2018 Writing Challenge

Hi everyone,

So, if you follow me on Facebook, you pretty much know this already, but I know a few of you don’t, so I want to share this here.

This is expanded a little as it’s not a Facebook post, but my place to hang out. 🙂

I know I have a lot of cover reveals and a lot of releases as I write a lot. Most of my books are short stories or novellas, between 15-50k. Not much has changed in 6 years of being a full time author. I’ve done a few longer books but they have always been devoted to series like The Skulls or The Owners, where they have several characters already.

With each story, I give part of myself and the truth is, I find it terrifying. This is my journey with each character and sometimes I take my own experiences, thoughts, and feelings, but not all the time. I’ve not been able to move on until a story is wrote. Some stories are short, others not so much.  I know that not everyone will like what I write and I do accept that. I’ve seen plenty of negative reviews, which again I accept, even though some days my thick skin feels a little thin.

We all love different stories and different genres. I’ve always read authors like Tijan, Penelope Douglas, Pepper Winters, Jamie Begley, Lexi Blake, recently found a love of Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland, and thought there is no way I could ever do something like that (not that I think I ever will, they are just so awesome). I have ideas for stories that I know will be longer, and I’ve got a special notebook that I put those ideas in that I know will be longer, that I’d never be able to write, until now.

A few weeks ago I read a post by Alta Hensley (this was a facebook post). She is a wonderful person, so sweet, about setting challenges in 2017, and she’s gone from strength to strength. Well, in 2018, I decided to go ahead and to just go for it. What do I have to lose? For a long time I’ve had readers asking me for longer books and I’ve always been put off writing them out of worry, panic, and fear, well no more. Consider this, wish granted.

The Biker’s Baby is an MC standalone, and over 72k in words, making it one of my longest ever standalones stories not connected to any series. I absolutely love this cover, and even though I’m trying not to panic about its release, I’m also proud of myself. I had to write this story, I have to know if I can do this, write longer books for my readers that have always been asking. I’ve got so many ideas I want to share with you all, and there is another full-length (longer than this one) already scheduled for release.

I just want to say a big thank you to all of my readers for their love and support throughout the years. Without you, I wouldn’t be doing this. So in 2018 I’m going to be working on longer projects as well as finishing up some of my series (I know you want Simon and Tabitha). Even before I got this cover, I worry that it’s not going to be good enough that you’ll hate it and I already fear the bad reviews, but this is also the challenge, to get over those insecurities and to keep on going. I hope you like this new venture.

the-bikers-baby-evernightpublishing-2018Releasing April 13th

This is the unedited / not finalized blurb. I will update soon.

Someone is stealing from the club and as Prez, Gunner has to find out who it is. The only person he can trust is his best friend, John Williams. They served in the military and they’ve been through hell together. His friend is important to him as is John’s wife, Scarlett. From the first moment Gunner saw her, he wanted her.

She belonged to his friend, and he never allowed himself to have her.

John cannot have kids. He’s had the letter, and he can’t give his wife the baby she so desperately craves. Gunner is already a father and his best friend. There’s only one solution, and that is to get his friend to knock his wife up.

Seeing a chance to be with Scarlett, Gunner agrees but with the promise they cannot tell her.

There has always been a tension between her husband and Gunner. Scarlett sees it in the way they look at each other. Her and John’s marriage is about honesty, and so when he wants to share her, she doesn’t see a problem.

Each time they’re together, Scarlett sees the need growing in both men. Seeing no other way, she concocts a plan that will bring her men together.

Now that the truth is out, can they survive as a threesome?

What will happen when Scarlett falls pregnant and discovers their plan?

With their lives coming apart, it’s up to Gunner and John to protect Scarlett as the traitor in the club is determined to bring it down around them.

This story contains anal play, anal sex, MM themes and sex.

Recipe: Stuffed Shells

Stuffed Shells

            I love this recipe so much. I’ve been playing around with it for a couple of years. The first time I did this, I had lots of cheese and onions and stuff like that. I feel I keep this simple. I hope you like it. Again, this is not authentic but my version.

Cheese filling:

2 x 250g / just over 2 cups Ricotta

170g / Approx 6oz Garlic and Herb Philadelphia cream cheese

Pinch of White pepper

½ tsp onion powder

½ tsp garlic powder

Pinch red pepper flakes

Grated fresh nutmeg

113g / 1 cup grated cheddar (or provolone, smoked gouda, any cheese that you really like. I keep trying with whatever I have on hand)

50 g / ½ cup grated parmesan

500g / 16 ½ cups, spinach, wilted, drained, cooled, and chopped

1-3 tbsp freshly chopped parsley

1 egg

Approx 43 large pasta shells, depending on size and how much you fill them, or a package of no cook cannelloni pasta

Tomato sauce:

2 tbsp butter

Drizzle of olive oil

2 medium onions, chopped

Pinch of red pepper flakes

Salt and pepper

2 garlic cloves, chopped

300 mls / 1 ¼ cups Vegetable stock

800g / 28 oz can tomato sauce with herbs

Grated Cheddar and parmesan


  1. Start a pan of water on to boil and salt it. Add your pasta if using the shells (for cannelloni skip this part), cook until they’re pliable and you can easily bend them but not overcooked. Drain and set them aside.
  2. Put all of the cheese filling ingredients into a bowl and mix well until everything is combined.
  3. Now, get started on the sauce. In a medium pan on medium heat, melt the butter with a drizzle of olive oil. Add in the chopped onion and a pinch of red pepper flakes, along with salt and pepper. Cook this for 5-8 minutes until it is soft. Add in the chopped garlic, give the pan a stir, and then add in the vegetable stock. Cook this for about a minute before adding in the tomato sauce. Use your favourite. I happen to love the Maggi brand of Tomato sauce with herbs. Cook this for about ten minutes.
  4. Preheat oven to 160-180oc / gas mark 5 (this depends on your oven as they do vary a lot, but this works for mine)
  5. To assemble. Take your oven proof safe dish and in the bottom, drizzle some of this sauce as a nice bed for the pasta. Next, fill your pasta. For the shells, I use a small teaspoon and put it in. With the Cannelloni, I get a pastry bag, stuff the filling in the bag, snip off the end, big enough to fit into the hole of the Cannelloni and squeeze into the tube. A little trick, I rest one end of the Cannelloni on the board, and squeeze out the filling on the free end, and I can see when it fills up.
  6. Put the shells ( I actually do mine with the cheese filling facing up as I love how it seems to bake better) or Cannelloni into your dish, top with the remaining tomato filling, then sprinkle some cheese on top.
  7. Cover the top with some greased foil, and put in the oven for about 20-30 minutes. The tops should be lovely and golden and bubbly.
  8. Serve this with either a side salad or a piece of ancho seasoned chicken. Lovely!

Pictures down below show the shells, the Cannelloni, and also the final dish served with ancho seasoned chicken. It was so good! Family loved it, including my niece and nephews.

New Release: Wicked Fireman (Hard and Ready)


Product Description

Hard and Ready, 2

From the moment Dwayne sees Blair, he wants her. He wants all of those beautiful curves to himself. But she’s his boss’s daughter, and he’s the new guy in town, still trying to prove that he’s not just some flighty city boy.

She’s already had a messy breakup, and Blair has no interest in a relationship now. Every woman in town wants to date the new guy, but he only has eyes for her. She’s attracted to him but is afraid of anything serious.

After one night of harmless sex, Blair tells him straight that they’re just having fun. Dwayne likes to have fun, and he’s determined to show her exactly what she’s been missing out on.

From sex outdoors, to dancing, to sharing a picnic, Dwayne proves that he’s not only fun but dirty as well. Then comes one romantic dinner beneath the stars and what was once “just fun” changes, deepens.

Can Blair risk telling him that her feelings for him have changed? What will happen when Dwayne risks his life, running into a burning building to save another?



Straining it through the sieve, she pressed some plastic wrap on the surface and ran a hand over her forehead. That was a close one.

“Wow, that was intense. I thought going into a burning building was tough.”

“Don’t be silly. What you do is the tough part.” She was very aware of the danger that came with being a fireman. There had been a couple of occasions she’d nearly lost her dad because of it. She recalled being at the hospital waiting for news on his condition. Her father’s left leg was covered in burn scars from being trapped. For a short time, they’d thought he’d lose his leg, but he’d gotten through the surgery and grafts.

They made the strawberry compote that she was going to mix with the ice cream, before moving onto the jam.

Dwayne was a keen learner, and he listened to all of her instructions. By seven o’clock, they were sitting out in her yard after enjoying some grilled steak, eating some of their homemade ice cream.

She had a churner, which made it so soft, and stopped any of those horrid ice crystals from forming.

“I really enjoyed today,” he said.

“Me too. I didn’t expect you to be so into making ice cream.”

“With how this tastes, I expect you to bring me many different flavors. I take it you do them?”

“I do. Apart from when I’m heartbroken. There’s never enough ice cream for me to enjoy.” She licked her spoon clean, and when she glanced over at him, she saw that his gaze was on her lips.

“When you do stuff like that, it’s hard for me to remain a gentleman.”

She didn’t say anything. Her pussy was already growing slick at the promise in his eyes. She knew exactly what he saw when she licked the spoon, and her own gaze landed on his body. There had been a few times today she’d been distracted by his body near hers.

It had been a long time since she had sex. She didn’t even know if she was any good at it.

Sex had always been something she thought would be amazing, earth-shattering, but often, it had been boring and lackluster.

“Tell me what you’re thinking about?”

“Lackluster sex.”

This made him laugh. “I can promise you being in my bed would be anything but.”

“I’m sure a lot of men say that.”

He stared at her for several seconds. She wondered what he was thinking about when he placed his glass on the table. “Come here.”

Putting her glass down, she stepped close to him, ignoring every single warning going off inside her head.

He reached out, taking her hand, and she stopped across the sunbed, straddling him. His hands went to her thighs and he moved them up, gripping her hips before drawing her down to sit on him.

Through her thin shorts, she felt the hard ridge of his cock pressing against her, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out.

“Sex is whatever you make it.” His hands moved down her thighs before sliding up and resting inches away from her pussy.

Her nipples felt incredibly tight, and it took every single ounce of control not to beg him for more.

“Tell me to stop.”

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New Release: Woman of His Dreams (Curvy Women Wanted)

Woman of His Dreams

Curvy Women Wanted, 11

Reese and Julia have never liked each other. From the moment they met, they clashed. She thinks he’s a man-whore, and he believes she’s an entitled bitch with her head always stuck in a book. One night, one argument, too many drinks, and those views change. Instead of being annoyed by her, Reese just wants to fuck her—and one time is never enough.

After just passing high school, and failing college, Julia is trying to pass classes at night courses, but she’s failing that, too. Coming from a family of high achievers, she hasn’t found her place in the world. But one night with Reese and her ordered world comes to a halt.

Their “sex dates” turn into something more as they share themselves and what they care about, and Reese comes to realize that Julia is the woman of his dreams. He’s willing to fight to take her as his own, but can she trust him with her heart and not just her body?

Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys



They worked together in the same bar. She was a waitress, and he the bartender. From the gossip and general talk, he knew she was taking night classes to finish up her degree in English Lit, or something like that.

He didn’t really care. Most of the time he saw her, her nose was always stuck in a book. She had a pencil constantly pushed into her hair or behind her ear.

Every single part of her always seemed so put together, and he had only seen her get dirty and messed up when he started to play. Damn it did he love to play with her. Her body was always so fucking responsive that she made him constantly ache for more. No matter how many times he fucked her, he wanted her again.

She’d always leave, or he’d walk out of her place, and neither of them would try to fight it. At first, he didn’t even care when she left after he’d dispensed with the condom. When they were at work together, no one was any the wiser.

Now though, he was a little pissed, and he wanted to fuck her into oblivion just so he had at least once to feel her in his arms.

“I hate it when you tell me to shut up. It annoys me.”

He pressed his hand between her thighs, and she cried out. Those were the kinds of sounds he relished her making, and he fucking loved it. Unbuttoning her jeans, he slid his hand inside, and found what he enjoyed about her. Every time he touched her, she was wet and always desperate for his touch. He’d never had a woman so responsive to him.

Whenever he was around her, he was always hard as rock. The nights at work were now torture as he knew what her body felt like pressed against him, how her ass nestled against his cock as he rode her pussy, the tight feel of her cunt wrapped around him.

In recent weeks, however, he didn’t like the overriding, possessive need to hurt every single man that thought that they could touch her. Julia didn’t belong to anyone else but him. Her moans had been of his name, no one else’s.

She never gave any of the men she served the time of day, and there had been a few occasions she’d stopped someone from touching her by grabbing their wrist. There was nothing worse than wanting to smash a bottle in someone’s face for that.

Reese had never considered hurting anyone before for touching his woman. He’d never owned a possessive cell in his body, and yet with Julia, watching her talk to men made him jealous. Especially the men that made her laugh. He rarely made her laugh.

In fact, he spent more time making her angry with his wise-ass comments.

“Shut up and I’ll lick your pussy so good,” he said, nibbling on her neck. With her pressed up against the wall, and his body crowding her, she couldn’t get away, and that was exactly how he liked it. “You’re so fuckable, baby. You want my dick inside you?”


“Beg me for it.”

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Woman of His Dreams-3D-lage-series

Pre-Order Now Available

Hi Everyone,

I was just stopping by to let you know about Woman of his Dreams going up for pre-order.

Woman of His DreamsTitle: Woman of his Dreams

Series: Curvy Women Wanted

Pre-Order Links: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / Amazon (CA) / Barnes and Noble / Smashwords / Kobo /

Release date: March 26th


Reese and Julia have never liked each other. From the moment they met, they clashed. She thinks he’s a man-whore, and he believes she’s an entitled bitch with her head always stuck in a book. One night, one argument, too many drinks, and those views change. Instead of being annoyed by her, Reese just wants to fuck her—and one time is never enough.

After just passing high school, and failing college, Julia is trying to pass classes at night courses, but she’s failing that, too. Coming from a family of high achievers, she hasn’t found her place in the world. But one night with Reese and her ordered world comes to a halt.

Their “sex dates” turn into something more as they share themselves and what they care about, and Reese comes to realize that Julia is the woman of his dreams. He’s willing to fight to take her as his own, but can she trust him with her heart and not just her body?


Up Next And Cover Reveal!

Hi everyone,

I’m busy writing and I’ve got lots of plans to get through this year, including (and not limited to) Simon and Tabitha’s book, then I’ve also challenged myself and more will be revealed about that in April and June. I know I’m being cryptic but there is a reason and I’m terrified of sharing the news with you, but I will.

I write all the time so what’s up next?

Woman of His DreamsDo you love Curvy Women Wanted? Well the next book that is coming is, Woman of his Dreams, releasing March 26th.

Reese and Julia have never liked each other. From the moment they met, they clashed. She thinks he’s a manwhore and he believes she’s an entitled bitch with her head always stuck in a book. One night, one argument, too many drinks, and those views turn. Instead of being annoyed by her, Reese just wants to fuck her. One time is never enough.

After only just scraping by grade ways in high school, and failing college, Julia is trying to pass classes at night courses but she’s failing that too. Coming from a family of high achievers, she hasn’t found her place in the world. One night with Reese and her ordered world comes to a head.

She can’t keep on pretending anymore.

Their sex dates turn into something more as he takes her to an animal rescue center where he volunteers. Bonding with an abandoned dog, Julia adopts her but there’s a problem. Her apartment doesn’t allow pets. Reese rents out his spare bedroom with the promise of helping her train the dog. He has no intention of her sleeping away from him.

He’s come to realize that Julia is the woman of his dreams, and he’s willing to fight to take her as his own.

Cover Reveal

Jenika Snow and I have a brand new Mail Order Brides to share.

Claimed as His

TBR: http://bit.ly/2psgSSU

First came marriage, then came a baby, then came the drama of being a mail order bride.

Lucy had become a mail order bride, and although she should’ve backed out she was lonely. Upon first meeting Ian his arrogance got under her skin. She should have left right then, but her attraction to him went deeper.

And so she found herself staying married to a man who was used to getting what he wanted, when he wanted it.

But what he didn’t know about her was that Lucy wouldn’t bend to his will. And what she would soon find out was that Ian got turned on by that.

But the longer they’re married the more she sees that he is a good guy who got a bad rap. And her attraction soon grows to love. Even if she has no intentions of leaving Ian, his family has other plans, ones that don’t include Lucy.

All Ian wanted to do was humiliate his parents. He wanted a bride that came from a poor background, had no connections and nothing to offer the family name. She’d be his choice, not theirs, so finding the mail order bride website was a saving grace to him. The moment he saw Lucy, he knew his plan would work.

His parents wouldn’t see her as perfect, and to him that was all he needed.

What Ian never expected was the overwhelming need to protect her. He didn’t want his vile family to hurt Lucy, and even though he could be an asshole, he couldn’t bring himself to disregard her.

However, his plan is already in motion. But he can prove to Lucy that no matter what, he loves her more than anything.
He doesn’t just want to use her for revenge, he wants her for life and to have a real family. That’s what he’s always craved.

Warning: If you like your heroes with a hint of arrogance but also devoted toward their women, and your heroines strong and determined, this story is for you. Oh, and of course it’s as filthy as can be!

New Release: Her Monster


Product Description

Caleb Carson is not a good man. All of his life he’s trained to be part of the family business. The Carsons kill, they hurt, and do whatever is necessary to stay in charge. Still, when he’s handed an eighteen-year-old girl as payment for a debt, he’s pissed. He takes the girl and keeps her protected. In return, he kills her father, as he doesn’t like loose ends.

Faith doesn’t get attached to anyone or anything, and she knew it was only a matter of time before her father’s gambling affected her. Now she belongs to Caleb, but … he’s different. She knows he’s a monster, but Caleb intrigues her. When she’s in his arms, it’s unlike anything she’s ever felt.

Caleb doesn’t do love, and he never will. Faith deserves so much better, but he can’t let her go. Why not have something for himself for a change?

Will Caleb keep Faith and learn to fall in love? Can Faith bring herself to love the man who owns her?

Be Warned: anal sex



When she got to the kitchen, however, Caleb stood at the stove stirring a pot.

Hands clenched at her sides, Faith was about to leave just as he turned and saw her. “Hey, Anne wasn’t feeling very well. I think she has the flu, so we’re fending for ourselves for the next couple of days.”

“Does she need someone to take care of her?” Faith asked.

“Nope. Anne doesn’t like anyone fussing over her. She’s got a niece who takes care of her when she’s like this.” He covered the pot he’d been playing with and turned toward her. His shirt sleeves were rolled up, and to Faith it only seemed to enhance the thickness of his arms, and it was driving her crazy. “You weren’t in the library when I came to see you.”

“I decided to go to my room. Try and do some studying there.” It wasn’t a total lie. She’d been to her room to try to forget about her arousal. Being around Caleb didn’t help.

Any other man was easy. She’d seen some of his guards, and her body was fine, even her thoughts staying calm.

With Caleb, on the other hand, she was in total meltdown, and it was driving her crazy.

“What’s wrong?” He stepped closer to her, and she took a step back.

She couldn’t look away from him though, and as she stared at him, she was mesmerized by how dark his eyes actually were. They were so brown and intense. He didn’t stop coming toward her until her back hit the wall. Then his hands pressed either side of her head, and she found that so sexy. Trapped between his body and the wall, she didn’t see a problem with that.

Tilting her head back, she waited for him to speak. Then of course she remembered that he was the one who spoke last. “I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine.”

“What is fine supposed to look like?”

“Why are you hiding in your room?” he asked, completely avoiding the question.

“I’m not.”

He smelled so good.

The closer he was, the harder she struggled not to reach out and touch him. She wondered what he’d do if she ran her hands up his chest. He had to be as hard and muscular as he looked even beneath the crisp, white shirt.

He always wore business clothes, which to her was incredibly sexy.

The tension seemed to mount as he stared down at her.

“What are you thinking?” she asked, daring to hope it was the same as she was.

“You don’t want to know.”

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