With Jenika Snow

TBHM2Title: Taken By Her Mate

Series: Northern Silver Pack 1

Company: Evernight Publishing

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A virgin betrothed to a womanizer…

Addie has been promised to Brendan since her birth. She no choice but to follow through and become the mate to a shape-shifting wolf she doesn’t love. But when Shaun, a childhood friend and the male she has always wanted, refuses to let her mate with another, she is afraid her love for Shaun will cause destruction between their packs.

The future alpha in love with a woman he can’t have…

Shaun has loved Addie since they were children, but she is promised to another male. Claiming her can start a war between their packs, but Shaun can’t stand back and let another male have her. When the heat between Addie and Shaun ignites, they know their attraction can’t be denied. But Brendan isn’t about to let Addie go, and when she is taken, Shaun will stop at nothing to get her back.

Be Warned: anal sex


her-rebound-menTitle: Her Rebound Men

Series: Taming the Trio, 1

Company: Evernight Publishing

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After a messy break-up, the last thing Kate McAlister wants is to fall for one guy, let alone two. She never anticipated Kev and Nate Miller entering her life.

Kev and Nate have always wanted to share a woman but in the last few years Kev has withdrawn from his brother. A woman in their past left her mark on Kev and Nate can’t find a way to win him back. When Kate enters their life, Nate sees the chance to not only be with the woman he loves but she could also bring Kev back.

Their time together was only supposed to be one night but none of them can walk away. Can Nate convince Kev that Kate’s the one for them? Or will Kev be the one to break everything apart by living in the past?

The future is never certain when you fall for your rebound men.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, spanking

verybadthings1lTitle: Very Bad Things

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Bad men do bad things… 

Ryker Black accepts who and what he is. Working as a hired hit man, he kills for a price without remorse. When he’s called to do a job, a young woman becomes a witness to the killing. He should have taken her out, too, but he can’t. He wants her…so he keeps her. 

Fiona Sterling has lived a sad life since her entire family died in a plane crash. The one person that she considered a friend is now dead. Everything changes when she’s taken away by a man that makes no mystery to the fact he wants her. 

With death and danger following them, Fiona and Ryker find solace and pleasure in each other’s arms. But can two damaged people become whole again? 

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking, violence

Break HerTitle: Break Her (with Jenika Snow)

Series: N?A

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Expected release month: June 12th


Garrison has wanted Odessa for as long as he can remember but he waited for her. He waited for her to turn eighteen, and waited for her accept the type of male he is. She won’t give in and become his mate. He’s not going to stop until he claims her for his own.

Odessa wants Garrison but he scares her. He’s strong, dangerous, the pride’s enforcer. She’s witnessed him with blood on his hands, and part of her likes it.

To claim his mate he must break down the walls she’s wrapped around her heart. Garrison will break her, and show her that he may be a monster, but when it comes to her, he’ll treat her right.

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  1. I’m anxious to read about Lilly and her policemen duo. She’s got to be bothering you to write her story! LOL. Can’t wait.

    And I can’t imagine what Megan’s romantic interests will be. You are a truly talented writing team.

  2. Will there be any more stories with Kate’s friends from Her Rebound Men?

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