Dirty Fuckers MC – Overview

Title: Bad to the Bone

Series: Dirty Fuckers MC

Company: Evernight Publishing

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Expected release month: July 17th


Come and Party with the Dirty Fuckers MC.  

We guarantee great sex, variety, and above all fun.  

Interested? Come in and party.

Cora has no choice but to join her friend when she’s determined to go to the local MC club to get laid. She’s not the settling down type, and hates dating. Enter a scarred biker, and Cora’s changing her beliefs.

James is the founder and president of the club. He’s used to being passed over for his brother. When Cora enters the club, he has to have her.

The adventures of the MC are about to be brought to light. Can Cora handle the heat? Will James convince his woman that being his old lady is the best decision she’d ever make?

Title: My Kind of Dirty

Series: Dirty Fuckers MC

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Release date: March


Grace has left behind an abusive  ex, and has moved back to the town where she grew up only to find it has been taken over by the Dirty Fuckers MC. They’re not dangerous, and she even finds working in the diner they own, enjoyable. However, one member is determined to become more than just a customer.

The last time Drake fell for a woman, he ended up with an STI, and being the laughing stock of the club. Grace is different. She’s not after his cock nor to be part of the club. They start an unusual friendship but neither can deny the attraction between them.

 One day, Drake can’t take it anymore, and he doesn’t give Grace chance to deny him. The problem is one time is not going to be enough. He wants her by his side, as his old lady, and he’ll stop at nothing until he gets her.

 Will Grace finally admit her feelings, or will Drake be left out in the cold?

Title: Marrying an Asshole

Series: Dirty F**kers MC

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Come and Party with the Dirty Fuckers MC …

We guarantee great sex, variety, and, above all, fun. Interested? Come in and party.

Pixie is used to women falling at his feet, begging him for his cock, or anything he can give them. He was happy with that. Using his brother to deal with the ones that clung too long to him. Then he met a fiery red head in Suzy, and nothing has been the same. She wants nothing to do with him, and thinks he’s a total asshole. Of course he’s a total asshole. He’s that kind of guy.

            When Suzy caves to Pixie, she doesn’t want anyone else to know, and so demands he keep their one time a secret. One time? Yeah, right. She’s under his skin, and Pixie can’t stand the thought of being with anyone else. He hates the thought of another man touching her, and so he sets out a plan for her to fall in love with him without anyone else knowing about it. 

            However, Pixie is an asshole. He accepts it, and knowing that, he fears Suzy will leave him, so he takes the next step to securing his future with the woman he loves. If she’s pregnant, she won’t go anywhere, right? At least that is what he is hoping for.

            When it’s too late for Pixie to realize his mistake there’s no time to fix it. Will Suzy still love him even after learning his deception, or will she push him away? Is there any way to love an asshole? Title: Twice the Dirty

Title: Twice the Dirty

Series: Dirty Fuckers MC

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Expected Release: May 22nd


Leo and Paul knew they wanted to share a woman, to start a family, and to love one woman together. No one has ever been able to handle the two of them for more than a bit of fun. They weren’t interested in one night stands, they waned forever. When Skylar Davies arrives in Greater Falls, the two men couldn’t believe their luck.

Skylar only knows one thing, that her weight has always been a problem. Her mother hated her, and all of her life she has only known sadness. Moving to Greater Falls to be with her sister was about moving on with her life.

When two sexy bikers show her that they not only want her, but they need her, Skylar cannot resist. The two men are determined to show her exactly how good it is to belong to not just one, but two very horny bikers.

They intend to seduce, befriend, and make her fall in love with them. They will melt, they will burn, and it will be fire and passion with nowhere else to turn. In the end, it will be the three of them, united together. How can Skylar resist? It’s twice the pleasure, twice the love, and twice the dirty.

Title: Bad Kitty

Series: Dirty Fuckers MC

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Expected Release: June 12th


Kitty’s past is filled with horror and pain. If it wasn’t for the group of men now known as the Dirty Fuckers MC, she’d be dead. She sometimes has a hard time being touched, and if she doesn’t do something soon, she’s going to lose Caleb, who’s been waiting on her for years.

Caleb knows how to work and play within Kitty’s rules, but it’s tearing them apart. She allows him to punish her but not to pleasure her, and she limits the actual, physical touch between them.

With Caleb hopeless over Kitty, the fight scene in Vegas calls to him, along with the past he tried to leave behind. When his Prez advises him to get away for a few days at the club’s private cabin, Caleb accepts. What he never expects is for Kitty to come and join him.

She’s tired of her past getting in the way. She has to do something now or risk losing the only man she’s ever loved.

Can Kitty bring herself to allow Caleb into her heart, to touch her body, to give him everything? Or will she lose Caleb to Vegas?

Title: Naughty Asshole

Series: Dirty F**kers M.C

Release date November 2nd 2021.


A homewrecker is the last thing Teri wants to be. It’s a tainted label, and her future in the Dirty Fuckers MC in question. She’s totally replaceable, nothing more than a club whore and the cook who keeps their diner up and running.

Damon has been in love with Teri for a while, and deep down, he knows they want the same things from life. He’s seen the damage from her previous mistakes, and he’ll do everything in his power to make it right.

She tries to keep Damon at arm’s length, but he breaks down her walls. There’s no place for her, but being around Damon and experiencing his touch, the sheer power of his lust, there is no denying him.

He wants to own her, to claim her for his own, and the only way to do that is to make her. His perfect plan is to get her pregnant and marry her.

What he doesn’t anticipate is the possibility of Teri looking for a life outside of Greater Falls, away from the club, away from him.

Can he keep her?

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  1. I love the mischief that the story unfolds in this series! Great books, can’t wait for more

  2. OMG, loved Pixie in Marrying an Asshole. Loved the story, so damn hot, sooo wrong, yet soo right!!!! Want more!!

  3. Hey I’ve had my ebook for two years now and I love love your imagination and creativity and the way that you write but I’ve been reading the deity f**meds series but I’d love to find out what happens to Skyler and the MC boys please I have been trying really very hard to find it and can’t

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