Cover Reveal: Screwed

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Get ready for ARe’s Bad Boys! Eleven of today’s hottest romance authors bring you the baddest, sexiest heroes to burn up the digital pages. Today we want to introduce you to Jesse, from Sam Crescent‘s –



He intended to screw the enemy, not fall for her…

Jesse Jenkins is not the kind of man to settle down or follow rules. He does what he likes, and who he likes, whenever he likes. When the President of the Demons MC asks him for a favor, he figures it shouldn’t be too hard at all. Just seduce the rival president’s daughter, get the information they need, and get out.


Piper Rix doesn’t trust men easily and being the Hell’s Charter MC President’s daughter doesn’t help with her trust issues, either. She’s remained a virgin because no man wants a fat woman, and that’s how she sees herself. So when Jesse starts spending time with her, she doubts all of his intentions.

When Piper finds out the truth about being used, she’s heartbroken, but Jessie has discovered his pretend feelings have become very real and now it’s time for him to claim the woman he loves for his own.

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Today Only

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I wanted to wish you all a wonderful July 4th and hope you have a wonderful celebration for today.

Also, I wanted to let you know that all of my titles at All Romance E-books have a rebate and you can get them at a discount price. Here is the link:

And, my first full length story will be released tomorrow by Evernight Publishing and I will post the links on here for you all. His Possession, means a lot to me as it is my first full length and I hope you guys enjoy it as well.

His Possession

Cadeon Ashwood is a dominant man who has one problem, he’s possessive. When he meets Violet Moore for the first time, he knows she is the woman for him. The possessive instinct she stirs within him can only mean one thing, she will be the woman who owns his heart.

Violet is a shy young woman who is trying to make her way in the world but she has a dark past filled with shame. She is constantly looking over her shoulder.

When he sees an opportunity to get close to the younger woman, Cadeon takes it with everything he’s got. In no time at all, she’s near him everyday driving him crazy with the way she bows her head and her blushes make Cadeon want her more.

For too long she’s lived without love and safety. Cadeon offers her everything but will she live long enough to enjoy it?

Sorry this is just a quick post. 

Sam 🙂 

Update and Cover Art

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First, I want to say a big thank you to everyone because as I write this, Belonging to the Steer Brothers was no. 5 at the All Romance best sellers list.

Also, If you haven’t got your copy of The Unbreakable Trio grab yours from Bookstrand before June 24th and you can get it at a 10% discount:

I’m also doing a giveaway and here is the link to check out the blog:


Now, for my lovely new cover art. This story is a little different from most but I had such an emotional time writing it, I hope you guys like it when it releases. The first book in my Imperfection series: Scarred Beauty. What do you think?


Sam x

Friday Teaser: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Love Shadows blurb

Love Shadows, book four in my popular Love Covenant paranormal romance series from Evernight Publishing will be out later this week, following Love Tattoo, Love Scars, and Love Knots.

Cara couldn’t be happier now that her sexy vampire husband Will Brennan located his long lost brother Seamus. Her new found brother-in-law even has a theater where she can sing – until a vampire named Henri shows up in the audience. He covets Cara but not for a happy ending. The old vampire, far more powerful than Will or Seamus has a bad reputation among the undead.

Back in Memphis Henri demonstrates he can make them suffer at will. A cat and mouse game begins and takes them back to Missouri, then onto Texas for what they hope will be a happy family holiday.

A last minute grocery store run puts Cara in Henri’s hands and leaves Seamus near dead. When Henri takes Cara deep into the mysterious back waters of Caddo Lake, it’ll take more than just Will Brennan and his brother to save her – if they can.


With eyes closed, his face reminded me of an angel or something from one of Michelangelo’s statues. His features were just that perfect, his nose well-shaped and the right size to fit his face. His solid neck attached to his torso just where it should and his broad shoulders exuded beautiful brawn. I lowered my eyes to appreciate his wide chest, his muscles defined without being grotesque and soft with just enough fine hair to be interesting. His pale nipples rested on that dark mat and his body sloped downward to a firm, flat belly and then the cleft between his legs where his manhood reigned supreme. I loved his cock, skilled and shaped well, but I also admired his sturdy, strong legs that tapered down to two of the most beautiful feet I’d ever seen on a man. Will’s feet are long and narrow, large but with a graceful shape. His big hands are the same. Unable to resist touching him, I trailed my fingers over his ribs and down his body.

Will opened his eyes, bluer than the October sky I’d glimpsed at dawn, deeper than any lake or ocean could ever be. As he became aware of my scrutiny and my touch, they lit up from within, like windows on a dark night and he stroked the curve of my cheek.

“You look much improved, mo anam cara,” he whispered in a voice smoother than the finest Irish whiskey, “Do you feel all right?”

“I do but there’s something I need to make me better,” I told him.

He cocked an eyebrow at me, “What is it?”

“This,” I said and kissed him. From the moment that our lips fused, energy erupted between us, powerful and potent. That force filled the air between us with such living strength that I could almost taste it on my tongue. I craved that might and wanted it to master me, ached for Will to claim me with rough hands and no restraint. I yearned for the same wildness that he exhibited driving far above the speed limit over the curving roads, flirting with danger and thumbing his nose at death. With the same zeal that I once had for drag racing on Friday nights down the back roads of Cherokee County in Texas, I coveted that old screw mortality feeling that made me higher than any booze or drug. I needed Will to turn me every which way but loose, pound me with his body so that I could forget the intrusion of that blonde vampire into my consciousness. I wanted to erase that feeling of violation, and then replace it with Will’s lasting love, unbreakable and stronger than death or Mr. Blonde.

Will had other ideas. I fancied brutal lovemaking, strong enough to wipe out anything else but he sought to give me tenderness. He cherished me, his mouth as soft upon mine as a sigh, sweeter than a spoon of homemade vanilla ice cream, and gentler than the brush of a butterfly’s wing. That mellow caress tamed my wild fire into a sweet simmer that flowed through my veins, heating me even as it leached away the memory of that blonde. As my body gentled down, harkening to Will’s hands, I let go of my anger and released my fear.

His placid passion sent it away, washed it from me like a sensual baptism. Instead of physical combat he immersed me in love, emotion so strong that it evoked delightful tremors throughout my body. That kiss led to more kisses, each one as fragile as a feather as he trailed down my throat, to my breasts, my bellybutton and beyond. Each of my five senses, the ones I learned to name back in Miss Gabriel’s kindergarten classroom, reeled with intoxication.

I saw Will bathed in such beauty because I loved him so. As he caressed me, I let my tongue slide over his naked flesh. I tasted the salt of his sweat, the flavor of his body and gloried in such intimacy. My ears rejoiced to hear his whispered endearments, mostly in Irish, the foreign phrases ringing like songs into my soul. His musk, a rich aroma of manhood and pure Will, permeated my nose until all the world smelled of him and his touch on my skin evoked ripples of pleasure, spasms of delight wherever it fell.

His tender devotion distracted me from giving back and I let him tempt me into such a selfish contentment that I lay beneath him, beside him, as docile as a just born kitten. His roaming hands made me shiver with his light caress and my anticipation for the cataclysmic end grew until I didn’t think I could wait.

With a slow hand, the easiest touch he’d ever used to love me, Will brought me to a fever pitch of desire. He fired my want until I thought I would die if he didn’t meet that need, fill my emptiness with his body. He maneuvered me onto my back and then he speared me, pierced me to the very heart of my being with his hard penis. Will plunged into me with the strength, the rough need that I so craved and after such tenderness, it sent shock waves of pure physical joy through me. I bucked beneath him, my body his to control, not mine, and when I came in a rush of tears, laughter, and a scream of animal delight, Will went with me.

Afterward, it took a few minutes to recover both breath and speech. He spoke first as I curled against his chest, sated and somnolent.

“’Doubt that the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move his aides, doubt truth to be a liar but never doubt I love,’”

“I know you do, honey,” I responded, “and I love you, Will Brennan more than the stars or sun or fire.”

“Gra go deo,”

My feeble Irish knowledge knew that meant love forever.

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Update On Sam

Hi everyone,

I need to get use to keep my activities updated.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who bought, Blackmailed by the Beast. I can’t believe the success and it managed to get to number. 28 on the Bookstrand chart. Also at one point it was best selling on all three of its categories at All Romance E-books. And because of you wonderful lot, Evernight Publishing told me I’m now a RWA PAN Eligible author with BLACKMAILED BY THE BEAST.

Also, Richard’s story has been accepted and contracted by Evernight Publishing so I’m hoping to have some cover art and excerpts soon.

With Total-E-Bound, I’ve got The Valentines: William due for release on the 26th of March.

My first thriller style erotic romance currently titled: Love, Death and Justice has been contracted by Total-E-Bound. I’ve also got two books contracted as co-authored with Natalie Dae.

Another contract but with a new publisher, Pink Petal Books. I sent a piece off for their Dangerous men and Dangerous places anthology and I hope to give you more of that soon.


Sam x