AAO1mTitle: Against All Odds

Series: Shifters

Company: Evernight Publishing

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One mistake that could cost him his mate.

Ben is a tiger shifter, from a line of possessive, dominant, and controlling men. They cannot bear for another to touch their woman. He’s never imagined having a woman of his own, but in the most unlikely person, he finds his mate.

Heather has known about shifters, and she’s best friends with a leopard shifter. On the night of a barbecue she gets a shock of a lifetime. She’s the destined mate to Ben, the guy her best friend wants so desperately. What can Heather do but refuse, for her friend’s sake?

Emotions are running high, and Ben attacks Heather when he loses control. Afterward, there’s nothing he can do but wait it out. How can Heather fall in love with the man who scarred her? Against all the odds and with time, Ben hopes to recapture what he’s lost. Without his mate, there is no future for him. But can Heather be strong enough to love him? And would her friend ever forgive her for walking away?

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10 thoughts on “Shifters

  1. Just finished this book. Loved it. Can’t wait for the rest of them!! 💜

  2. Hi Sam, I was just wondering if you are going to write about Dana…who was in Against all odds

  3. Really enjoy your books! Are you going to be doing anymore in the shifter series?

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