throat. Slamming his body into hers, Nate’s lips hovered over hers and he kissed her passionately. His hands traveled up to the back of her neck and caressed it softly as he deepened the kiss.
Heat exploded all over her body. She should stop him, stop herself. This was so wrong. They hadn’t seen each other in so long. It was too soon to share such a passionate kiss. But it felt incredibly right.
He pulled away slowly.
She panted, trying to catch her breath. Jordan couldn’t tear her gaze away from him. Nate stared back at her.
Nate smiled. “Miss me?” He winked at her and walked past her. Once he opened the door, Nate glanced back at her.
“Not a bit,” she lied. Oh, she had missed his kisses, and the way he made her boil with passion.