The Law Castle Bad Boys


Title: The Bad Boys’ Virgin Temptress

Series: The Law Castle Bad Boys, 1

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Cheryl Fisher is a virgin on a mission. She’s spent the better part of her life caring for her sick mother. On her death bed, her mother made her promise to live life to the fullest and to never take one moment for granted. In order to fulfill her promise, she goes in search of the two men she can trust with her body.

Noah and Drew have had their eyes on Cheryl for a while. Both men know they want to share her. When Noah learns the truth about her virginity, he’s shocked by the possessive feelings he has towards her.

Together, they must show Cheryl that there is more to them than their bad boy reputation. They want her with them forever, and they will do everything in their power to fight for her.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, spanking.





Title: The Bad Boys’ Reluctant Woman

Series: The Law Castle Bad Boys, 2

Company: Evernight Publishing

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The Law Castle Bad Boys, 2

After living in the Foster system, Zoe Howard does not trust easily. She moves to Law Castle with the hope of settling down. What she doesn’t expect is to be the woman that three men desire.

Jake, Brent, and Connor have been friends all their lives. They want a woman to share, and they know that woman is Zoe. However, she keeps all three men at arm’s length. Her reluctance is frustrating as they know she wants them back.

Zoe is reluctant to give herself to three men. She’s scared to love and to trust again. All three men fight her resolve and show her how it can feel to be loved by all of them. When Zoe ends up in danger, her men realize the love they feel for her.

But could they be too late to tell her how they feel? 

Be Warned: anal sex, menage sex (MFMM)



Title: The Bad Boy’s Biggest Mistake

Series: The Law Castle Bad Boys, 3

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Vicki Burke gave herself to the Sheriff of Law Castle, Tristan Carmichael. After falling in love with the much older man she learned a startling truth, Tristan was married to another woman.

Losing the only man she loved and their baby, Vicki tries to rebuild her life in Law Castle. She stops working at the local bar and starts working for one of the Law Castle Bad Boys. But her love for Tristan refuses to go.

For longer than five years Tristan was separated from his wife but didn’t request a divorce. He never expected to get involved with another woman or to fall in love.

His life is full of mistakes but his biggest mistake was letting Vicki go. Is there a way for him to win back her trust? And can he repair the damage with a divorce from a woman who refuses to give him what he wants?

Be Warned: anal sex, bondage


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  1. Its been a while some I’m wondering if there will be Stefan, Marla and Kevin book coming soon?

  2. Did Patrick, Larry & Gloria have their own book and I missed it? I’m new to the Law Castle Bad Boys.

      1. Thanks for the reply Sam! I just got that impression from the way it was written that these were characters that I should already know about. Loved the series, and can’t wait to read more.

  3. I was wondering if The Law Castle Bad Boys Chloe and Stefan Marla and Kevin
    Getting books ?

  4. I was wondering if The Law Castle Bad Boys children will be getting books because it ended 21 years later the kids going on date ?

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