Trojans MC

controlTitle: Control

Series: Trojans MC 

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Duke has wanted Holly for a long time but she was too young, too innocent, and he was married. Now, she’s older and he has waited long enough. She is going to be his. 

Holly grew up in the MC life. Her father was once president of the Trojans MC before he handed the gavel over to Duke. She refuses to become part of the life like her mother has. Being an old lady is the last thing she wants to become. 

He has bided his time and now he will not let her go. Holly is his to control, to fuck, to love. He’ll do everything in his power to claim his woman but what will happen when Holly finds out the truth about the club? 

When his ex-wife tries to hurt her, Duke will have to make a choice. Can he kill the mother of his child or will he protect the woman who owns his heart? 

Be Warned: anal play, public exhibition, spanking

betrayalTitle: Betrayal

Series: Trojans MC

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Trojans MC, 2

He broke her heart. She refuses to be hurt again… 

Mary has always had a crush on Pike but she vows never to fall for him again. With her leg broken, Mary needs to be taken care of. She moved into Holly’s place but there’s no way she can stay. 

Her body will betray her. 

Pike will not stand to see anyone else looking after his woman. He fucked up big but Mary is his, and he intends to claim her. 

He can have her body. He’ll never have her heart. 

Every woman he’s ever known has fallen into his lap. He doesn’t have to fight for what he wants. With Mary, he can have her whenever he wants but she’s not giving him anything in return. Her heart is covered in ice and he doesn’t know how to melt it so he can finally be with the woman he loves. 

What will happen when he tries to make her his old lady? Can Mary really give Pike a second chance? What will Pike do to finally break the ice that’s keeping him out? 

Be Warned: anal sex, public exhibition

lustTitle: Lust

Series: Trojans MC

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Ever since he saved her from almost getting gang raped, Raoul hasn’t been able to get Zoe out of his mind. When he’s with a woman it’s Zoe he thinks about but he can never have her. This life is not for her.  

Zoe has become obsessed with the rough biker who saved her over six months ago. She has a new roommate and is trying to move on but she can’t. When she finds out that her roommate’s boyfriend knows of the club, she refuses to pass up his invitation to the club.

 What she finds sends her running. Raoul can’t believe Zoe was in the club, and now, he’s not going to let her get away. He’ll have her for his own, claim her as his old lady, and soon take her as his wife.

The passion between them is fierce. The lust burned brighter than any fire. How can their relationship last? She’s in college and he’s part of a deadly MC club. What will happen when Zoe discovers that Raoul has lied? Will she run far and fast away from him?

After all, she’s not the only virgin he’s bedded, how can she be special to him?

need2Title: Need

Series: Trojans MC

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Crazy loves his daughter, hates his ex-wife, and wants Leanna with a passion he’s never experienced before. Leanna doesn’t trust him. She only believes that he wants a mother for his daughter. The challenge has been set. Crazy will show Leanna that he wants her for more than a stepmom to his kid.

Leanna is used to being the one no one wants. She’s not desirably, she’s not beautiful, and she can’t believe it when Crazy shows her that she is everything he needs. He takes her, shows her what it is like to belong to him, and she doesn’t want it to end.

However, his ex-wife, Suz, hasn’t left. She’s not going to be forgotten easily. When Suz shoots Leanna, it’s a race against time to save her? What will happen if Leanna doesn’t make it? Will Crazy finally lose control, and take Suz’s life? What will happen to his daughter?

Nothing in life is ever certain.

mineTitle: Mine

Series: Trojans MC

Releasing January

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Daisy wants his sister’s best friend Maria. She wants him to give her a chance to prove that she could be everything he wants. Can she handle the fact he wants to be in control of everything?

 She’s tired of making the decisions. Maria yearns for a man who’ll love, protect, and stay faithful to her. She knows she’s different but she can give Daisy everything he needs.

 Taking time away from the club, Daisy gives them a chance to see if Maria can give him what he needs, but also to show her he’s the kind of man she craves. They’re two unlikely souls that are destined to be together. Their time together shows that, and love blooms more powerful than either could imagine.

 However, when Maria tells him the truth about the pain his sister experienced, their peace comes crashing down around them. How can he trust her when she kept Beth’s secret from him? What will happen when he goes after the man who violated his sister?

Is there any way two opposites can find love?

trustTitle: Trust

Series: Trojans MC

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From the first moment Knuckles saw Beth, he wanted her. He saw the demons in her eyes, and the fear. There was no one else that would ever have the patience for a woman like Beth. She was broken and it would take time for her to heal. With time, he waited, being the constant in her life, waiting for the time that she’d be strong enough to give him a chance.

            That time is now.

            She has wanted Knuckles for a long time, and what has made her love him, is the patience that he has shown. Beth trusts Knuckles and even though he has a reputation for being a Dominant man, she’s not afraid of him.

            Even though Daisy is breathing down his neck, Knuckles knows he’s the best man to love, and to take care of Beth. Out of everyone in her life, Knuckles is the only one that treats her normally. She will fight her brother, and anyone who doubts her. She will be Knuckles’s old lady for the rest of her life.

            Even as an outside source draws in a new threat, nothing can stop them from coming together. Knuckles will protect her with his very life.

easy-samTitle: Easy

Series: Trojans MC

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From the moment that Brass saw Eliza, he knew he was going to have her. Having her wasn’t the problem. Keeping her was. Eliza always looked so skittish as if she was waiting for something bad to happen. When she finally tells him the truth about the control over her life, he knows he will do everything in his power to protect her. Even take on her father.

Eliza is used to men being bought off. No one wants to stay with the fat girl. They would rather have a big wad of fat money than her. All she has ever wanted was a guy to love her, desire her, want her. Could that man be Brass?

The Trojans are going through a trying time, and with it, they don’t have the need for another old lady who could leave them. Brass not only has to prove to the club that Eliza is the one, he must prove it to the woman he loves. When her father finally comes to town intent on destroying everything she touches, can the Trojans band together to fight an unusual enemy, power and money?

For the first time, Duke (the club Prez) is about to be tested, and to prove his worth as he club’s leader.

The Trojans are fierce, they are loyal, and they are everything that Eliza has ever wanted. Will she be brave enough to see that?

craveTitle: Crave

Series: Trojans

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Expected Release: November 20th


From the first moment Chip saw Kasey, he knew without a doubt he wanted her. He didn’t even know her name the first time, but she was going to belong to him. Now he was ready to claim her. The problem? One of his club brothers, seems determined to claim her for himself as well.

He’ll not lose this fight.

Kasey’s his, and he’s going to prove to the nurse that he’s the guy for her.

Knowing the Trojans MC through her work at the hospital, Kasey doesn’t think much to the bouquets of flowers, figuring they were a gift. When Chip asks her out on a date, she realizes it’s more than a gift. Her attraction to Chip surprises her. She never saw herself with a club man, but every second she spends with him, she can’t imagine a life without him.

The Trojans MC are not safe.

They’re in danger, and the threat they face could completely kill the entire club. No one will back down, nor will they allow Duke, their Prez, to fight their battle alone.

No one invites a Trojan into their home without dealing with the consequences.

Can Kasey handle the pressure?

Will Chip survive to prove his love?

greed2Title: Greed

Series: Trojans MC

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Expected release: July 17th


All it takes is one night to change everything.

Pie and Lindsey have an unconventional friendship—and they have an agreement to help each other find a partner. But Pie’s not interested in finding anyone, and he certainly doesn’t want to see Lindsey with another man. Then one night, when Lindsey is trying to broaden his horizons, the dynamic of their friendship shifts, and there’s no turning back, even though Lindsey is afraid to face the changes.

When Pie goes to Lindsey to face the issue, he finds her being viciously attacked by her boss, and Pie snaps. Killing her boss is the only solution, but now he has a dead body on his hands. Now Lindsey has to be strong so no one finds out the truth of what Pie did. She’ll protect him and the Trojans MC with her life.

With nowhere to hide anymore, Lindsey has to face the fact she’s in love with Pie. They are no longer just friends, and Pie’s a greedy bastard. He wants Lindsey as his old lady, as his wife, in his bed, pregnant with his child, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her there.

claimedTitle: Claimed

Series: Trojans MC

Expected Release: November 5th

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Landon doesn’t stay with the same woman twice. They’re to be used for his pleasure, and he’s never seen a reason to ever fall in love.

Anna Rose is not looking for a relationship. She would rather move from job to job, sew, and live her life with few problems. Men cause problems. When her best friend demands she attends a Trojan MC party, Anna knows it isn’t going to end well. What she doesn’t expect is to find a stranger who gets her body racing.

Landon couldn’t get the woman out of his head, and when he finds out who she is, he’s determined to work her out of his system. Only, sex isn’t helping. One taste of her, and he wants more.

There’s no way she can fall for a biker, but with each passing day, Anna can’t deny the pull of Landon. When she witnesses the dangers of the club, there’s no going back. She has to prove her loyalty or they’ll kill her.

Is there any future between them? Or will Landon force her to become his? He’s not worn a condom, and he wants to keep her—what better way than knocking her up?

54 thoughts on “Trojans MC

  1. I’ve tried reading MC books by other authors and it seems to be more about the club than the couple. I love that your books are about the couple with just the right amount of club to keep me invested in who the next couple to get together will be. I also love that you write about us bbw and show that we can find and deserve love just like everyone else. Looking forward to seeing more of your books.

  2. I just read the entire Trojan series in 2 1/2 days. Yes I called into work to be able to do that. Love these books and I am so ready to read more in this series. i looked in the future books and didnt see a Trojan book coming out soon, did I miss it or is this series on hold for now.
    Looking forward to starting another of your series .

    1. It’s not on hold, and I will be writing a book very soon. A couple of characters were arguing about who to go next so I had to wait for that to clear up before I could do anymore. I’m so pleased you enjoyed them. 🙂

  3. I have read a lot of MC stories and The Trojans series is by far my favorite. I never get tired of reading it again and again and again…. When will we have Matthew and Luna story?! A novella for Duke and Holly would so be appreciated😍😍

      1. Yes that is something I would enjoy. I love revisiting past couples, reading about their continuing joys, struggles, etc. I am an avid reader so I’m always up for more books, novellas and such. Thank you for responding. 😁

  4. The Trojans is an enthralling Series. I look forward to reading about Matthew & Luna as well as Landon, and Pie’s books. Also it would be great to see a book about Mac despite him not being part of the MC life. Thanks so much for writing. You’re an excellent writer!

  5. Have just finished Easy am so in love with your MC books am about to start the latest chaos bleeds, have read a lot of your books and have enjoyed every one so far, there are still a few titles i have yet to read but always look forward to reading one you’ve written thanks for many hours of reading pleasure

  6. Reading this series now and loving it 🙂 not the 1st series i have read from you either 🙂 cant wait for more books to come out 🙂 🙂

  7. Hi Sam,

    I´m in love with this serie and can wait for the nex books. PLEASE PLEASE please!!! don´t make us wait to long for the next book.

  8. Do you have a date in mind for Matthew and Luna’s Book? Love your Trojans books! Karen, Northern Ireland, UK.

  9. I absolutely LOVE your Trojan MC series… Now that a big secret about Holly has been revealed I’m excited to see how it all plays out… Will Matthew & Luna eventually get their story?

  10. I love your books. The Trojan mc series has. Me hooked I can’t wait to see wats to come

  11. I just finished beth and knuckles story and I want to know if there would be a continuation anytime soon?

      1. Awesome!!! I look forward to that. And in the meantime I’m excited to read new ones you have coming out now! 🙂


  12. When will you be writing Daisy and Maria’s book? I’d love to read how they develop their relationship.

  13. Hi, I am Brazilian and I can tell you I love your writing, and love your MCs love all the stories I am in love with the chaos and sckulls. I really want to have circulation in my language, I got all, I’m your fan, I love his work for goods.
      PS: Just did not like much of a bitch club rs have my name. Lie loved everything …. Love your characters, being chubby in normal women also can have happy forever while not perfect


  14. I can’t wait to read the next one , I’m sure it will be as good as the first two !! Oh an I love the fact you have have a work in progress page so all you fans know when your next book is due. (makes the wait bearable lol as I mark off the days )

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