New Release: Bred by the Alpha (Breeding Season) co-written with Stacey Espino


Breeding Season, 3

It’s breeding season, and this alpha is ready to claim his mate…

Liam is the pack alpha, and the only wolf without a woman. When he discovers the new human in town is his destined mate, his wolf demands he mark her and take her virginity. Only she doesn’t know werewolves exist, and danger seems to follow her wherever she goes. He’ll have to play nice until his love is reciprocated.

Rebecca’s anxiety has kept her lonely and isolated for most of her life. Moving far from the city is her last attempt at finding peace. What she finds is more trouble than she can handle—and a man who’s ready to kill for her. It doesn’t take long for Liam to sweep her off her feet. He makes her feel like a queen, and leaves her body desperate for every carnal pleasure.

Life in the forest isn’t without problems. A rival pack is set on taking everything Liam has built over the years, including his new mate. The alpha can’t keep his dark secrets from his woman forever. What will happen when Rebecca realizes she’s been sleeping with a wolf?

Be Warned: anal sex



Her mouth parted slightly, and she looked up at him with those big green eyes. She was shy with men, maybe uncomfortable with compliments, but right now he could feel her desire.


A wolf bayed in the distance, and she pressed her body against his, her forearms on his chest. He could barely contain his low growl of satisfaction. She’d sought him for comfort, and his little human had no idea how far he’d go to protect her.


He owned the night.


Liam was alpha to one of the most lethal wolf shifter packs in the state. Everyone in his world knew not to mess with the Grey Valley Pack. The human world saw a reclusive group of men who lived off the grid. They had no idea what Liam was capable of.


“I thought you liked wolves,” he said. He used a finger to gently tilt her chin up. She kept close, her big juicy tits pressed against his chest.


“I love them, but I don’t think they’d love me. We’re so deep in the forest. They could attack us.”


He wrapped his arms around the small of her back, loving their closeness. “I know a few wolves that would love you,” he said. “And as long as you’re with me, you have nothing to worry about.”


“You’re my knight in shining armor, aren’t you? You saved me from those jerks and you’re ready to protect me from the wolves.”


He leaned down, picking up on her lead. Liam kissed her on the lips, softly, tentatively. She grabbed fistfuls of his shirt, pushing up on her toes so they could kiss deeper. She tasted delicious. He explored her with his tongue, her mewling sounds spurring him on. Liam kissed along her jawline to her neck. His fangs pricked his gumline, his humanity starting to slip away.


“I’ll do anything for you,” he said.


She tossed her head back as he suckled her pulse. “You barely know me.”


“That’s why I’m trying my best to change that. I want you to be mine, Rebecca. You won’t regret choosing me.”


Instead of being insulted, she reached her arms around his shoulders, her fingers combing into the hair at the base of his head. His eyes rolled back. Could she feel the hard ridge of his cock pushing against her stomach? If she could, it hadn’t turned her off. “I’m not sure what you’re saying, Liam. Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?”


“I don’t want a girlfriend,” he said. “I want a woman, a mate, you.”




He nodded, then kissed her on the lips again.


“How many women have you said that to?”


Liam frowned. “Only you. Don’t you believe in fate, Rebecca?”


“I never really thought about it,” she said.


He wondered how many men she’d had. It didn’t matter, because he’d be the only one from this day forward. “Have you never been in love?”


She shied away a bit. “I’m not very good with people, Liam. This is all new for me. I just feel comfortable around you for some reason.”


“That’s a good thing, baby.” He ran a hand through her hair. “Are you telling me you’ve never been in a serious relationship?”


Rebecca bit her lip. “I’ve had issues with … anxiety. I’m not good with social situations. That’s the main reason I moved out here. I don’t want to be on medication, so I decided to trade it for some fresh air, peace, and quiet.”


His wolf didn’t give a shit about anxiety. Rebecca was a virgin, untouched by other men. The knowledge excited him, his claim even stronger. She’d be his. Only his. He couldn’t wait to eat her sweet virgin pussy.


“You’re good with me.”


She drew patterns at the side of his neck with her fingertips. It was an unconscious act, but it was driving him crazy. She had no idea the power she held over him.


“It’s strange, I know. There’s something different about you. You’re not like other men.”


“Not at all.”


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New Release: Bad Kitty (Dirty F**kers MC)


Product Description

Dirty Fuckers MC, 5

Kitty’s past is filled with horror and pain. If it wasn’t for the group of men now known as the Dirty Fuckers MC, she’d be dead. She sometimes has a hard time being touched, and if she doesn’t do something soon, she’s going to lose Caleb, who’s been waiting on her for years.

Caleb knows how to work and play within Kitty’s rules, but it’s tearing them apart. She allows him to punish her but not to pleasure her, and she limits the actual, physical touch between them.

With Caleb hopeless over Kitty, the fight scene in Vegas calls to him, along with the past he tried to leave behind. When his Prez advises him to get away for a few days at the club’s private cabin, Caleb accepts. What he never expects is for Kitty to come and join him.

She’s tired of her past getting in the way. She has to do something now or risk losing the only man she’s ever loved. 

Can Kitty bring herself to allow Caleb into her heart, to touch her body, to give him everything? Or will she lose Caleb to Vegas?

Be Warned: bondage, spanking, sex toys


Tonight, he had no intention of touching her, not once. Wrapping his fingers around his cock, he worked from the tip down, pulling back his foreskin to reveal the mushroom tip of his dick, then up.

Pre-cum leaked out of the tip, and he rubbed it into his cock, getting it nice and slick.

Her gaze was on his actions. Her cheeks were red. She kept licking her lips and he wanted nothing more than to kiss her, but he stayed still, keeping to his chair.

“What are you feeling right now?” he asked.

“I, I want to show you.”

“You want to get naked for me?”

She nodded her head.

“I’d love to see you, Kitty.”

She stood up, and he watched as she wriggled out of her pajama shorts and then her shirt. She was completely naked.

Her body was full, round, curvy, exactly the way he loved it. There had been a time she’d been all skin and bones. In the past few years he’d made sure she’d eaten properly and gone to all the necessary lengths to take care of her.

Kitty sat down, her legs pressed together.

“Now, tell me what you’re feeling,” he said.

“I ache all over.”


She touched her tits, cupping the mounds, sliding down, resting on her stomach, then down to her pussy, cupping herself.

“I’ve been thinking about you touching me.”


“Here.” She kept her hands between her thighs.

“Show me.”

She hesitated for a split second.

Patience was one of his virtues, and he waited for her to make that choice, to take that next step.

She leaned back on the sofa and brought her legs up, spreading them wide. He saw her pussy. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen her, and it wouldn’t be the last either. One day, he was going to make her come with his mouth, her thighs squeezing his head as she screamed his name.

Until then, he worked his cock.

“Then put your fingers on that pussy, Kitty.”

She followed his orders, and he saw she was aroused. The lighting in the room shone down on both of them, showing her soaking wet cunt.

Slowing down his own movements, he watched touch her slit. He didn’t like how hesitant her own touch was to her body. That wasn’t good for him. She should know what she liked, how her body responded to a light touch or a hard one, if she liked it to bite just a pinch or to be soft.

He’d make sure by the time they returned to Greater Falls that Kitty could bring herself to orgasm, and know how to touch herself.

“How does that feel?” he asked, watching her stroke her clit. She looked so pretty, legs spread, eyes a little wild. She looked perfect to him, open, vulnerable, but the trust in her eyes affected him. He would do anything for her to look at him, knowing he’d take care of her. Not a moment went by when he didn’t think about her and want her to have everything her heart desired.

“It feels so good.”

“Touch your clit slowly, Kitty. Show me how you like it.”

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New Release: The Baby Deal (Co-written with Jenika Snow

THE BABY DEAL co-written with Jenika Snow

The Baby Deal


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The deal was simple.

Alexis wanted a baby and so did Deacon. No dotted line to sign on, no lawyers involved. Just an agreement between two neighbors to get her knocked up and have the one thing they both desperately desired.

A baby.

And as easy as that sounded, how uncomplicated it should have all been, it was anything but.

Alexis was in love with Deacon.

Deacon was in love with Alexis.

But both were too afraid to admit how they felt to the other … until they weren’t.

It should’ve been a simple agreement—a baby deal—but it turned out to be so much more.

New Release: My Teacher

My first Full length standalone of Forbidden Romance! I cannot believe it is here already. I really hope you guys like it.

My Teacher-evernightpublishing-eBook

Product Description

Jack Parker has three rules. One, never ever fuck a student. Two, never ever fall for a student. Three, don’t ever break any of the first two rules.

He’s just broken every single one. She’s forbidden, a temptation he should resist, but she’s just become his very reason for living.

Lucia Deen is used to being bullied, alone, with no one to turn to until he enters her life. He cares, showing that her safety matters, that she matters. But he’s her teacher. It’s wrong. It’s dangerous—and she’s already addicted.

Secrets are made to be kept, but theirs are about to be blown apart. Can their forbidden love survive the fallout?



Mr. Parker got started on his lesson. They were comparing two different poems now, and of course it was about love.

Poems were always about love, at least the ones that were considered the greats were. He handed out books, placing them in front of each table. When he got to her desk, he held the book out and she took it, her thumb touching his.

She felt the heat, the warmth that flooded her.

This happened to her every single time she touched him or they were close. She couldn’t look away, but they were in a classroom and she forced a smile before glancing back down at her notes.

He kept on talking, telling them to turn to a new page.

She didn’t want anyone else to see how much he affected her.

Taking notes, she made sure to put the titles of the two poems. This lesson flew by way too quickly as the bell seemed to ring the moment she got into the work. She sat for several seconds and watched as some of her peers rushed out. Opening up her bag, she took her time, aware of Connor in front of her. Rachel came over, and Lucia ignored the two of them until they both filtered out and only she was left.

Standing up, she held her keys in her hands and approached his desk.

Mr. Parker, Jack, smiled at her. “Happy Birthday,” he said.

“Thank you. I don’t even know why he’s doing what he’s doing.” She pointed out the door, speaking of Connor.

“I had no idea it was your birthday.”

“Yep, eighteen today, and look.” She held up her car keys. “My parents finally got me a car. I brought Marie to school today.”

He laughed. “Feel good?”

“Yeah, it felt really awesome, actually.” She tilted her head to the side. “It was a good class today.”

“Are you loving poetry yet?”

“I wouldn’t say loving just yet, but I like it. So that’s a step in a different direction for me.”


“Are you doing anything special tonight?” he asked.

“My parents are taking me out to dinner. No more zucchini chips tonight.”

“I’m happy for you.”

“This is if they’ll show, you know. Their track record is not the best at all when it comes to being a no-show.”

“They should. You’re their daughter.”

“You always know what to say to me.”

“If they knew what was good for them, they’d show up for everything. You’re a good person, Lucia. Don’t ever doubt that.”

He stood up, and she watched as he moved toward the white board, using the board wiper to completely clear the ink marks he’d made.

It had been a good class, but right now, she didn’t want to go. Marie would be waiting for her.

“Mr. Parker,” she said. Her heart raced, and she couldn’t even think straight as he turned around.

Just do it.

“What’s up, Lucia?” he asked.

She didn’t know what the hell came over her, but she stepped up to him, and before she could even think about all of the consequences, she pressed her lips against his.





It was all of those emotions, and so many more all rolled up in one, and she didn’t want it to stop.

Stepping back, she stared into his eyes, and then couldn’t believe what she had just done. “I’m sorry.”

She quickly turned on her heel and walked out of the room.

The first guy she’d just kissed was her teacher.

Jack Parker was a great deal of firsts for her, and now she’d gone and kissed him.

What were you thinking?

She wasn’t thinking. Watching him wipe the board clean, all of her feelings had come crashing all around her, and she’d just reacted.

It was insane.


She didn’t regret it.

You’ve got to see him Monday.


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My Teacher Pre-Order

Hi everyone,

I cannot believe we’re nearly at June 1st and that means, My Teacher is nearly here. Excited! Nervous! So many different feelings when it comes to this book, which is a forbidden romance or a Teacher/ Student romance.

I really hope you guys love Jack as much as I do.

My Teacher-evernightpublishing-eBook

Title: My Teacher

A Full-Length Standalone

Pre-Order Links: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / Amazon (CA)Barnes and Noble / iTunes / Kobo / Smashwords /

Expected Release: June 1st


Jack Parker has three rules. One, never ever fuck a student. Two, never ever fall for a student. Three, don’t ever break any of the first two rules.

He’s just broken every single one. She’s forbidden, a temptation he should resist, but she’s just become his very reason for living.

Lucia Deen is used to being bullied, alone, with no one to turn to until he enters her life. He cares, showing that her safety matters, that she matters. But he’s her teacher. It’s wrong. It’s dangerous—and she’s already addicted.

Secrets are made to be kept, but theirs are about to be blown apart. Can their forbidden love survive the fallout?



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New Release: A Very MC Picnic


Sam Crescent MC Special

In a one-off special, six of Sam Crescent’s MCs come together in a family picnic that would be normal if it were for anyone else, but for The Skulls, Chaos Bleeds, Trojans MC, Dirty Fuckers MC, and Saints and Sinners MC, it is anything but.

By invitation only, the Billionaire Bikers MC wish for you to join them at a set location, to bring your family, your children, to enjoy a day of fun with no harm to come to anyone, providing all people can play nice.

This is just a bit of fun. It features past and future couples, and though it should be read if you love any of the MC books above, it is not necessary to do so. If you want to see more of Angel and Lash, Devil and Lexie, Duke and Holly, Simon and Tabitha, Pie and Lindsey, then this story is for you.



With Lola and Whizz’s help, he’d been able to find out everything there was to know about Russ and his precious little … club. He couldn’t think of that posh fucker being Prez of an MC.

“There’s got to be a reason for all of this.”

Devil rolled his eyes. “You’re not Tiny, so don’t play coy with me, boy. You and I both know what he wants, and we’re on the same side in this.”

Lash smirked. “Just testing you, old man.”

“Fuck off.” It was all right for their women to get along. Devil didn’t have a problem with that, but he wasn’t about to let any fucking man here get the better of him. He saw Duke staring at him. That mean old fucker thought he was so tough because he’d just handed the Abelli their shit. Nah, none of the clubs here knew what true chaos was like or looked death in the eye and laughed. None of them.

The only respect Devil had was for the club standing at his side. The Skulls knew the pain, the loss of heartache, but they also knew when to back down, when not to fight, and the truth was, that was fucking never.

“You’ve got that frowny look on your face. You’re going to scare everyone away if you’re not careful,” Lexie said, coming to his side. She wanted to touch him. He sensed that. His wife always did, but she knew in front of the different clubs that shit wasn’t going to happen. Just like he wouldn’t pull her into his arms or show any weakness. His woman knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would fucking die for her and their kids, no questions asked.

“Be careful when you’re talking to them.”

“This is supposed to be a peaceful get-together. Yeah, well if that ugly-assed looking Trojan keeps checking Angel out, we’re going to have a massacre on our hands. Would you like me to stay peaceful then?” Devil asked.

“This was a bad idea. Really bad idea.”

“You’re telling me.”

Glancing over at the picnic table he saw Simon and Tabitha talking. His son was leaning forward, listening to the music that Tabitha played. Neither of them looked concerned about the potential dangers around them. They were heading into their teenage years, and it was moments like this that he realized his son, his little boy, wouldn’t be a child forever. Of course, Simon would always be his baby boy, but he was going to have to let go all too soon. It doesn’t seem longer than yesterday that he saw Simon in his crib, in that piece of shit apartment block with only Lexie to protect him, and protect him she would.

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New Release: Playing with Fire (Dirty Filthy Men) co-written Stacey Espino


Product Description

Dirty Filthy Men, 1

Blue Collar. Filthy as Hell. 

Are there any good men left in the world?

After her boyfriend dumps her for a younger, prettier, thinner woman, Eva decides to hit the road without looking back. She has no destination in mind, and she’s determined never to trust a man again.

Dalton is a firefighter in Hope Springs. At thirty-nine, he’s settled in for a lifetime of bachelorhood—until Eva drives into their small town. She’s skittish, angry, and refuses to give him a chance. But he’s never been a man to give up easily.

Eva quickly learns that small town boys like to play dirty. She can’t seem to say no to Dalton’s strong body and wicked imagination. Giving him her heart is another story. The more she falls for him, the more she wants to run.

They both have demons to face. Can Dalton convince Eva to settle down and give them a chance at forever?



“Where are we, anyway?”

“I wanted to show you something. Come on,” he said. Dalton exited the vehicle, meeting her at the front of the truck. They were close to an embankment that overlooked the town. “Nice view, eh?”

“Wow, you can see everything from here.”

The blue of the sky met the green of the forests surrounding the town. The rooftops looked tiny from their vantage point. She felt like she was on top of the world, like a phoenix starting fresh.

“You should see it when the sun sets. There’s nothing more beautiful.” Then he turned to her, tilting her chin up. “Well, almost nothing.”

He stared at her, the sun reflecting in his blue eyes. Dalton ran the backs of his fingers tenderly along her cheek.


He shut up whatever excuse she hoped to come up with by kissing her on the lips. She was taken aback, but still felt like jelly as he pulled her close, his hand firmly at her back. Eva felt like she was dreaming, overwhelmed by the perfection of the moment.

Dalton leaned back slightly, his hands still possessively on her body. “You drive me crazy. I can’t stop thinking about you. But I’ll stop right now if you want me to.”

Was love a feeling? Was it making her heart race right now?

“Keep going,” she said. “Don’t stop.” Eva had never known passion like this. Kissing, even sex, had always been lackluster and forgettable. Dalton woke up something inside her, and she wanted so much more. Every time she looked at him, she thought of them naked and entwined. This was the beauty of new love, possibilities … and she hoped reality didn’t steal her joy this round.


Dalton couldn’t hold back any longer. Being trapped in the truck with her half the day had his control shot. Not to mention having her in his home. He had no plans of fucking her and walking away, so why keep waiting? She may not trust men, but what better way to prove himself than by showing her he wouldn’t move on after sex? He wanted a woman to keep, not a quick affair. That lifestyle was for younger men too focused on their own pleasure. Dalton was a man, and he knew exactly what he wanted. Right now, he wanted to fuck Eva.

When she gave him the permission he needed to take things to the next level, his cock tented his uniform pants. He imagined she expected some wholesome lovemaking, but she had no clue about the men in Hope Springs. Most had libidos that were off the charts. Maybe it was the water. She’d soon learn that good values didn’t mean boring in the bedroom.

He slipped his hand under the edge of her jeans, loving the feel of her soft skin. Eva ran both her hands up his arms, testing his muscles. She sought more of his kisses, pressing back against his body.

“I’m all yours, baby.”

“For tonight?”

Dalton smirked. Her insecurities were endearing. “I’m not going anywhere. Give me a little trust. Promise you won’t regret it.”

“Okay.” She grabbed a handful of his t-shirt, keeping close. “What are you going to do with me?” Eva was a tease, looking up at him with fire in her eyes. This was one game she wouldn’t win.

“I’m a firefighter. So I plan to strip you naked and fuck you in my truck.”

Her mouth fell agape, so he kissed her again, his tongue pushing inside as the kiss deepened. She wrapped her arms around his neck, standing up on her tiptoes. Dalton backed her up until they reached the front bumper of the fire truck.

He broke their kiss long enough to tug his t-shirt clean off his body, and then he unbuckled and pulled down his zipper. This time he nuzzled her neck, kissing and suckling all her erogenous zones until her breathing picked up. Her little hands roamed over his body—his chest, his arms, his abs. He loved the feel of her.

He’d never felt this excited about a woman before. Her scent, her touch, the sound of her voice, it all drove him wild. The chemistry between them was electric. Every time they made eye contact, something jolted to life within him. He knew Eva was the one.

“I swear I never do this kind of thing,” she said.

He unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down past her hips, along with her panties, then hoisted her to sit on the bumper. “You have nothing to prove to me, sweetheart. All I care about is right here, right now. You and me.”

Dalton tugged her jeans away and spread her legs, positioning himself between them. Right now was about sating the burning lust. There would be plenty of time for slow, careful exploration and lovemaking—now wasn’t that time. He needed to fuck her hard and quick so he could think straight. With any luck, she’d want to stick around for more.

He was getting sick and tired of an empty house and empty bed. Dalton wanted Eva to realize life in Hope Springs was the answer. He wanted her to fall in love with him, to trust him to always be there for her.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she said. Eva closed her eyes as he lifted her shirt over her head.

“I love these tits,” he said, peeling the cup of her bra to the side. Dalton leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. She had ample breasts, the kind most men only fantasized about. She was going to be all his because he couldn’t imagine letting her walk away after he had a taste.

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